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Liz Giving In To Temptation

Can Liz avoid the office stud at the Christmas Party?

I have written before about Liz, about how easy guys managed to get her knickers down before we met. Liz in her teens and early twenties was stunning. She was very attractive, slim, with 34E breasts. She also had a very warm personality, so men were drawn towards her. Even when she had a boyfriend, men would still try for her, and being that she was more than a little gullible, more often than not, she ended up being screwed by the confident guys who tried it on with her.

Then I came along, I was besotted by her, she was the most gorgeous young lady in town, and I could not believe that I was the one on her arm. 

The problem for me was fending the guys off, particullay as Liz naturally found it difficult to turn their advances away. She was mine though and I was determined to keep her to myself.

This situation happened about a year after we had met. We had been lovers for a good while, we were in a strong relationship, but there was one particular guy at her work who was trying very hard to destabalise her.

Liz worked in a satellite office in town, with other office girls, and some very confident chaps that were salesmen. All the guys drove flash cars, earned lots of money, and all tried it on with the girls, Liz being the one who got most of the attention.

We were at her works Christmas party, which was held at a huge hotel, with many companies taking a table. Her company had a couple of tables, and sat with us was Steve. He was the real big hitter within the company, and for a fact he had asked Liz out on more than one occasion, despite him knowing I was with her. He had wanted to take her to a hotel and spa for the day, he also had tried to take her to an evening function which involved a stop over, but Liz had rejected his advances. She had told me about him trying it on, which gave me comfort really, as I knew she was not hiding anything from me. 

Two of the girls in the office had told Liz she was crazy to turn Steve down, as he was a good catch, and he was the guy in the office the girls wanted to get it on with. But she was loyal to me, and told me that he wouldn't stand a chance, despite him being attractive, and a nice guy.

I didn't step in and say anything to him about Liz. She had been good enough to tell me about him, so although he was trying, it was clear to me Liz wasn't interested, so there was no point in making a scene and making life at work unpleasant for her.

For the party, Liz looked stunning, short black cocktail dress, she really stood out as many were wearing long numbers. It was short, but also it showed her gorgeous cleavage off a treat. No bra, high heels and a tiny thong, Liz looked the business. I had a hard on in the taxi getting there, and I was so desperate to get her back home and fuck her, she was stunning.

Steve was chatting to her at one point, but I didn't have an issue with that. He then must have asked her for a dance, as she suddenly went onto the dance floor with him. I looked over and it was clear she was enjoying his attention, which for the first time I was a little uncomfortable with. They were giggling, and seeing his hands around her waist every so often made me feel horrible inside. His hands would then venture onto her hips, and when she turned round every so often he would glance his hands across her bottom. All the time she kept her posture, and those wonderful breasts were forcing themselves against him, teasing him when he pulled her close to him. It was horrible to see, and I started feeling a little unsure of the situation and I was a little nervous.

It started getting worse as they carried on dancing and being close. I felt like going up to them, but I felt that I would be seen as being in the wrong, as it was only a dance. I was getting worked up about nothing, and Liz had assured me that she wasn't interested in him.

At one point I plucked up the courage to go nearer the dance floor, I looked at Liz, but she just ignored me, Steve looked at me and smiled, so I nervously smiled back. I was just being daft, it was a dance after all, even though it had been going on for half an hour. So I stepped back to view them from a distance.

I didn't really know all her work mates, so I felt a bit self conscious. I felt maybe they were looking at me and thinking I was just the jealous sort, so I just tried to relax and wait for her to return. Anyway, nothing was going to happen while I was around, so it really was nothing to worry about.

I needed the toilet, so left and took the long walk to where they were. It gave me a break from seeing Liz with Steve too. On the way back I was caught by one of Steve's mates and we talked about football for a good while, which took my mind off Liz and Steve. I am glad this guy was there to talk to, it gave me the break I needed, and not seeing them dancing made me feel a little easier.

Then when I got back to the table, Liz was not to be seen, she wasn't on the dance floor either and nor was Steve. I went to the bar and they were not there. I didn't want to appear to be looking for her, but her friends were keeping away from me, and I was worried she just might had gone to his room, as he was stopping over night.

There was another bar at the hotel, she must be there I thought, so off I went, but no Liz, and no Steve. It started to worry me, and my heart was beating very fast. Could she really have gone to Steve's room? No don't be stupid I said to myself.

Steves mate turned up again and started talking about football again. I couldn't help but think he was distracting me. He was talking, but I was not really listening. My thoughts were, if Liz is with Steve in his room, what would they be doing? I started to think what I would do if I was left alone with Liz and my mind was going crazy. The thought of Liz with this guy was horrible, something could be happening right now, and I didn't know what to do. This guy carried on talking, but in my mind I was thinking of Liz. I knew her well, and I knew she wasn't the sort just to have a kiss. She very easily gives in to temptation and if he had got her to his room, the chances of her coming out without cum dripping from her pussy was very small indeed.

A good while later (a good half hour at the very least) Liz turned up, she seemed edgy, and asked where her drink was. I asked her where she had been and she said she was in the other bar with people from work. This was clearly untrue as I had been in there. A minute or so later Steve walked by and he picked up his drink and started chatting to his mate who had talked to me about football.

I asked her where Steve had been and she nervously said she didn't know, and changed the subject quickly.

I put my arm around her as if to claim her as mine, and we did not say anything. I gave her a big long kiss. I don't know what happened, all I know is that she was not the same with me after she had been dancing with Steve. She was in a different mood, so something could possibly have happened.

At the end of the evening everyone said their goodbyes. I shook hands with Steve as I did with everybody, he had a very firm handshake, and I did not say anything, there was nothing I could say. It was horrible when I saw Steve give Liz a kiss as we left, but she also gave everyone in our group one, so I could not really read anything into that.

I really don't know what happened, the evening came to an end and Liz came back to my house as she often did. We ended up in bed and had great sex as we always did. I spent ages on her pussy, making her cum with my tongue before entering her and filling her with my cum. I must admit, Steve wasn't on my mind when I was in bed with Liz, I was just focussed on her.

Below is Liz's version of events from that night.

Steve was a really nice lad, very genuine and he always made me laugh. Yes he was good looking with a nice body, but more than that he was good company. Always very attentive, and he was nice to work with. He did ask me out a number of times at work, but I always made a joke out of it, and I was seeing Rob, so I wasn't going to say yes, although I probably would have if I was single. We did get on well, very well infact, but that was as far as it was going to go. He did joke that he would have me at the Christmas party, but I just laughed about it and passed it off and told him he wouldn't stand a chance. 

At the party Steve and I chatted for a while. He then asked me for a dance, and I accepted as there was no harm in a dance and he was fun.

We consumed a fair amount of wine, and Steve was getting quite close on the dance floor. He started brushing against my tits, and I admit I was enjoying it. His hands were all over my butt, and I liked it. I did like him, there was no denying that and it was the first time he had got so close to me.

I was getting worked up with him touching me, I do get carried away sometimes, and he was asking me back to his room, as he had booked in for the night. I told him there was no way on earth that was going to happen, but I did like him. He then asked me as a compromise just to go for a walk with him. 

I suppose when he mentioned the walk, I did not know what to expect, didn't expect him to just ask for a walk, so thought there would be no harm going along with him. I looked around, Rob wasn't about so I thought a quick walk would be okay.

It was only a short walk away from the dancefloor, when we took a turn down a corridor, which was very quiet. Steve had his hands all over my ass and tits at this point, and I didn't stop him, maybe I should have done.

Then he suddenly took another turn and before I knew what happened he opened a door to a meeting room and he pulled me in. It was still close to the party as I remember hearing the music.

When we got inside he gave me a long kiss on the lips, his hands were all over me, and I just let him carry on. Now nobody could see us, he really was feeling my tits and he got his hand up inside my dress, and he had managed to work a few fingers into my pussy. I was wet and I had to stop myself from moaning out loud. He then started to take his shirt and trousers off without saying a single word to me. I just stood there, wondering what was going to happen, I didn't do anything, just stood there on the spot as he unbuttoned his shirt. 

He then just told me to get undressed. I didn't do anything for a second, then I just felt pretty stupid fully clothed as he was getting undressed, so I thought it best to start removing my dress. I removed it, and I was then just standing there in just my thong and heels, leaving my dress on the floor. It was all just strange how it happened.

I looked down, his trousers were off and he was already hard, very hard, it was bouncing around as he had taken his pants off. He then just took me by the hand to a table that was in the room, bent me over it, pulled my thong to one side, and with just one short and one long thrust he was deep inside me from behind. I was quite wet from the attention on the dancefloor and his fingers, so I took him quite easily and quickly. He reached round to hold my tits, and I started to respond to him, and started to push my hips back to take all of him. I was moaning loudly at this point taking him deep inside. He was fucking me quite hard, it was very nice and it wasn't long before my orgasm approached and I came easily with his cock thrusting hard inside me.

Just after I came, he turned me over and squeezed his big wet cock between my tits. "Hold them together Liz." he told me,which I did and he then started fucking my tits until he was about to cum. He then pulled away for a second and shot his hot cum all over them.

"Lick it up Liz." I remember him instructing, and I eagerly licked his load from my soaking tits, which wasn't an easy task, as they were covered in his spunk.

"Now clean my cock off." he said, and I took him in my mouth for the first time. He was semi hard after cumming, so I licked my juices and his cum off his length, and then just slowly wanked him while I kisses his balls. 

He started to get to full strength again as I continued to kiss and lick his cock, and as he did, he stated to push his hard cock deeper into my mouth and throat. He could have made me gag, but I had deep throated many times before, so I could handle what he was doing to me.

I knew he wanted me again, so this time he lay down on the floor and without a word I removed my thong and got on top of him and started to ride him.

I was still very wet from him fucking me hard and fast a while back, and so I started to bounce on his lovely cock as he grabbed my nipples and tits. I really fucked him hard as he held my tits, it was great.

I started to cum hard and I collapsed on top of him when I came, but he kept on pumping into me until he was getting close to cumming himself.

He then rolled me off him and told me to take him in his mouth, which I did. Just as I did he emptied his balls in my open mouth. 

"Clean it good Liz like the good slut you are." he said, so I cleaned his cock for him with my mouth.

"There now you won't have cum dripping from your pussy for your boyfriend to discover." he said, and I suppose he was right, as having a pussy full of cum would not have been a good idea. Well not on this particular occasion anyway.

With little attention to detail we quickly straightened up and got dressed. Steve picked up my thong and tucked it into his trouser his pocket, but not before he pushed it up against my pussy to smear it with more of my juices.

We left the meeting room and rejoined the crowd, my only real concern was that Rob might realise that I had lost my thong.

I suppose it shouldn't have happened, especially not on that night. But I did not instigate it and I really had no thoughts of anything like that happening. I am blaming Steve for trying it on, when he really shouldn't have done.

Rob didn't realise what had happened, so no harm was done. I kept away from Steve for a while at work, but a while later he arranged a night out for all the work colleagues, which co-incided with Rob being out of the country, so it was going to be a big challenge trying to avoid him then.

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