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Making Music

Two lecturers' secret rendezvous finds an audience.
I was late again, I couldn't fucking believe it. Today of all days, Principal Bitch had to come into my office making a nuisance of herself for fifteen minutes. Anyone would think she knew I was rushing and what was waiting for me.

Once she left I could hardly wait to jump up from my desk and dash out of the door behind her. I didn't even bother locking it; I just took off down the corridor as fast as possible without actually running. I didn't want that cow berating me again right now.

My feet carried me towards the gym; my mind was elsewhere. I was lost in hopes, fantasies and desires. Just thinking about it was making the blood rush to my cock. I hoped she was wearing those stockings again.

I reached the dark and echoing corridors of the gym and broke into a jog, nearing the music room at last. No one would be here today, on the last week before Christmas. A grin spread across my face. What music we would be making, I wondered.

At last I found the music room and the light was on behind the door. My heart jumped in my chest and my cock throbbed.

I barrelled through the door, almost kicking it open, and stopped dead in my tracks. There she was, the ultimate sexy teacher stereotype. An unusual image in a university like ours, but no one would comment or complain, I’m sure.

She sat on the table in the centre of the room, her feet dangling a few inches from the floor. She wore small heels over dark stockings. Her long, elegant legs were crossed and one foot idly tapped. I followed her legs, resisting licking my lips. A knee length pencil skirt covered the tops of her stockings; I knew they were hold-ups. I grinned to myself, feeling the hunger growing.

My eyes raised a little higher, to her white, pleated blouse. She slid from the table. I noticed her top four buttons undone, beautifully showing off her smooth cleavage and red, laced bra. Her hair was loose, spilling over her shoulders and chest. It framed her eyes; there was a fire in her stare and a flush to her cheeks.

She walked towards me; her hips, which filled her tight skirt wonderfully, swung seductively with each step. I was rooted as she walked up to me, reached to push the door shut and wrap an arm around my neck. We grabbed each other and kissed passionately, holding viciously to each other’s hair.


I slipped into the room adjoining the music room, seeing the door slam shut. There was a connecting window and the lights were off; my curiosity had the better of me. I’ll admit it got the better of me just seeing him running out of his office.

I peered through the glass, a safe distance away, and gasped in genuine surprise. I recognised the back of the head he was kissing so deeply. That bitch. I thought of leaving, but… God, I wish he’d kiss me like that. I found myself rooted, fascinated. I admit I was jealous; everyone knew that I adored him, but I was too engrossed to leave. I’d never look at him the same way again, to see his evil grip on her hair. It sent a throb straight to my pussy and my hips shifted a little, agitated.

They shuffled towards the table; she fell onto the wooden top and took him with her, lips still locked together. They slid higher up the table and his hands reached up to grab her breasts. My sex pulsed to see him claw her chest so much the buttons gave out on her top. It fell open, her chest heaving beneath the red 36D she was spilling from, a hint of stiff, pink nipple behind the lace.

My nipples hardened and I cupped my breasts, as he held hers, rolling them in my fingers. I glanced down, surprised at myself. I looked up to see her hands disappear in the back of his trousers, fingers digging into him. They both bucked and rolled, his hands now mauling her breasts. I squeezed mine just as hard, imagining the feel of his firm arse in my fingers.

Her skirt hitched over her hips and I saw her red thong and hold up stockings. He saw them too; they broke the kiss and he looked down at her body. His eyes closed and his teeth barred before biting her chest. She hissed, bucking and scratching up his back.

A finger slid into the top of her stocking, snapping the material against her thigh and he grinned happily. He cupped her mound and slipped inside her knickers as they kissed again, stroking and grinding her no doubt soaking, throbbing pussy. My knees crossed a little and I whimpered quietly to myself. She wasn't the only one. I reached into my trousers, but changed my mind and pushed my way into my panties. One little touch wouldn't hurt, just to see how wet I was.

Oh God was I dripping.


The second she kissed me, the lust and fire burst forth. I took a savage grip of her hair and kissed her hard, surprising us both. We were lost in each other, exploring and groping at our bodies. I don’t know how long the kiss lasted. When I looked down, I saw her blouse open to the air, her nipples through the fabric and the goosebumps covering her body. My eyes caught the obvious damp spot in her thong and the stockings I loved so much. I couldn't resist. I sunk my teeth into her chest, indulging myself in her body.


I teased my lips gently, watching them. Then he sat up and took off his belt. My breath caught in anticipation; she pulled down his trousers and briefs at once. His cock sprung forth. I moaned involuntarily, my fingers slid inside me and I slumped back onto the table. They both reached for his cock. My eyes closed on me and I hated them for it.

I looked again to see her spitting on his shaft; she rubbed it over him with a wicked grin and lapped, teasingly, at his cock head. He pushed her back onto the table, teeth barred, holding her down. His cock teased her opening and reddened lips; I rubbed my clit, breathing harshly. She squirmed beneath his touch. He eased inside her and I moaned yet again, pushing two fingers as deep inside me as possible and fucking them hard.


The immediate slick, tight warmth of her sex was incredible. I slumped over on top of her immediately, my hands seizing her body. I needed to kiss her, hard. She pushed back against me and I thrust into her with the greatest of pleasure, shuddering and moaning into the kiss.

Her hands attacked my body and I thrived on it, growling in her ear and encouraging her. With every scratch, bite and pinch I fucked her a little more savagely. Our bodies were mashed together in a hot, desperate effort for release.

It wasn't long before we were both panting and groaning, already so close to our climax.


They broke away from each other, eyes locked as they tirelessly and furiously fucked each other. She swung on her bra, freeing her breasts to claw at them, before taking her hands back to his body. Fuck, I wanted to sink my teeth into him and let him treat me that way.

I tried to match their pace as best I could. I wasn't going to last much longer, I knew, when I saw the signs from the two of them. He was flushed, red and panting; she was struggling for air, gasping and gripping him even harder, causing welts on his back. She nodded, giving the order. I wish I could've heard the growl he let out before biting her hard.

My pussy walls gripped my fingers and I came hard, on the table, as they convulsed together. He held inside her, bodies fused to ride their orgasms. I shook, moaned and fucked my pulsing pussy, trying desperately to be quiet. I failed, letting out a single, high pitched whimper I hoped no one noticed.


She whispered in my ear; she was about to cum. I looked into her eyes, determined to watch her cum for me, waiting for the signal. Her eyes blazed and at last she nodded to me. With total relief, I let my orgasm break and felt her do the same. She clamped down on my cock. I shuddered and pulsed inside her. I needed to bite her gorgeous skin one last time. My teeth gripped her chest and I held tight to her hips. We locked together, knotted and tangled, and let our minds and bodies go with each other, savouring wave after wave of total bliss.

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