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Lust In the Locker Room

Pre-game sex in the locker room
Hideki and Ashley were nearly inseparable since they met nearly a month ago. Fearing her parents’ reactions, they met on the sly, thinking of creative excuses to hide their romantic and sexual life from them.

Ashley went to all the home games and became Hideki’s biggest fan and cheerleader. At the same time, there was no denying how her life had changed since they met. Her sexual desires were no longer repressed and she found herself resisting the urge to masturbate at inappropriate moments. She made no apologies for being constantly horny and found herself nearly obsessing over Hideki’s cock.

Hideki was more than happy to satisfy her and have his needs met as well. However, between school and practice, time was scarce and making “fuck time” was a very high priority.

One morning before a day game, Hideki instructed her to go to his team’s locker room four hours before game time. “Be ready,” he told her; which was really his code for “be ready to fuck.” Telling her parents that she was going to the library to study, she hopped into her car and made the ten-minute drive to the ball field. Once there, she opened the door to the seemingly empty locker room.

She heard the sound of weights being moved. “Hideki?” she yelled.

“I will be there,” he replied.

Ashley went to his locker stall and removed all her clothing. She sat on the small stool in his locker, waiting for him to arrive. A few minutes later, Hideki walked into the room in his over-sized sweatpants and t-shirt. Ashley stood up and walked towards him, and hugged him tightly.

“I’m ready!” she said. Her eyes were wide with anticipation.

“Yes, I see!” he nodded as his cock grew from the sight of her naked body.

Ashley reached into his sweatpants and felt his growing manhood.

“I was thinking of this all last night,” she smiled as she stroked his cock.

Hideki wasted no time in removing his shirt. He pulled his pants down, allowing her easier access to his body.

“Ooooh nice!” she moaned as she dropped to her knees, taking his cock in her mouth.

Hideki put his hands behind her head and gently held it in place, thrusting his cock deep inside her mouth.

Ashley was intoxicated with the smell of his sex as her nose pressed against his thick, black pubic hair. He started stroking his balls and shortly after, Ashley followed his lead. She fondled them as she sucked him; stopping only to jerk him a few times before taking him in her mouth again.

“Suck it, you filthy bitch!” Hideki moaned in his thick Japanese accent.

“You love my cock, don’t you?” he chastised.

Ashley moaned and continued to suck him. At the same time, his words stirred her insecurities and she felt an emotional ache inside.

She grabbed his ass and pulled his body closer to her mouth, but there was no denying that his words upset her. It was a bad time for her to lose her sexual focus.

He motioned her off her knees and led her to the long bench near the lockers. There, he lay on his back, his cock standing erect. He extended his hand and reached between her legs.

“Put your legs on each side of my head. I eat your cunt and you suck my cock now!”

Ashley was not sure if he was making a request or a demand. She was losing her sexual urge and was more in a “get it over with" mode. Although he did not know it, his dirty talk backfired.

Reluctantly, she straddled his face, placing her pussy just about his mouth. She leaned forward and began to suck him again. The feel of his warm breath on her sensitive clit was making her quiver. Seconds later, the tip of his tongue was nestled between her pussy lips, slowly licking her most private area.

Ashley’s concentration was shattered, but this time for a much better reason. She licked the side and length of his shaft before kissing the spongy tip. Her lust for him was growing again.

She grinded her pussy against his face, making him follow her clit with his tongue. Once he made contact, he sucked and licked it so fast that Ashley held her breath as she climaxed, feeling the waves of pleasure move inside her. She was not shy about expressing her pleasure, and let out a loud moan that echoed through the locker room.

She stood up and Hideki led her back to his locker, placing the palms of her hands against the back. Spreading her legs, he put his cock inside her and fucked her doggie style, squeezing her breasts as he did so.

Ashley felt his body feverishly pound against hers and he grunted with each thrust.

“Yes, yes, that’s it Hideki! Fuck your dirty whore!” She begged out loud as he did exactly what she said. He fucked her hard and fast, repeatedly referring to her as a “slut, cunt and bitch”.

She found herself getting off on his dirty talk and encouraged him to continue. Talking dirty to her, increased his arousal as well and they were both playing the role.

Hideki slammed his cock into her now over stimulated pussy. They both needed to cum and quickly.

Hideki tightly squeezed her hips and let out a loud moan. He mumbled something she did not understand before yelling, “take this, bitch!!!” seconds before he shot his cum inside her.

“Yes!!!” Ashley screamed in pleasure as she felt him fill her. She thrusted her ass against him. She wanted every bit of his seed. Her desire for him was overwhelming.

He pulled out his now flaccid cock and she turned to meet his embrace. Hideki nearly collapsed in her arms, exhausted. It was not the best timing as he was going to be pitching in a few hours.

Ashley gathered her clothes and dressed quickly. It would not be long before the coaching staff and players would arrive. Hideki grabbed a towel, wrapping it around his waist. He ushered her out of the locker room before heading to the showers.

At game time, she took her seat right behind home plate. When she heard his name announced on the public address system, she felt her clit tingle again. As Hideki threw his first pitch, she was already looking forward to post-game “festivities”.

(Play Ball!!)

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