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Mistress and Boi #1--Feeling Mean

Mistress and Boi #1 Feeling mean.

She waited. Arms crossed over her ample chest, leg rocking. She was in a mean mood, and would soon receive relief. She heard her Boi's truck pull into the drive, and she smiled wickedly. She had waited for this all day long. She had some aggression to abate, and it would be tonight.

When he stepped into her bedroom, he knew something was amiss. She was dressed in her black silk and lace negligee, had her long hair up under a silver comb and her eyes were cold. A million “Oh God, what did I do?” ran through his mind.

Before he could speak, she clicked her fingers loudly, pointed to her feet commanding, “Down!”

To his knees he went automatically, his head going to her stockinged feet, a thrill of heat flashing through out his body. She did not pet him or love him as she normally would have, but made him stay in that position for a few long minutes. His legs and back aching, he obeyed his Mistress and didn't move. He couldn't help shaking inside. When she got like this, anything was possible. He gave a delightful shiver when he heard her stern command, “Up.”

He rose to his knees, his eyes still on her feet in respect, his breathing escalated in anticipation. She put her hand under his chin and raised his face so that she could look him in the eyes. Her emerald green orbs showed no sign of emotion what so ever as she stared at him coldly. He looked back and never broke her gaze. She finally turned her head to the side slightly and said, “Get naked, now. Then lie back on my bed”

“Yes my Mistress,” he replied without hesitation, her eyes revealing nothing.

He stepped back and disrobed, folding his clothes and laying them on the fitting chair. He lay back on her bed looking up at her with adoring eyes, and trying desperately to not get a hard on. His cock twitched and stirred despite all he could do to deter it.

She finally smirked and said, “Stroke your cock for me, Boi. Make it nice and hard. Do it now.”

“Yes Mistress,” he replied.

His hand went to his cock and began to rub and tug on the now hardening meat there. He kept his eyes on her and this just fueled his desire to do precisely what she commanded, no matter what it would be. He adored her and would do anything she asked, or commanded.

He swallowed hard when she licked her lips and began molding her big breasts with her hands as she watched him slowly jacking off. He could visualize her mouth as she sucked him so many times in the past, and it made it difficult to not moan out slightly. Her mouth was like raw silk always; moist, powerful and capable of making him cum in a heartbeat.

She stood and looked down at him. She moved to the end of the bed, parting her robes to revel a large blue dildo attached to her strap on harness. A thrill of delight and terror raced through his body. Oh God, it had arrived, and she was going to use it on him! The dong was bigger than the toys she had used on his little ass before, and this worried him greatly. His ass clenched shut for a brief moment, then relaxed.

She came up on the bed on her knees, looking at him like a big hungry cat. She grinned and slapped his hand away gently, taking his cock in her hand, then into her hot milk machine mouth. She swallowed him all the way to the shaved mound of his cock, and he yelped out in pure sensation. She had the best mouth in the world and he was in pure bliss. She sucked for long moments, then rose back up again. She came forward until her ample thighs were under his. She brought out her big silicone cock, stroking it as if having one of her own.

She reached underneath it and flipped a tiny switch. He could faintly hear the muted hum as the vibrator teased his Mistress's pussy deep inside, and the outer vibe massaged her clit.

He breathed, “Oh God Mistress!”

He knew that was going into his little ass, and part of him feared. She bumped his legs up and apart and placed his hand back on his swollen cock.

“Just hold that cock, Boi. I'm going to take this ass. Its mine and I'm going to have it, and you are helpless to do anything about it.”

They had spoken of this many times in the past and he pretty much knew what she wanted, but this look in her eyes was different.

He breathed, “Please Mistress...don't hurt me. That's awfully big to put in your Boi's ass.”

She grinned as she reached under the pillow to pull out a bottle of some kind of lube. She squirted a generous amount on the length of the dong and jacked it again, making sure the entire length was thoroughly coated, clear to the harness.

She put some on her finger, and shoved it into his waiting ass smoothly. He gasped out, but not in any real pain, just sensation. Her long finger curved up and massaged his prostate; and he squeezed his cock hard in an attempt to not cum right there. When she had him lubed to her satisfaction she pushed his legs up high, exposing his little asshole to her; she put the head of her dong agaisnt his asshole and moved forward. The head popped in and he moaned out softly, “Oh God.”

She moved forward until the dong was halfway into his little ass. She watched his face for pain but he was fine for the moment—just some panting as his asshole got used to the girth and length. She grasped his thighs and began to move, fucking his little asshole. It felt so good to have total domination over this little man, and she loved it. The vibration of the dong inside of her pussy felt Wonderful, and each time she moved it rocked inside of her, sending sensation rolling all through her wet pussy.

She fucked a bit harder now, loving the feeling of her cock plowing inside her Boi's ass. He was clutching her covers with one hand, gripping the base of his cock with the other.

“See how I'm taking your asshole, Boi? Look up, now,” she growled out.

He looked up to the mirror tiles on the ceiling, and could see her fucking in and out of his tight little asshole. She looked so beautiful, so sexy fucking him. Her big tits jiggled and swayed with every thrust and her face was a picture of unbridled lust.

“Ohhh Mistress!” he groaned as she began to slam his ass now. He grimaced at the girth of the dong down at the bottom, for there was finally some small modicum of pain, but he would endure anything for her, anything. She began to pant now as she slammed into him, and lay her head back on her shoulders. The more she fucked, the better it felt, and the friction on her clit was fantastic. She began to cry out and gripped his small calves tightly and she fucked him hard, deep, and ohhh so delightfully nasty.

He so wanted to jack his cock and cum for her on command, but it was not yet time. He would never cum until she told him he could. And if she told him he could not, then so be it also.

She finally yelled out and thrust into him all the way as her first orgasm claimed her pussy. She thrust in so deep that he could feel the “O” ring of the harness against his asshole.

She shivered and thrust in several more times as mini-orgasms shivered over her body. She pulled her dong out of his ass and stood shakily. She looked at him and said, “Come unharness me, Boi.”

He rose gingerly but without hesitation. He undid the velcro straps that held the harness lovingly to his Mistress's ample hips. Before he knew he was going to, he kissed where the straps had dug into her flesh. He did this lovingly tender. She caressed his head and lay back on her bed.

She looked at him and stated, “Come eat me, Boi. Lick me clean.”

He didn't have to be told twice, He dove onto the bed as she opened her legs wide and got comfortable.

His mouth found her sopping wet gash immediately, and he moaned as he began licking and sucking all of her juices from her pussy. Her hands found his hair, and she held his head to her pussy as he sucked her clit.

“Yessss, that's my good Boi. Do me. Lick it all clean. You caused that, it's your job to clean it up.”

He lovingly licked and suckled her until she began to make pleasurable noises once again.

She had hold of his hair and he could not move his head. He heard the closet door open, and in reflex almost turned to see who it was, but her voice held him steadfast.

“Don't you dare move. Just do your job. Suck me now”

He obeyed without question, even when he felt the strong hands grasp his hips to pull them up until he was on his knees, face down in his Mistresses pussy.

She said to him, “Use your fingers on me, Boi. Put three into me and finger fuck me. Do it now.”

He slid three fingers on his left hand deep into her wet pussy. He knew how she loved it, and was rewarded with her deep groan.

He complied as he felt more lube being slathered on his uplifted asshole. Oh dear God, what was she doing to him now?

He felt the bed move under his knees and shivered. Right about then, he felt the object rubbing up and down his asshole and felt it slip past the tight ring there. Ohh it was soo thick and hot! Thick like his Mistresses' dong but real and pliable. He was going to fucked by a man in the ass! An unknown man was going to slip his big cock into his little ass and fuck him!

He cried out in her pussy as the unknown cocksman shoved forward hard, impaling himself in the little sub's ass.

He shoved his fingers deep into Mistress's pussy and twisted his fingers out of reflex...he knew she adored this. He looked up at her face, but all he could see were her huge silk encased titties bouncing when the man fucking him thrust forward again. The man was almost balls deep now as he wedged that big meat deep into Boi's ass.

He did raise up for breath for a second and saw that she was looking into the mirror tiles above her, watching the man taking her sub.

She groaned out, “Yesss, fuck him for me, take that little ass, fuck him good for me.”

The man didn't say a word, but continued to stroke his cock in and out of Boi's ass. He had dreamed of this for years before meeting his beloved Mistress, and he was in complete rapture. The head of the cock was slamming against Boi's joy gland and he was having a difficult time concentrating on his Mistress's pleasure and not his own.

He stroked his fingers in and out faster now as the man picked up the pace. She was groaning and writhing under him, so he dropped his head to suck her stiff little clitty, wanting to pleasure her in every way he could!

She growled out, “You have a huge cock in your asshole Boi, but “I” fucked you first! You are mine to take any fucking time I please, isn't that so??”

He replied, “Yes my Mistress, Boi is here for your pleasure, yours alone! Boi is yours!”

She caressed his head as he sucked hard on her clit, shoving his fingers clear to the palm in her pussy. He knew she would cum soon, and the man might fill his bowels up over flowing soon as well by the feel of his cock. It was swelling and Boi cried out with pleasure/pain as it did.

Mistress moaned, “Eat me, my good Boi, make me cum in your mouth! Make me cum..nowwwwww!”

She screamed out, and jammed her pussy against Boi's face as her cum filled his eagerly slurping mouth. The man fucking Boi's ass bellowed out, ramming his cock in hard and swift. Boi would be bruised tomorrow from his powerful hands, but he cared not, his only goal was to pleasure his Mistress, and that he would do.

The man yelled and began squirting what felt like gallons of cum into subbie's ass and it threatened to make him cum on his Mistress's covers. He held back, as best he could. When the man finished cumming he heard his Mistress say, “Pull out, now.”

Sub felt the man yank his cock out and she said, “Look at me Boi.”

He raised his head as he looked eagerly into her passion glazed eyes. “Raise up and jack your cock onto my pussy. Do it. Do it now. Fist fuck yourself until you cum all over my pussy. NOW BOI!”

He rose swiftly to his knees taking his tortured cock into his hand. He looked into her eyes as he jacked his cock for her.

She licked her lips and said huskily, “That's my good Boi, do it for me, stroke it good, cum hard for me..thaaaats it. Do it Baby, cum! Cum now!”

He could not disobey. With a yell he stroked as hard as he could, and began shooting hot white ropes of slave-cum all over her pussy and large thighs. His head was thrown back in bliss unlike any he had ever known. He felt something beside his head but paid no attention. He finally looked to his left and saw a large cock being jacked beside him. The man's cock began to shoot cream again, and it joined his on his Mistress's belly, thighs and pussy.

As quickly as the man came, he left. Leaving the Boi and his Mistress alone and panting.

Mistress smiled up at her Boi and said, “You may go get a wet towel and clean me up now, Boi.”

He ran to the master bathroom to get her a warm wet towel and came back to see her smearing the cum on her thighs. She grinned up and said, “Since you were such a good Boi, you may have a taste before cleaning me. Do it now, I tire.”

He was beside her in a heartbeat, licking up the man essence from her thighs, a groan of erotic pleasure coming from his mouth. He licked until there was nothing of the slick, sweet, substance left.

He heard her chuckle and state, “OK Boi, wipe me clean now. It's time for bed, dear one.”

He lovingly cleaned his Mistress up. She smiled at him and said, “Tuck me in now, Boi. Then go to your little bed after you have eaten.”

He pulled the covers back and she slid her legs under the covers. He tenderly covered her and said, “Goodnight Mistress mine, good dreams please.”

She reached up, caressing his face and said sleepily, “To you too, Boi.”

She beckoned with a finger and he leaned in for her to grace his forehead with a kiss. He was the only sub/servant that she did this with, and it made him feel honored.

He stepped back, bowed as she sighed in happiness.

He stepped out the door and headed toward the kitchen with a smile.

He loved what had just happened to him, and hoped she'd be feeling mean again soon.

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