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Locker Room Fun

Sex in a football locker room, where anybody could walk in. What could go wrong?
“You aren’t supposed to be in here.” Tyler’s voice comes from behind the lockers. “They call it the ‘boy’s locker room’ for a reason.”

“It’s early release. You have forty five minutes until you have to start getting ready for practice.” I smirk as I say it. Tyler comes towards me. I don’t let him say anything before I start kissing him. I unzip my hoodie and throw it into one of the open lockers.

“That was Nick’s locker. You know that right?” Tyler smiles.

I roll my eyes and go back to kissing him. “We’re the only ones in here, right?” Tyler nods. I pull his shirt over his head and run my hands along his bare chest. He pulls my shirt off my body. I continue kissing him as he unbuttons my jeans and I kick them off.

He picks me up while he’s kissing me. I wrap my legs around his waist. As I’m kissing him he carries me to the sinks. He breaks the kiss long enough to pull my panties off my body. He unhooks my bra and it easily slips off of me.

“God, what am I doing? Coach could walk in on us at any moment.”

“That’s the fun of it.” I breathe the words out. I’m naked and it’s been weeks since Tyler and I were alone.

I push Tyler’s boxers off of him, revealing his hard cock. My entire body is aroused. I can feel the counter getting wet as my juices lubricate my clit.

Tyler pulls me closer to the edge of the sink. He moves towards me and rubs his cock up and down between my pussy lips.

“Stop it Tyler, just…” I’m about to finish my sentence but he cuts me off by pushing his cock into me. I gasp out. I can’t believe how good it feels. I reach my hands around his neck and pull him closer to me.

He fucks me hard and fast as he kisses my neck. My breathing quickens and I start moaning. I know I shouldn’t be, people could walk in at any moment, people could probably hear me in the gym.

I can feel his cock moving in and out of me in long, deep strokes. My nails dig into his back, trying to get a hold of myself, but my body isn’t listening to me. I’m completely caught up in Tyler.

I start breathing faster and then I feel it. My entire body starts to shake. A tingle runs up my spine. I scream out, gripping the sink as my orgasm over takes me. Tyler kisses my neck as I feel my juices spilling out from around his cock.

Tyler waits a minute, until I’ve got a hold of myself. Then he picks up the pace. He fucks me harder than he’s ever done before. Then he thrusts deep into me and just stands there. I can feel his hot cum rushing into me. It jets out of him and into me in streams. He’s groaning into my neck. He pulls out of me. I kiss him before jumping down from the sink.

I feel his cum dripping out of me and running down my legs.

I pick up my panties and my bra and start putting them on. I pull a sports bra from out of my bag and put it on. I’m in my sports bra and jeans when guys start pouring into the locker room.

“Shit,” I whisper.

Tyler’s in his shorts and that’s it. The starting line comes into the section of the locker room I’m standing with Tyler in. I’m standing behind him, but my shirt’s still on the floor.

There’s whistling and jeering from the boys.

“Damn Tyler, you couldn’t wait until after practice?” Nick stares enviously at me.

“What do you mean?” Tyler’s voice completely gives him away.

“She has the after sex face, and for that matter, so do you.” Jessie comes from the corner.

“Were you going to share, or are you rendering yourself useless for practice by yourself?” Jessie raises one eyebrow at the two of us.

“Fine, you caught us.” I smirk and run my hands up to the back of his head and bring him towards me. I start kissing him, pulling him towards me, pressing my body against his. My bare skin is pressing up against his. I start moaning, some of it is exaggerated, and some of it is from the memories of ten minutes ago.

“Okay you can stop now,” Nick says.

I smile at him. “Okay!” I pull on my shirt, grab my bag and leave with an entire team of horny football players watching me.

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