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Love in an Elevator

Nathan seduces Natalie in an elevator
Nathan was late. He hated being late. Hurriedly he pushed the elevator button, glancing momentarily at his watch.

A small, curvy, blond woman stood next to him. She smelled of honey. A hint of vanilla rested in her hair.

A shiver went down his spine. He tried to ignore it, glancing irritatedly at her.

She didn't seem to notice. She was looking towards him, a shy smile painting her lips. Red and pouty. He tried not to notice that too.

His eyes flicked over her. Her legs were long, despite her petite height. Her tweed skirt was a bit too short, but her butt was round and small. Tiny waist. Full breasts pushed against her silk blouse. He could see the out line of her nipples.

Nathan flushed slightly. The young woman was starring at him, brows arched.

As quickly as the flush came it was gone. He tossed her a smirk of a smile.

The doors to the elevator opened. Nathan and the young woman joined the small group of people in the elevator.

His arm brushed over shoulder as he pressed the #12 button. Once again he was hit with the warm scent of vanilla and honey. He stiffened. Moved away, making sure he had direct contact with her. Making sure he "accidentally" grazed her butt as he moved away.

She sucked in her breath, barely maintaining her composure. She seemed to be completely engrossed in the numbers going up. 8...9....10....

Nathan watched her watching the numbers. Her frame was small, but curvy. His eyes settled on her tiny waist and moved to her butt.

Floor 11. The other people got off. Nathan and the young woman were now alone.

Before she knew it he pulled the emergency stop.

Alarmed, she looked up at his tall frame. Realizing and secretly delighting, that he was almost twice her size.

Blue eyes were darkened. Smoldering with a desire that excited her. He laid his hands on her shoulders letting them slide down her arms. She shivered. Feeling his skin touch hers...she was instantly wet. His hands slid from her arms to her waist, and finally resting on her bottom.

She let out a small moan, gripping his large shoulders.

Lighting flashed in his eyes. In an instant he scooped her up. A moment so quick she barely realized it had happened. His mouth found hers as he crushed a kiss on her.

She kissed him back eagerly sweeping her tongue in his mouth. A hunger awakened inside her, and she kissed him harder as he gripped her hair.

She felt him hard against her as his hands continued to squeeze and massage her butt. She moaned against his mouth, and he let out a groan of his own.

He pushed her against the wall, kissing her neck, collar bone, working his way to her breasts. She cried out again, a little louder.

He cocked a dark brow at her. Shaking his head in a shushing manner, as he slipped a finger inside her.

She bit her lip, trying in vein to quiet herself. He smiled knowingly, slipping another finger inside her. Involuntarily her hips bucked against his hand. He continued to move his fingers inside her.

Then quickly he turned her around. She gripped the railing as he shoved her skirt up. She heard the sound of his belt unbuckling.

Suddenly he was inside of her. Thrusting deeply. She cried out in shock and pleasure. He filled her completely. His hand found her mouth as he continued to drive into her. He was going hard and fast.

She felt herself cumming. She grabbed his other hand and squeeze herself around him, almost violently orgaseming.

He gripped her hand back as he came.

He withdrew from her, buttoning his pants. He stood for a minute, catching his breath.

She smoothed her skirt, bending to grab her panties. Nathan grabbed them instead, slipping them into his pocket.

He challenged her with a look that was not entirely unkind. She shot him a playful look back. He waited a minute, watching her get situated.

He then pushed the red button back, and let the elevator go.

Floor 12 Nathan got off.

He walked down the hall to the office 1204. Sky Line Publishing. He didn't notice that the young woman also was headed to 1204.

Nathan entered his office, noticing the empty secretary chair. He cursed silently to himself. He was fairly certain he had told the agency he needed a secretary today.

Just then the blond woman walked in the building.

Surprise grazed his face but only for a moment.

"Can I help you?" he asked curtly, professionally.

Had it not been for the slight amusement in his eyes she would have been a little scared.

She cleared a laugh out of her throat. "Yes." she said. "I'm looking for Mr. Chapman.". His new secretary.

"I'm Mr. Chapman." Nathan said. His voice was soft and deep. "And you're late."

To be continued.........

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