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Wife and husband find time for a great lunch break
As the midday hunger pangs strike, damn I really wish I wouldn't have forgotten my lunch today. Looking at the time, I realize I can make it home, grab something to eat and check my lush account before my next meeting.

As I turn the corner, I notice my husband’s car is in the driveway, that's a surprise. As I walk in I hear moaning come from the basement and know he is masturbating, sometimes he can be so insatiable. I start to laugh inside and think I could have a little fun with this.

I strip down to my lace bra and thong and walk down the stairs as quietly as I can. He is facing away from me and I watch him stroke his big cock. I never fail to get turned on by the site of it. My pussy starts to tingle at the thought of all the things I have done with that cock.

I walk up behind his recliner and run my hands down his hard chest, my tits end up in next to his face. His eyes instantly open and stare into mine, eyes full of lust and love.

“What a nice surprise to find you here.”

I ask if he would like help with his ‘project’. He asks how long I have been watching and I admit for more than a few minutes.

“You know I am mesmerized by you baby.”

In one swift move he pulls me around the chair and face down into his lap. He pushes me slightly forward so my ass is in his lap. “You have been a naughty girl, standing by and watching when you should have been here helping. You know what happens to bad girls”.

My body starts to tense, I know it's only a matter of seconds before his hand strikes my ass.


“Oh God,” I cry out, not from the pain but from the intense feelings that are rising up inside me.

He smacks me two more times and my pussy juice start to dribble on his leg. He starts to rub my ass gently and pulls me up for a deep kiss.

“Did you learn your lesson?” he demands.

I look into his eyes and shake my head no. We both start to laugh. I kiss him again and slowly slide my body down his until I am kneeling in front of his cock.

It is already rock hard and starting to glisten with pre-cum from his own work. My mouth begins to water; I can’t wait to taste him. I slowly run my tongue up his shaft, pausing to place soft kisses along the way and rub my hand where my mouth had been.

His pelvis starts to buck as he says, “Put that cock in your mouth now, you dirty slut”.

I run my tongue around the tip and expand my mouth to put his whole dick in my mouth. He grabs my head and pushes me farther down. I can barely breathe, but his cock feels so good in my mouth I can’t stop. Knowing he is close, I cup his balls with my hand. I can’t wait for him to explode in my mouth, but he has other plans.

He pulls my head off his cock. “I want to fuck that pussy”

I start to moan, my pussy begins to drip as I climb up. Just as I’m ready to climb on facing him, he tells me to turn around. I hover above his cock and slowly slide down the length of it. I love the penetration I feel from this angle. I move my hips slowly, but it is not good enough for him. He takes hold of my pelvis and slams me down on his cock, each entry harder and faster than the one before.

“Oh fuck baby, don’t stop. Fuck me harder.”

Just when I think I can barely stand any more, he pushes me forward and I feel his fingers start to probe my asshole. He reaches in my pussy with his finger to lube it with my juices and then slowly slides it in my hole.

The double penetration is too much for me. It’s just what I need to put me over the edge. My pussy starts gushing as I cum and that sends my husband over the edge. I feel him shoot his load deep inside of me. I lean back against his chest, he wraps his arms around me and we take a minute to breathe. He kisses me deeply and says

“Time to go back to work”

We stand up and he picks up my panties, I think he is going to hand them back to me, but instead he places them in his pocket. "You won’t need these the rest of the day." My pussy starts to tingle at the thought of spending the afternoon panty less.

I drive back to work and think about what I will do to that husband of mine when we get home tonight.