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Magical Massage

A woman goes for an unexpectedly intimate massage
My boyfriend had booked me in for an afternoon of pampering, no doubt looking to score some brownie points – or to cover himself for some as yet undiscovered misdemeanour. Whatever was behind the sudden generosity and thoughtfulness, a soothing massage and an indulgent morning of pampering was not to be refused. So off I went on Saturday morning, thinking I was ready for the day’s events. Little did I know what was in store for me.

Body Beautiful was a fancy new place in town, which made me smile and be suspicious at the same time. Just what had he done? It was quiet when I arrived and although I was nearly 30 minutes early, I’d barely opened my magazine before my name was called and proceedings got underway. I assumed the position – lying on a padded table, wearing a pair of paper knickers with a towel draped over my bottom. My tension was actually higher than normal as I wasn’t used to being this naked with anyone other than my boyfriend. They certainly hadn’t done this type of thing in my usual salon

However, Nikki was good. Really good. “Have you had a hard week?” Nikki asked.

“Not particularly,” I said. Every week had been a hard week since the redundancies at work.

“We live in tough times,” Nikki said, “but I’ll soon have this little lot worked out and you’ll be right as rain.” The tension started to ebb away as Nikki worked her thumbs into the knotted flesh of my shoulders. “Any back pain?” she asked.

“Some,” I admitted.

“You sit at a computer all day,” she said. And I slump over the laptop most of the night as well, I thought. “Let me guess, corner desk, your screen to your left. No arm support on your chair.” I was too relaxed to be surprised.

“Mmmm,” I confirmed.

“Well, being twisted all day isn’t doing your back any good.”

“I wasn’t really expecting this from a masseuse.” I made sure to not sound demeaning.

“I’m an osteopath by training.”

“Mmmm, well you’re really good.”

“Thank you.” Nikki moved around the massage table. “I’m sure we’ll be able to get you all straightened out,” she said. She caught my bag with her heel and everything spilled out, including my pile of magazines. I watched as the slippery covers fanned-out across the floor. There were three pornographic titles on clear display. I’d just grabbed the pile from the bedside cabinet and stuffed them into my bag as I’d left, not thinking that I might have brought some ‘private’ reading material with me.

“Or maybe not,” she said. “These are yours?” she asked, showing me the salacious covers of the naughty magazines. There was no denying it. Nikki picked out the one with the rudest cover and started leafing through the pages.

I wondered what would happen next. I imagined that she might kick me out into the waiting area, branding me a pervert for bringing such material into this esteemed establishment. It was an anal special and I knew that every girl ended up with something up her bum. I risked a peek behind and saw that Nikki was lost in the magazine, turning the pages with her eyes wide and her lips parted. It actually gave me a thrill to know that she was looking at picture after picture of wet pussies, straining bum holes and hard cocks. The page-turning paused and I knew Nikki was reading one of the stories. I heard her gasp, repeatedly taking sharp intakes of breath. Were they gasps of shock or delight?

“I’m thinking that, given the contents of this magazine, we’re not going to need these.” There were two faint ripping sounds and I felt my flimsy knickers being pulled away. For a moment, I thought Nikki was going to spank me. I thought she was going to tell me that I should be ashamed of myself for carrying filthy pornographic magazines around with me. Some deeply-recessed part of me was willing her to do it too, eager to feel her hand slap against my bared buttocks.

Fidgeting, I found myself thrusting my bum up for the punishment which I deserved. But she didn’t punish me. She used thumb and fingers to ease my bum cheeks apart and then poured massage oil down my slit. It was my turn to gasp.

I lay there nervously, filling with tension, wondering what she was going to do to me. Nikki’s fingers resumed their circular course down my spine but then followed down, sweeping along the contours of my bum and stopped only as the tips were resting on my anus. Surely she wasn’t going to do that to me? But she did. I gave a despairing groan as her fingers pressed into my bum, side-by-side. One might have been OK, but two?

Perhaps too shocked to do anything, and certainly against my better judgement, I just lay there and let Nikki delve ever-deeper into my anal cavity. As I did, all my tension dispersed. It was odd, very odd but if she was happy with her fingers in my bottom, I was more than happy to take them.

The discomfort of my bum became aching pleasure and that aching pleasure spread like an anaesthetic through my body. It was so relaxing. My body felt weightless and numb – the only remaining sensation was Nikki’s fingers exploring inside my bottom.

At first, she was cautious and careful as she probed but my curiosity had me thrusting back subtly against her fingers and she followed my lead, starting to probe even more deeply. It felt good and I let her know by releasing a series of controlled moans, as I did to guide my boyfriend when he was doing the right things to me.

He’d never done that to me.

A louder noise filled the room. That moan hadn’t been controlled, Nikki had forced it out of me.

Nikki moved to my side, placed a hand on the small of my back and then deeply finger-fucked my arse with confident and determined strokes. She’d done this before – and enjoyed it. Numbing relaxation became arousal and Nikki seemed to sense my changing need. Her left hand encroached onto the area normally hidden by the paper pants. It felt incredibly rude as those fingers touched my most private parts.

My ‘private’ parts were slippery, and not just from the massage oil. As Nikki found the groove of my pussy, I sighed openly with sexual pleasure. Nikki forced my thighs further apart and I sighed happily as she slid her thumb between my labia. I felt wonderfully exposed as she played with me. Taking a backwards glance, I saw that her face was a picture of concentration as her splayed fingers gripped my mound and her thumb worked my clitoris.

The stimulation was deliberately intense - she was clearly trying to make me climax. Even as I felt the first twitches of an orgasm, I thought about the significance of this – of being made to come by a woman for the first time. I fought it back for as long as I could but the feelings just got stronger and stronger, until they were too intense to deny.

In a confusion of shame and ecstasy, I succumbed to my first lesbian orgasm; my back bent and my groin arched off the padded table as my body erupted with the exquisite agonies of perfectly prepared muscles flexing with orgasmic delight. It was already intense but Nikki heightened my pleasure by coiling her fingers deep inside my twitching pussy, while maintaining the pressure on my sensitive clitoris with her thumb. Every part of me was throbbing happily and she kept massaging inside my body until she’d extracted every ounce of pleasure.

My breath escaped in a final sigh of satisfaction but before I could say anything, Nikki pointed at her watch and then the door. We’d over-run. I made to say something but she held a finger to my lips, making me taste my pussy in the process of keeping me quiet.

I gathered my belongings, slipped into another pair of paper knickers and donned my white robe. Only as she opened the door did I understand the pressing need to be quiet; the next masseuse was waiting outside with her client. I hoped they hadn’t been there long enough to hear my orgasm. I ducked my head and scuttled out.

Nikki turned and started talking as though continuing a previous conversation. “See how you get on. You might need to a few more sessions for that tension in your lower back.”

“How often would you advise?” The images popping into my head made my stomach knot with anticipation.

“Weekly, at least, and you should try a few stretching exercises to open yourself up during the week.” We both knew that she wasn’t talking about my back.

“You look like a different woman,” my boyfriend said when he got home. He was right in more ways than he knew. I found out what it was that he’d done but given the circumstances, I was more than happy to forgive him.

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