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Let's Play

Steven and Lyndsey had been looking forward to this break for awhile. They had both been working hard and needed some relaxation.

They got on the train early Friday morning, but as was to be expected it was full of commuters. There were no seats but they managed to find a spot to stand near the doors.

The train stood in the station for awhile but then finally they were off. A whole weekend away from everyone and everything awaited them.

They had been on the train for over an hour when at the next station the majority of the passengers got off. This left the carriage almost empty now so they found some seats.

Lyndsey slid down her seat and rested her head on Stevens’s chest. She loved being close to him, and wrapping her arm around him she felt content, and if honest a little horny. He must have been feeling the same as she felt his hand slide down to her ass and then inside her skirt.

Looking around the train, she noticed two men sat a little further down facing them. She had an idea. Feeling naughty, she started rubbing Steven's cock through his jeans. Instantly it sprang to life. He needed to release his growing cock from the restraint of his jeans. Unbuttoning them, Lyndsey took out his now hard cock. The whole time her eyes were fixed on the two men watching her.

She stroked it slowly, feeling the full length as Steven was thrusting it towards her. She read his mind and moved her lips towards the tip of his cock. Stuck her tongue out, and then licked her lips. She felt the men’s eyes on her the whole time. Flicking her tongue around the head of her boyfriends huge hard cock, knowing she was been watched, felt so naughty but so good too.

Steven seemed oblivious to their audience, and was just enjoying the experience. His hand was now on her head, pushing it down, wanting her to take him fully. Not been able to say no to her boyfriend, Lyndsey wrapped her lips around his cock, and slowly moved all the way down the shaft. Cupping his full balls, she started to suck harder and faster, making sure that the men were watching her.

Steven didn’t know how long he could hold on. He needed to cum and needed it soon. As he thrust his cock in her mouth, she could taste his pre cum dribbling and made her hungry for more. Before she knew it, he was shooting his hot cum in her mouth and down her throat. He always tasted so good, and she made sure she never missed a drop. Just for a minute she had forgotten about the men watching her. Aware again of the eyes on her, she pulled away from his cock and licked every inch of him, cleaning him with her tongue. He had never tasted so good.

When she was done, she sat up in her seat and allowed him to put his cock away. She was done with him. It was her time now.

She parted her legs and put them up on the seat in front of her. Grabbing Steven's hand, she guided him between her legs. She pulled her knickers to the side, giving the men a great view of her now soaking wet pussy. Steven moved his fingers over her slit, teasing her. He parted her pussy lips then slowly slid a finger inside.

But no sooner was it inside her, he pulled out again and brought his finger to her mouth, instructing her to suck it. Sliding his finger in her mouth, she could taste her sweet juices. Keeping her eyes fixed on the men opposite them, she sucked hard on his finger as her own fingers were busy below, rubbing her hard swollen clit.

Her hips ground down in her seat, her pussy throbbing. She needed to cum.

Taking his hand and moving it back down to her pussy she whispered, “Fuck me and make me cum, now.” 

Kissing his girlfriends neck, he did as instructed. He put three fingers inside her, fucking her hard and fast. The whole time she was still rubbing her clit.

When she was about to cum, she looked to the men and smiled. A loud moan of pleasure escaped her lips. She had never felt so horny and couldn’t wait to get him back to the hotel room and fuck him later.

When the train pulled up to their station, they collected their belongings and walked past the men that had been watching their little show. As she went past them she couldn’t help but give them a naughty smile and a wink.

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