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Midlife Breakthrough

A 50-year-old experiences a breakthrough of passionate proportions.
As a recently divorced man pushing fifty, with few social skills and even fewer dating prospects, I felt a change of scenery was in order. I was fortunate to have some money saved up after the breakup, and as I work online as a consultant, I could go anywhere. As the wind whipped the snowfall into the tavern window, my friend suggested I take a trip out of town awhile, and suggested Florida. “The weather is better and you may get your groove going again.” My groove! I had to laugh, I was the epitome of anything that needed a “groove.”

But I heeded his advice. I packed my bags and drove to Miami. The drive itself lifted my spirits; as I drove from snow-filled streets of New York down the coast. With each hour it seemed the weather got balmier until I ended up in Miami. Luckily, I found a reasonably-priced motel, checked in for the night, and unpacked in my room. My new life was to start.

Once unpacked, I drove to the beach to take a long-needed walk. It was nice to walk in my t-shirt and cargo pants. Yes, it was a bit retro-geek, but at least I was barefoot.

The people were mostly young, mostly good-looking, and mostly undressed in skimpy bikinis and long trunks. I felt a bit intimidated, however. While I am certainly not out of shape, I was not toned like most of the people there. But nobody cared, and in fact most everyone smiled and said hi as I passed. Instantly I felt a bond to this place.

Presently I came to a shaved ice stand, and stood behind a pretty woman. She was around twenty, I guessed, with dark ebony features and a pleasant smile. She was modestly dressed; that is, she wasn't in a bikini. She had on a halter top and floral pattern jeans, which filled out nicely from behind. After buying her shaved ice, she turned around and stepped toward me. Seeing me, she stopped suddenly, but the ice kept going…right onto my t-shirt and cargo pants.

¡Dios mío…Oh my God! I’m sorry! I didn't see you there! ” she said in a Cuban accent. The liquid ice had spread from my chest down to my knees. Although my first reaction was anger, I laughed. I couldn't help it, her lovely pout, my soaked clothes, and her reaction.

She kept on muttering apologies, mostly in Spanish, interspersed with some English. I said “It’s ok, it’s only a t-shirt and pants. In fact I was looking for something to say to you, and now it looks as if you broke the ice, so to speak.

She smiled, still embarrassed, but insisted on getting a napkin to wipe off the excess. As she wiped my t-shirt, I felt an urge I haven’t felt with another woman in a long time. I took in her very feminine scent, her coconut shampoo, her lotioned skin. It was intoxicating! “That’s ok, I can do it.” I smiled. “But since I was in your way, allow me to buy you another ice.”

“Oh…well, ok…si, that would be nice!”

I bought the two ices, my light-colored clothes turning red from the shaved ice juices. As we walked along eating our shaved ice, I asked her if she lived here. She said no, she actually arrived the week before with a friend from Cuba. I was surprised, as I thought the restrictions were very severe.

She laughed. “Well, that’s usually the case, but most of the politicos take bribes. My brother paid them a lot of money and we were able to come here. He’s with our cousin now downtown.” When she looked up at me, she smiled. “My name is Esmeralda. What is your name?”

“Michael. And our name is very beautiful, it describes you to a T.”

“Really?” She was actually very pleased. I have to admit, I have not experienced being appreciated by a young woman in decades. In fact, her eyes seemed to lock onto mine more and more. I decided to be bold under the palm tree, on a balmy walk near the sea, with a woman I just met.

“Not only that, Esmeralda, but you are very attractive. I know it seems fast but...” I took her by the shoulders, looked at her, reached down, and kissed her. She was surprised, but she was pleased. She responded by slowly opening her lips and closing our embrace with no qualms. It was spectacular.

I had never done anything like that in my life. I have always been cautious, getting to know people slowly, and generally being very shy. With Esmeralda, the warm season, her ebony skin so contrasting with my New York pale skin, her scented body, her young age vs. my middle age, and her carefree attitude…it was something that I was caught up, a whirlwind of lust and attraction that couldn’t be helped.

We kissed, and though I was self-conscious, nobody seemed to pay us mind as they walked by. Her embrace had transferred some of the sticky ice juice from my clothes to her, but we smiled. I asked her if she wanted to go with me. She nodded, “Si. Oh, si!” without a hint of a pause.

We got to my car, arm in arm. I drove with her, our hands clenched as I drove hurriedly to the motel. We got out and went to my room. I took her in my arms, and kissed her, this time with passion, our bodies pressing. Her breathing was starting to stutter, my heart rushing to meet my adrenaline. Yet, as hot as I was, her urgency surpassed mine. She tried to life my t-shirt over my head, but the flimsy fabric tore. With a noticeable rip, the remnants of my shirt fell to the floor.

I took her hair in my hands, her gorgeous young hair, and her hands over my short gray hair, and I moved down to her halter. I removed them, exposing two small, but very curvy, full breasts. Her nipples were long, her aureoles darker than her near-ebony skin. My fingers stimulate her left nipple as we kissed, and her reaction was intense. Our hands move to each other’s jeans. Surprising myself with the ease I was able to undo her jeans, I stepped out of mine as we kept on kissing. Her panties came off the same time as my boxer-briefs, and we kept on kissing with intensity, with lust, and with interracial, inter-generational passion.

My cock had been hard, now it was throbbing. Thoughts of foreplay were off the table, our frenzy had only grown in its searing intensity. My fingers touched her clit, lightly trimmed in a small vee, with but seemingly soaked as in a honeypot. Her fingers expertly moved over my shaft, my red bulbous head seemingly wanting to explode, like a rocket with my shaft. It was so intense, we had to bond. Oh, we had to bond!

I pulled her on top, her hair whipping over my face, its scent searing my soul with its incredibly feminine luster. Her breasts pressed against my chest, immersing my own skin with her lotion. She arched her hips over my groin, and as we looked down, she pushed down on my cock with her clit. The harsh light on the shade showed my cock and her protruding clit in black silhouette, the effect heightening our already elevated arousal.

And in I went! I slipped into her tight pussy with ease, its tight silky feeling the epitome of what all men desire to feel. I buried my cock to her hilt, her dark thighs straddling my own thighs, her breasts pressed against my chest, her lips and teeth grazing my shoulder, as I pushed against her clit. I put my hands around her ass, her shapely rear electrifying my fingertips, my own passion driving my cock deep into her pussy. I pulled my cock out, the bulbous head almost completely exiting, but intuitively staying barely inside her folds. I plunged hard again, her gasps now vocal, my own groans coming out. Slowly, then with more confident speed, my hips met her hips with great need as we experience the passion of the fuck.

And fuck we did, harder and harder our eyes staring into each other’s soul, her moans, my groans, the sounds of our fuck, we kept on going and going…. She screamed!!

And I let loose a TORRENT of sperm. Oh god, never had I let loose such passion! My hands held her to me tightly, she milked my cock for all I had. We kissed, and kept pumping until I could pump no more.

Abated, we rested, my cock slowly deflating from its hardness. My hands move up, held her head to mine, and we kissed softly and sweetly.

And that was only the start of my midnight breakthrough!

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