Love letter

By rhibar

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an attempt of luring a guy away from his girlfriend

Hi Tom

I’m home alone and thinking about you. I’m lying on my bed with only red polka dot knickers and a red silk night dress and my breathing is starting to quicken. It’s a pity you aren’t here I would have loved the chance of getting to know every inch of you. Starting with a massage, you’d be lying on your stomach and Id be sitting on your bum rubbing oils into your tanned back. Id slip of my nightie stroke some oils on my boobs and let my erect nipples rub your back as I start to moan.

As we are both so slippy you roll onto your back and grab my boobs and tweek my nipples as you watch another moan escape from my mouth. You pull me closer so we have our first kiss which has been building ever since we met. You put your hands on my arse as I put my fingers through your hair and moving my kisses down to your kneck as you start to groan and grow feeling your cock press into my panties.

I continue to move my kisses down, flicking your nipples with my tongue then down to your crotch where I nibble your cock through your tight black boxers till you get the dot of pre cum then I know its time to unleash your beast and feast on it. I start by licking up and down the shaft massaging your balls with my hands then my mouth before going to your head twisting my mouth and flicking my tongue. I start to pump your cock and the sexual intensity heightens moving my head quicker before you grab my hair, holding my head still thrusting your cock into my mouth so I start to gag. You keep going till you know I cant take anymore then pull out and slap my face with your cock. I move my massive jugs to surround your cock and finish the blow job with a titty wank, giving me the chance to tweek my nipples making me drip. It doesn’t take you long to cum for me, you’ve been waiting for me for a long time.

After you‘ve cum over my tits I lick as much of it off myself and open my legs so you can return the favour. You kiss my pussy lips and tweek my nipples before you open my lips and lick my slit not spending too long on my clit because Im so wet and really turned on. You stick a finger in my pussy twisting it slowly, my hips push down trying to make you go faster but you hold me back and put another finger then your tongue in tasting my juices. As your fingers quicken up you suck on my clit making me scream, you open me wider then blow on my slit before flicking my clit till I start to quiver and my toes curl and a loud scream comes out. You suck as much of my cum out before kissing me so I can taste my sweet nectar.

All of this has made you grow again and you are ready to pump your cock into me but before you do you slap your cock against my clit driving me wild making me laugh with excitement. You slap my boobs then ram your stiff cock into my pussy, making my body jolt underestimating how big you are. You hold my hands above my head and slam into me, taking my breath away and every now and then having a nibble on my boobs.

Once you are done in the missionary position you role me over and take me from behind. You put a finger in first then stick it in my mouth letting me taste our juices mixing together then moving your hands down to cup my jiggling boobs and you penetrate me. In this position you reach for some lube so you can go in my arse. You only put your head in first to see how I take it but I just enjoy it trying to push back so your cock goes in further. You go deeper with every stroke and quicken up, you even give me a spank as my moans become screams. I move my hands so I can rub my clit but you don’t want me to cum again.

You continue to pump my arse before you start to move between the two holes, enjoying to two tightnesses. Then you roll me back on my back and hold my legs up pushing deep into my pussy, you start to grunt so I know your getting closer. I try and turn you on some more with some dirty words getting you to fuck my harder and deeper. You open my legs so you can shoot your load up my body.

As you are such a gentlemen you want to finish me off and use my vibe and test how hard I can take it for next time. With my vibe it wont take me long to cum and you make me lick my juices off my own vibe and you get the rest from my pussy. We finish off with a long kiss until we both pick up our strengths to start again.

p.s. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did ;) tell me when you want to act this out!