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Midnight Ride

A kinky evening for Kev and Alexa
I climbed into the back seat of the old blue Fiesta car. I could hear the trees whistling in the wind, the branches of the trees creaking as they move, the sound of tyres of other cars driving past on the wet concrete, the engines roaring along the long stretch of road.

The secluded car park was hidden from the main road by an overgrown hedge. Many people didn’t know about it and that’s why Kev had chosen it.

I slipped off my little black dress revealing my black lacy bra and French knickers. It had been the perfect outfit for the candle lit dinner for two in a small, romantic Italian restaurant. I had gotten Kev feeling hot and flustered during the meal by rubbing my pedicured toes up his legs and playing with his balls and semi-erect cock through his trousers.

Kev’s eyes lit up with excitement at the naughty activity we were about to conduct. In all my sexual experiences I’ve always loved sex outdoors and when there is a chance of getting caught it especially gets my juices flowing.

Kev slipped into the back seat to meet me and my semi-naked body. Leaning over, Kev passionately kissed me. His lips were warm and moist as his tongue was thrust into my mouth. The silhouette of our two bodies entwining, highlighted in the moon light. Kev slowly undressed as I watched, eager to see his cock once again. Kev knew that this build up always got me wet between the legs. Whilst I was waiting, I slipped my hand down my body and into my French knickers and began to circle my already swollen mound with my fingers.

I could just make out the outline of his semi-erect cock in the dim light and it got me even wetter. When Kev was eventually naked, he turned his attention to getting me naked and out of my now sodden underwear. I lifted my bum off of the seat as Kev tugged at my underwear as they slipped over my ankles and onto the floor.

“Give it to me!” I ordered, not wanting to wait anymore. The foreplay had begun in the restaurant and now I want a fast hard fuck.

Kev lifted my right leg exposing my glistening pussy hole.

“Mmmmm.” It was the only noise Kev made before thrusting his now solid rod into my tight slit, inch by inch until the huge muscle couldn’t go any deeper.

“Fuck,” I screamed as he stretched my insides. I had been waiting for this for a few long hours. Out of all the cocks I’ve had, this is by far the best. Kev knows how to please me, he knows how to make me sweat, how to pleasure me. And in return I know how to pleasure him and do the dirty kinky stuff he really enjoys.

Starting off slowly Kev drilled his long dick into my deep, wet hole. With every thrust I let out a slight whimper of enjoyment as he hit my g-spot.

I put two fingers into Kev’s mouth to lubricate them then I reach down and I feverishly rubbed at my eager cunt. The walls of my tight pussy got tighter around his thick cock and I knew I was about to cum and cum hard. With every pump and every rub my clit swelled and began to burn.

“I’m c.....” I try to scream but I’m too late.

Waves of pleasure ran through my body as floods of cum squirted out of my filled hole until Kev pulled his throbbing cock out of my stretched pussy. Droplets of my cum squirted onto both of our naked bodies and onto the car.

“Eat it.” Kev demanded. He was always one to just get straight to the point.

Kev was still kneeling on the back seat. I positioned myself so my face was hovering over his hard cock. I could smell the scent of my pussy juices; he knows how much I love to taste myself. I kept my lips closed until his cock pushed up against them. Kev pushed his hand into my hair and pushed my head towards his crotch. His throbbing member forced its way through my lips and into the back of my throat. He kept his hand firmly pushed down making me suck at his cock. I eagerly sucked and licked at his cock wanting to taste his sweet jizz.

Kev leaned over and grabbed at my big, curvy ass. He was good at this, making me undecided about what I wanted. Did I want his juicy spunk in my mouth and on my face or did I want him to fill my tight ass.

Kev knew that he had made me change my mind about what I wanted as I had slowed down on sucking his cock. He grabbed at my hair and pulled me up to kiss him before I could gasp for air.

I turned around, still kneeling on the back seat, so that my ass was sticking up and in the perfect position for a good anal fucking.

“Do it!” I ordered, knowing that Kev didn’t need much prompting.

Kev’s cock was already lubed up for my tight booty. He positioned his cock at my ass opening, put both of his hands on my hips and I backed up as his swollen head popped inside.

“Shit,” I screamed as pleasure and pain ran through my body at the same time. I moved my hand up onto the steamed up window to stabilise myself for the fucking.

This time Kev didn’t start slowly. He was ready to blow his load so drilled hard and fast into my tight brown hole. His thrusts became more erratic and aggressive. My back hole was being abused but I was overwhelmed with pleasure and I was so close to an amazing orgasm.

The car was rocking with every pump Kev gave me but I didn’t want it to stop. I looked over my shoulder to see Kev with his amazing smile. He winked at me then closed his eyes and I could tell he was just about as close as I was.

Kev drilled into me as the big O rapidly approached.

“Yeah fuck me baby!”

“You love that don’t you, slut?”

“YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES,” I screamed as I went over the edge and squirted my hot juices out, down my legs and onto the back seat of the car.

As my orgasm subsided I felt Kev’s hot cock twitch inside my booty and he released his thick spunk into my tight back hole.

“Take it you bitch,” Kev screamed as he unleashed his final spurt of cum into me.

Kev kept pushing in and out of me as his cock was milked dry of his juices as they filled me up and spilled out down my legs and his balls.

I sat up as his cock fell out of my now gaping and dripping ass. I turned around and kissed Kev to thank him for the good fuck. He winked again as I bent my head to clean his cock of his remaining juices.

We got dressed and began the drive home. Even minutes after an amazing fuck, my body ached for his cock to fill me again.

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