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Mistress Redemption

Nothing is what it seems when you jump to conclusions.

She turned at the sound of the engine.  She had a huge smile on her face as she stuck out her thumb.  There was never much traffic on this little back road, but I was pretty sure I knew why she turned down a ride from the car that was disappearing up the road as I drove up.

The smile faded as she realized there were only two wheels rolling toward her.

Her fading smile turned to a frown as she saw the hungry smile on my face.  How could I not smile?  She looked enticingly edible in her short shorts and cropped shirt.  There were no other vehicles out here, and we both knew she would be mine to devour.

Her eyes took in my hard chest and the way the bike stretched out my lean biker's body.  She licked her lips in anticipation.  Then she stubbornly swung her case around and started marching up the road again.

I killed the engine but let the bike roll, matching her speed.

"You want a ride," I nearly insisted.

"Not on that thing," she spat out.

"It's six miles to the next town," I informed her.  "Get on."

She turned to glare at me, and then picked up her pace.

I pulled in the clutch and hit the starter.  I nearly laughed at the way she jumped as the motor roared to life.  Just a little bump of power to the drive and I was rolling beside her again.

"Get on," I insisted again.

She stopped abruptly.  I had anticipated her move, and I was able to hit the brakes as fast as she did.

There was smoldering anger in her eyes as she glared at me.

"Nobody else is coming," I reminded her.

Her eyes swept up and down the lane, but she knew I was right.

"Just into town," she demanded.

"Get on," I said for the third time.

She tried to argue.  I goosed the engine, letting its noise drown her words.

She glared.  I grinned.  She tried again, and I let the throttle rip again.  With my eyes, I commanded her to get on.  She glared harder.

"Where do I put my case?" she asked sharply.

"You'll just have to hang on to it," I answered.

She frowned and shook her head, but then stepped forward and swung her case and her leg over the back of the bike.  I waited as her feet found the pegs.

"You better hang on to me as well," I said over my shoulder.  "She's got some horses!"

As her arm came around my waist, I cracked the throttle and let the engine roar for a moment.  She tensed up and tightened her grip just as I dumped power to the drive and we took off.  I didn't give it everything, but she certainly had to hang on tight as I ran up through the gears.

I only followed the lane for a couple of miles.  She had just started to relax behind me when I started braking and clicked the turn signal.

"The town is straight ahead," she objected loudly.

"I know a short-cut," I answered as I swung the bike over to make the turn.  She instinctively held tighter.

The road I turned onto wasn't much of a short cut.  On the other hand, it was a very scenic road with a lot of tight turns.  She clung to me as she took in the beauty of the trees and hills and views.  She clung to me in terror as I attacked the turns at the edge of control.  She was breathing hard as I turned off that road onto the next one.

"The town is the other way," she objected.  "This road leads to the lake."

I pretended to ignore her as I accelerated hard enough to make her hang on tightly again.  Just as quickly, I braked hard before turning onto a gravel drive.

"What the hell is this?" she demanded.

"Just sit tight, it gets a bit loose up ahead," I instructed.

I could feel her glare in the way her arm tightened around my waist.

I followed the gravel lane for nearly a half mile.  As I predicted, the bike got very loose through a couple of sections.  I could feel how close I was riding at the edge of control, but I rode with confidence.  She squealed in fear each time the back end slid sideways.

The lane ended at a small pad of pavement in front of a shed.  Beyond the shed was a small cabin.  I rode the bike up to the shed and then killed the motor.  She vaulted off the bike.

"You said you would take me to town," she objected.

"All in good time," I replied as I kicked off the bike.  "This seems like a nice place for you to pay for your ride," I added.

"What?" she cried.

"Gas, grass, or ass, nobody rides for free," I quoted the old saying.  Her eyes flared.  "Of course, the tank is full and I don't do drugs, so your options are limited."

"I don't want to have sex with you," she objected.

"No?" I asked.  I gave her a sidelong glance.  "Your nipples sure are hard for someone who doesn't want to have sex."

She looked down in horror at the thin material of her top.  Even if she had been wearing a bra, it wouldn't have contained the hardness of her nipples.

"They're just cold?" she suggested, hoping I would believe.

"You look hot to me," I quipped as my eyes scanned up and down her body.  "Let's see how cold they are!"

I reached out and hooked my fingers in the front of her top.  I was planning to pull her body toward mine so I could turn my hand inside her shirt to cup her breast.  I believe I was as shocked as she was when the fabric gave way and her top tore open.  Her yelp of protest cut short as my hand turned and my palm rasped across her nipple.

She fell against me and her hands clutched at my shoulder and hip for support.  As I pawed at her breast and pinched her nipple between my fingers, she let her head fall forward.  As my fingers splayed out to press into her flesh, she opened her mouth and nearly bit my shoulder.  As she struggled to keep from crying out, I knew she was mine.

"So very hot," I breathed into her ear, and her body shuddered against mine.

Her fearful eyes sought mine.  I could not tell if they were begging me to stop, or if they were begging for more.  I wanted more.

"Not cold at all," I teased.  "I bet your panties are wet as well."  My other hand slid to her bare midriff.

"Don't tear them," she cried out and her hands jumped to the button on her shorts.

The front of her shorts parted and the zipper raced down just ahead of my probing fingers.  My fingers raced through her close trimmed hairs and slammed into the wetness between her legs.  She cried out and threw her hips forward to ride my thrusting hand.

She placed one hand back up to my shoulder, which she promptly bit it again.  Her other hand raced between my legs and measured the hard shaft trapped inside my jeans.

"Damn you," she gasped as her hand stroked my hardness.

My only answer was to curl my fingers up inside her again.  She thrust her hips forward and also squeezed my cock again.

"Damn you to hell," she gasped.  Her hand on my shoulder slid up into my hair.  She grabbed a handful and pulled my head up.  I expected her to force me to see the full power of her anger.

"Take me inside and fuck me!" she demanded instead.  An evil grin of triumph spread across my face.

"No," I answered.  "Right here.  I'm going to rip your shorts off and fuck you right here."

"No!" she cried out.  "Don't rip them!"

She pulled away from me and quickly bent to slide her shorts and panties down.  Faster than she thought possible, I peeled my jeans open and stepped behind her bent form.  She gasped and froze as I pulled her naked ass back against the burning hardness of my cock.  With one hand around her waist and the other on her back, I kept her bent forward as I turned her to face her case.

I pushed her forward and she fell forward to lean on the case.  I bent my knees and dropped my hips below hers.  Her legs bent as she struggled to find her balance.  I straightened my legs and thrust my cock up into her in one stroke.

"Oh!" she cried out as she lifted her head and anxiously scanned the woods for any sign of observers.

I eased out just a bit and then slammed back into her.

"Fuck me!" she cried, no longer caring who was watching.

Her demand matched my need, and I quickly moved to satisfy us both.  I kept one hand on her hip to pull her back into my thrusts while my other hand slid around and cupped her breast.  She kept one hand on the case for balance as her other hand gave her other breast the same treatment.  When I drew my fingers in to pinch her nipple, she did the same.

All too soon, she cried out and started to cum.  I continued to pound into her until my release surged up the length of my cock and filled her.  We both cried out as heat flooded her insides and spilled out.  We barely managed to keep our feet under us as we finished.

I stood behind her, panting as I quickly caught my breath, enjoying the occasional pulsing of my cock as it shrank.  She stayed in front of me, bent at the waist, letting her insides milk my shaft.

"I need to straighten my back," she gasped in a whispered groan, breaking the spell.

Gone was the leggy goddess, replaced by a shorter woman twice her age.  Gone was my hard biker's body, replaced with that of an older man who was still breathing hard, trying to catch his breath.

The woman stood and rolled her shoulders, with lots of popping and cracking noises along her spine.  Her eyes scanned the woods and then she squared her shoulders, facing me.

"I still think I'm mad at you," she declared softly.  She reached out and caressed my face, and then let her hand slide down to stroke my body.  It almost looked like she could still see the biker's body.

"Where did you get the Harley?" she asked.

I had almost caught my breath enough to answer.

"It's one of the ones Carl is selling," I panted.  I took a deep breath and let my eyes scan up and down her nearly naked body.  I could almost still see the road-side goddess.  "I think we should keep it."

She drank in the look and her body flexed into a pose for me.

"Does he have one with a bigger back seat?" she asked with a smile.  I laughed and shrugged.

Her eyes scanned the woods again, stopping on the small cabin.

"So what is this?" she asked suspiciously.

"This is the mistress you accused me of having," I said with a wry look.

"What?" she cried.

"It was going to be a surprise for our anniversary," I explained.  "I've never giving you any reason to mistrust me and I never thought you would jump to the conclusion that the extra hours I've been working meant I had a mistress.  I'm sorry it looked like you caught me in a lie earlier when you accused me of stepping out on you.  I was hoping to keep the surprise.

"We always wanted a vacation home by the lake, so, surprise!"

My eyes took in her nakedness.  "We don't have any neighbors, or at least we will hear them coming.  We can do any sort of naked things we want out here."

She slowly scanned the cabin and the woods, and a smile slowly grew on her face.  She looked a little embarrassed as she turned back to me.

"I hope you'll forgive me for reaching the wrong conclusion," she offered, "but I'm still mad at you!"

She didn't seem very mad as she leaned her body into mine and ran her hand across my chest.

"Now what did I do?" I asked as I caressed her cheek and let my hand slide down towards her naked breast.

"You tore my only shirt," she pointed out as she lifted her breast to my hand.

"Just get another one from your case," I suggested.  "Anything you wear is going to make you look hot!"

She smiled at the compliment as she shook her head and reached down to pop the case open.  I was astonished to see it was empty.

"I knew you would come after me," she teased.  "I wasn't going to lug around a bunch of extra weight just to prove a point."

I shook my head at her presumption, but we both knew she was right.

"You'll just have to keep your front up against my back all the way home," I suggested.

"Why don't I rub my front against your front for while, and then later you can go home and get me a shirt while I explore the rest of the property," she countered.

I rubbed my hand against her front, primarily on her breast, and she shivered in my arms.

"I think that's a good plan."

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