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Living Room Quickie

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Love cannot contain itself long...
During the summer holidays I was able to get a lot of time off work due to problems with the plumbing at the building I worked in, giving me a few weeks to kick back and relax. On a sunny Saturday afternoon I invited two of my good friends around, Lucy and Mark, for a quick catch up.

We were well into our conversation when Mark said that he was going to get a few beers in from down the road. He said he would be five or so minutes, so Lucy and I allowed him to leave the room and out the front door. As soon as we heard the door close behind him Lucy looked straight into my eyes and winked, and I back.

Lucy and I were very close together, we occasionally had the odd kiss but nothing grew further from that, until that evening.

As she waited for Mark to get clear out of sight she got up from her seat, walked over to me and sat down in my lap. She lifted her legs over into a straddle position and kissed me passionately.

As we kissed, there was a building pressure in my lower regions, and Lucy giggled as the bulge pushed into her skirt. She lifted up her top and pressed her firm breasts into my face. This was like heaven to me, I kissed her cleavage whilst fingering the top of her panties and she moaned so much, making me even more horny.

By now the pressure in my jeans was too much to bear, and I undid my flies and lifted my briefs up and my cock popped out with great force. Lucy smiled, grabbed my throbbing cock and started to stroke it softly. All the time we were playing with each other we both occasionally looked out the window just to see if Mark was coming back, but no sign yet.

As another minute passed Lucy stopped rubbing my cock and instead, started pushing it against her soft, pink panties. She had the best camel hoof I had ever seen as she was so moist and horny. She grabbed the side of her knickers, pulled them aside and placed my dick in her pussy.

She was so wet my dick just slid straight into her depths, and with one big thrust she was moaning already. A few thrusts later and her facial expression changed, she was now shouting my name telling me to thrust harder.

I knew she was about to squirt. I gave her my all, my balls smacking her ass and as I gave a final deep thrust, I heard the sound of water gushing. I looked at her panties and a great big wet patch was growing over the front of them. She placed her head on my shoulder and whispered into my ear to join her.

Without giving her warning, I pounded the hell out of her pussy, making her squirt more and more. She screamed as more juice gushed into her panties but I didn't stop, I was about to cum.

I could feel the warm, thick semen rushing through up my shaft and with a final moan I thrust my throbbing dick straight into her, throb after throb of cum pushed further inside of her. We both collapsed onto the sofa, still enjoying our great orgasm together, but we were interrupted by the front door opening. Mark was back and he was heading for us.

Lucy grabbed her soaked panties, hauled them back to her now dribbling clit and yanked her skirt back down to normal length. She then took a seat next to me and began talking about her car.

Mark walked in and looked at the floor, he looked at us and asked why it was wet. I replied to him saying I had dropped a cup of water on the floor and tried my best to clean it up. He believed my alibi, grabbed a beer from his bag and handed it to us both.

Lucy and I looked at each other and for one last time, winked. After that the night continued as usual.

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