Mile High Quickie

By DonAbdul

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A sexy BBW rediscovers the intense excitement of quickie sex 30,000 feet in the air
Mile High Quickie

Don Abdul ©2009

"Excuse me ma'am, may I sit next to you. My seat is so far away from
everyone else and I have such a craving for human proximity", the
strange man joked casually. Without even looking up at him, she
shrugged her shoulders as if to say "suit yourself".

He clearly was the convivial type, and she was already bracing herself
for a long and boring flight made even worse by sitting next to a
chatterbox. This was a rather different turn of events for her though,
as Cathy seldom ever has to worry about others especially men showing
any interest in her.

Her life had been a perfect one, popular in high school, grew up into a
moderately beautiful woman. She met her husband, ex-husband Dennis back
in college and they were married for all of three years. Her tale of
woes began when after having their first and only child. For several
months after, she couldn't just shed the pregnancy fat. At first she
thought it was going to happen over time, but about a year later she it
became quite obvious that rather than lose weight, she was adding.

Within two years she had gone from 125lbs to 180lbs, and although she
still had a beautiful face Dennis seemed only to notice her extra flab.
He went from complaining and trying to force her into yoga and all
sorts of diets to going off sex. She finally realized all hope was lost
for their marriage when he started to sleep in the guest room,
complaining that she snored and prevented him from getting good nights

They were divorced a few months later and she learned he promptly got
hitched to an "Anorexic Bimbo type he worked with. Her life went
downhill pretty quickly after the divorce, their friends made all sorts
of excuses to avoid her, and unlike before when men propositioned her
at will, the only men who approached her were the randy types looking
to take advantage of a lonely fat woman for a quick shag.

When her futile attempts at finding love again ended in tearful
heartbreak, she gave up and decided to live only for herself.

"I'm sorry but I didn't mean to intrude on your privacy but.... Am I
boring you?" asked the strange man, his deep baritone voice jostling
her mind back to the present.

‘He has such a lovely voice' a tiny voice inside of her said.

"Oh no, really it's ok" she said rather shyly.

He was such a funny man and before long he even managed to make her
laugh. His name was Keith and he worked in the hospitality industry. He
had quite an unpretentious way about him too, and he made her relax and
open up to him. Keith paid her compliments in ways she hadn't
experienced in years.

He was so good that it took her time to realize he was flirting with
her. Kathy was so flattered and decided to go with the flow. Everything
was going great then she had a Freudian slip. "What do you want from me
Keith?" She regretted the words as soon as they left her lips, but she
continued nevertheless.

"What do you, a dashing, handsome young man want from a fat divorcee? A
man such as you should be out with a sexy young model type on his arm"
There was pin drop silence; in response Keith took her pudgy hand in
his and looked into her eyes. "Cathy, don't sell yourself short dear.
And by the way who said everyman must like his women skinny? "

"Are you saying you think big women are interesting?" she asked, her
pulse beginning to race.

"Let's just say, I love to play in the Big League"

"Mmmm! So what is it about big women that you like so much?"

"Seriously?" he asked her incredulously. She nodded with a shy smile." Ok, I love their sexy curves, I love big women with big natural tits"
his eyes lowered to survey her ample bosom hungrily. "And I also love
their big asses too".

She was being lulled into erotic state of near trance by the timbre of
his deep sexy voice and the deliberate drawl of his sex drenched
rendition. "I also love the fat mound and thick pussy lips. I love the
warm embrace of their tight wet pussies too. Big women are just so
cuddly, and they have so much beauty without and within".

By the time he was done, she was so wet, and her nipples were pushing
hard at the front of her bra cups. She craved his hot mouth on her
breasts and his probing hands all over her sexy curvy body. The sexual
deprivations of the past couple of years all reared to the surface and
threatened to drown her. She desperately wanted to fuck him.

Her brain was working in overload mode. She managed to whisper, "I need
to get to the toilet" he stood up but didn't step away into the aisle
to let her pass; she had to squeeze past him. Her big tits squashed
against his and he surreptitiously slipped his hand round her back and
squeezed her voluptuous ass. "Mmmm! Naughty boy" she whispered into his
ear, the heat of her breath making his erect penis jump.

She walked a few steps past him and then stopped, looked back with sexy
mischievous look in her eyes and then she winked before continuing on
her way. Keith ogled her voluptuous form as she went by mentally
undressing her and savoring her big soft natural tits and plump belly

All he could think about is following in her wake and sneaking into the
toilet and bending over and ripping off her panties.....

"Oops!" he snaps back to the present and stood up to make his way to the
toilet after her. At the door he quickly looked left and right and then
over his shoulder, nobody else was in sight, he firmly pushed the door
open and squeezed in to join her. She looked up at him shyly, her heart
thumping as she wondered why the hell she was doing this, yet the more
she thought of herself as a shameless slut, the hotter she felt in her

He stepped closer still and took her full round face in his hands and
then ran his hand over her face, stroking her chubby cheeks and under
her chin.  He tilted up her head bringing her mouth a hairs breadth
from his.

A warm shiver ran through her as she felt the heat of his lusty breath
on her face, and when their lips touched she closed her eyes, opened
her lips, and surrendered herself into his gentle yet urgent embrace as
they kissed deeply and very passionately.

His tongue darted out to find and tease hers as he kissed her in ways
she had never been kissed before. Their tongue locked and danced as he
played with her, swirling, probing, sucking and nibbling.

"Mmmmmm!" she moaned, there was so much she wanted to confess about his
abilities as a great kisser, but she dared not interrupt the exquisite
pleasure of their kiss. When he lowered a hand to her big soft breast
and squeezed her rock hard nipple, she felt a tidal wave surge through
her as her pussy quivered and her body tremble as she had an orgasm.

As her tremors subsided, she was startled to hear her own voice, begging
him; "Oh please fuck me right now, take me right here and fuck me

Her breathless pleas made his so hard and he turned her around lifting
her dress up and sliding down her panties to expose her full round
apple shaped ass. He gasped with excitement before going on his knees
and spreading her butt cheeks open. He took a deep breath inhaling her
womanly essence and then as she bent further and stuck her ass out in
his face he began to lick her slit from her chubby mound to the ridge
of her ass.

He almost sneezed as her soft pubic hair tickled his nose at first but
as he grew accustomed to it, he took their shared pleasure to a whole
new level with his deft oral manipulation of her plump pussy.

Oh yeah! Eat my pussy baby, yesssss!" she moaned trying desperately not
to scream out loud. After he had been eating her for an eternity, she
suddenly tensed up, her back arching as she ground her big round butt
and plump pussy into his face and then she let out a throaty groan as
she climaxed yet again.

Grabbing her ass for support he rose to his feet, and she turned around
to face him once again, she felt instantly aroused at the sight of his
face which was all slick from her generous cunt juice. She pressed into
him and licked her own pussy juice off his face with long, and
deliberate strokes of her tongue, his impatience manifested itself when
she was done licking his face clean.

He turned her around once more, bending her over and thrusting his hard
throbbing steel pipe of a cock gruffly into her hot wet cunt without
ceremony. "Aghhhhhhhhhhh!" She gasped as he hit the mouth of her womb".
The mixture of pleasure and pain serving as a potent aphrodisiac
fuelled her lust.

He kept thrusting deeper and faster into her canal of lust ramming her
hard and good. In response she moaned and wiggled her big butt meeting
his every thrust with one of her own, as they fucked with animal
intensity and just as he began to feel the rush of an on coming
release, he grasped hold of her big soft breast and teased the nipple
as he banged her pussy harder and faster, then he squeezed hard on her

The pressure on her nipple prompted her to squeeze her other nipple
which she had been rubbing and teasing all along. She felt the pressure
build up within her loins, and then it became too damned much to bear.
"Oh Keith..." she moaned as a sudden white flash blinded her and a low
undulating scream of exhilaration erupted from her throat as she
succumbed to yet another orgasm.

Keith felt the strong contractions of her wet pussy kneading his pulsing
cock and in a matter of seconds he also reached a climax, pumping her
delicious plump cunt full of his thick creamy cum. Their sexcapade had
seemed to last an eternity, but in reality, their torrid fucking
session had only lasted 10 minutes in all