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Leader of the Band pt2 - The Back Seat Makes Everything Better

A rough night ends in bliss...
This story is part of a series. Although it could be read as a stand alone, I highley recommend that all previous parts be read first.


The snare beats as I lead the band out of the stadium to our buses. The mood is tense and everyone can tell I am not pleased. Our football team was crushed by their opponents and the other band played circles around us.

As we reach our convoy of buses and a trailer, I calmly address my fellow band members.

"At ease." I say, pausing a moment before continuing. "I know tonight was our first away game of the season, but what I saw out there today was unorganized and unprepared. I expect better from all of you." I pause again. "I'm not going to beat a dead horse, so let’s load up. We got a long drive home."

Soon after, we are ready to go. As usual, I am the last one on the bus. I board the first bus and search for a spot. Nothing.

"There’s still a few seats on the other bus Sean." one of the band moms tells me kindly.

I nod and head over to the seconds bus. The percussion kids always sit on this bus, so its noticeably louder than the first. I stand at the front for a second searching for a good place to sit when I see a hand waving at me from the back seat. It is Kayla, the Color Guard captain.

I make my way to the back of the bus, forcing a smile as I approach her.

"Hey Sean!" she says to me as she stands up, "Do you want to sit on the inside? I know it’s your favorite."

"Thanks." I say softly as I slide into the seat and put my headphone in. I put on some relaxing music and lean against the window as the bus starts to move.

About ten minutes into the ride home, I can feel Kayla coming closer to me. She sets a hand on my thigh and pulls the ear bud out of my left ear.

"I hate to see you like this." she whispers into my ear softly, rubbing my legs gently.

Kayla has always been a party animal, even when I met her in middle school. She would always have a good time, no matter what the situation was and always tried to make those around her happy as well. She also has a reputation for being the most...friendly person in the band.

"I just wish there was something I could do to make you feel better." She whispers seductively as her hand inches closer to my growing erection. I hear her giggle softly as she starts to trace the outline of my cock in my gym shorts.

My mind is racing as I feel her cold hands slide under my waist band. Her fingers wrap around my hard member and she begins to tug softly. A quite moan escapes from my mouth as Kayla starts to pick up her pace, squeezing me tighter.

Then, without warning, she pulls my cock out of my shorts and buries her face into my lap, taking my whole length into her warm mouth in one quick movement. Her head bobs aggressively in my lap as she kneels in the seat, allowing her to take every last millimeter into her mouth. I let out another moan as she slurps and gags on my cock, our noises of pleasure drowned out by the rowdy kids on the bus.

As Kayla continues to go to town on my cock, I let my left hand wonder around her body, eventually finding its was under her shorts to grope her firm ass. My fingers run up and down her moist slit and then into her needy pussy. I can feel her let out a slow moan as two of my fingers invade her. As I start to finger her more, I notice that a few of the girls in near-by seats are now watching intently. I smile at them and pull Kayla's shorts down, giving everyone a nice view as my fingers disappear inside her.

I keep fingering her harder and harder until her legs buckle and her juices are running down her legs. She takes my cock out of her mouth and strokes it as our eyes meet.

Without exchanging a single word, I can tell what she wants. I pull my fingers out of her and within seconds, her shorts are in the seat and she is straddling me. Her pussy hovers over my cock as she teases the head around her hole, until she finally slides all the way down my shaft.

She throws her head back as I start to bounce her on my slick rod. She bites her lip to stifle her gasps as she takes my cock like a desperate whore, bouncing wildly on me. As our pace quickens, I can feel Kayla's walls tighten around my member as she if filled with growing pleasure.

Moments later, I can sense she is on the verge of climax. She buries her face into my neck,

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum!" She grunts as she grinds on my cock.

Her body spasms as she begins to lose control. She bites onto my neck as she is hit with one final wave of pleasure and is pushed over the edge. Her hips buck wildly as every ounce of pent up pleasure is released from her body.

I can feel my cock start to twitch as she continues to pleasure herself on it.

"Fill me." She manages to studder amidst her convulsions.

Her words send me over the edge. My muscles tense as I pump my seed into her needy garden, shot after shot.

Once we manage to catch our breath, she slowly dismounts me, her legs still shaking. A mix of our cum instantly starts to ooze from inside her. Without hesitation, she takes her fingers, swipes as much of it up as she can, and licks it. She then shoots me a wicked smile as she obviously swallows it.

"OK KIDS!!" One of the parents hollers from the front, "We will be at school in ten minutes, so make sure your rides are on their way."

As we pull into school, I can’t help but think to myself that I need to sit back here more often.

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