Luke's Midnight Delight (Kim and Mary, Pt. 3)

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The summer before graduation, Kim had been spending almost every night at Mary’s house. Her older brother, Luke, is in his 20’s and still at home. Kim would often come over and he’d be half-dressed, just coming out of the shower, or just wearing jeans and she couldn’t help but admire his lean body. He kept his hair grown out and had his nipples pierced.

“You wanna play?” Mary and Kim lay in the dark of Mary’s bedroom. Kim loved the natural attraction she felt towards Mary. Their friendship had a deeper connection and whatever they did felt right.

Mary answered by rubbing her hand up Kim's thigh. Placing her hand on her mound. Kim spread her legs. Mary's questing fingers slipped into Kim's pussy lips. Kim moaned. Mary rolled Kim's clit between her fingers. “Ah, yeah.”

Curving her fingers up, Mary thrust two fingers into Kim's slick pussy. Kim moaned and rolled her hips. Mary rubbed Kim's g-spot. The rough bundle of nerves tightened and Kim clenched on Mary's fingers as she came. Kim's juices dripped from her pussy. Mary wiped her hand on her shirt and turned to kiss Kim.


Kim had heard a noise. Giggles. Had Luke left the TV on again? Kim threw the cover back and made her way around Mary’s bed. The room was darkened but the tell-tale glow of the TV shone out in the hallway, through the crack in the door. Kim went to bathroom and as she came out she heard that giggle again. A female laugh, and not on TV. ‘But what if someone hears you?’

“They're all sleep.’ Kim heard Luke talking to someone. Kim felt blood rush to her face. Luke hadn't heard her come out of the bathroom. She crept down the hallway and pressed up against the wall.

‘Ok.’ Kim could hear the couch groaning and cloth rustling. They're undressing! Kim thought, alarmed. She wanted to run back down the hall but she stayed.

‘Ah, shit Casey. Suck me.’ Kim felt a hot, hard rush pulse through her. There was no mistaking those words. Luke was getting his cock sucked. Kim heard the couch squealing ‘Your mouth is so good.’ Kim’s eyes adjusted to the darkness and she realized she could see Luke and Casey through a mirrored picture on the bar adjacent to the couch.

Casey’s head bobbed furiously between Luke legs. He had his shirt off and absently twisting his nipple ring. ‘Shit, hold on.’

Kim almost ran back down the hall. She watched them get up. He switched places with Casey and had her lean over the couch. Bending her legs and spreading them enough for Luke to stand between. Luke positioned himself and began pounding into Casey. Kim felt heat burn through her. The slick sound of sex filled the near quiet room. The couch rocked and Kim was afraid Mary’s parents would hear something and come investigate.

Suddenly Luke grunted and pumped hard into Casey. After a few seconds Casey pulled down her skirt and Luke kissed her. He led her to the door, let her out and locked it. With a low sighed he turned to the hall and said, ‘I could see you. Did you like the show, Kim?’

Shocked Kim turned and fled back to the safety of Mary’s room.