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Mom's Morning Delight

Seeing the son's friend masturbating leads to hot sex
The vinyl slats of the window blinds failed to keep the sun’s early morning rays from my face. I blinked once, twice, and then finally brought my hands up to my face and rubbed my face hard with my hands. “Goddamn sun,” I muttered softly under my breath. I threw the covers aside, and sat up on the side of the bed. My head swam slightly. As more awareness came to me, I realized that I had to use the bathroom. I got up and went into the master bath. After relieving myself, I look at the reflection in the mirror. The hag staring back at me was frightening, revolting even. Except, I thought sighing, the hag was me!

I left the face in the bathroom, and went into my master bedroom. There, on the back of the door, was a floor to ceiling mirror. I stripped naked, and stood in front of that mirror, studying my body. I did this most mornings. I am forty-two. My entire life I’ve worked hard to keep from having a fat, soft body. So I usually look at the reflection to get confirmation that I’m still in shape. I know, dumb, right? But I can’t stop doing it!

I slip a pair of shorts on, and throw a light tee-shirt over my torso. My son Art’s best friend Kevin stayed over night last night. I do not parade naked around the house as a general rule, but with Kevin here I took the extra step of making sure my clothing wasn’t see-through. But I didn’t worry about putting on a bra or panties. I was not expecting the boys to be awake, frankly. They were out late, how late I’m not sure, probably until one or one-thirty. I was in bed, sleeping. I trust my son and his friends to generally do what’s right. Naïve? Yes, maybe, but I have to trust him a little or I’d go nuts!

My house is a simple one-story ranch. My bedroom is the one on the right. My son Art’s bedroom is across the hall. His door was shut, as usual. Kevin stayed in the smallest bedroom, the one I thought of as the guest bedroom. That door was slightly ajar. Call it a maternal instinct. I wanted to look in to make sure he was okay.

The room’s layout has the bed against the wall. Kevin was in the bed, his head towards the door that I was peeking in. My breath caught in my throat as I looked in. Jesus!

Kevin was naked, fully naked. His eyes were closed and he had a dreamy expression on his face. His hand was slowly stroking a nicely sized erect cock. I was rooted to the spot watching this eighteen year old boy stroking his cock. He was in my house, and stroking his cock! The idea made me a little angry, his lack of respect for my house somewhat disturbing. But that thought did not last long. How could it? When you are watching a young virile man masturbate, your thoughts do not linger on anger!

I silently slipped my hand inside of the waistband of my loose shorts. I traced a finger over my clit and shivered. I was already soaked, my pussy yearning to get stuffed with that boy’s cock! I was surprised at how immediate my need felt. One minute I was thinking about pouring a glass of orange juice. And now this!

He groaned quietly as he enjoyed a long, deep stroke. God how I wanted to moan myself, how I wanted to walk into that room and use this boy. But my son was in the next bedroom. I was forty-two, and Kevin was eighteen. Not smart, I thought. Not one damned bit. But the throb in my pussy and hardness in my clit made me rethink that. All I could think about was mounting that young man and feeling his hardness penetrate me. I shivered with lust.

He moaned again. Fuck! I thought quickly. He’s going to cum! Another groan. I had to take action. I stepped into the room.

“Don’t you even think about coming, Kevin!” I whispered.

“Oh god!” he managed, and released himself and rolled over onto his belly instantly. I could already see the flush of shame spreading. “No!” he said miserably.

“Shh, shut the fuck up, Kevin!” I said urgently, stepping fully into the room and closing the door behind me. “You’ll wake Art!”

“Uh, oh god Mrs. K, I’m so s-sorry!” he stammered.

“Shhh,” I said, leaning over him and pressing my finger against his lips. I wondered if my dangling breasts would entice him. I suspected they would. I am aware that I’m seen as a MILF. Many of Art’s friends stay the night in the lured hopes that this very act would occur. “Don’t speak.” I smiled at Kevin. “You were jerking off in my house,” I said softly. “Were you at least fantasizing about me?” I asked.

He went a deeper shade of crimson, which made me smile all the more! I had to grin down at this boy. “Were you wishing that I was riding your big…hard…cock?” I asked, emphasizing each word slowly.

He stared wide-eyed at me, his mouth now parting slightly. She could almost read his thoughts – he was wondering if he was busted or about to get laid.

“Maybe you want to see these forty double-d breasts?” I asked quietly. “Would you like that? Do you want to see my tits?” I asked.

He gaped more, but nodded, his mouth unable to speak.

“Roll over, let me see that big cock of yours,” I told him quietly. He did as I lifted my shirt up to expose my breasts. That’s why the boys in the school all wanted to stay at my house. They wanted to see my tits. I have occasionally wanted to let them. But I have never had this particular opportunity!

I gazed down at his rock-hard cock for several seconds. “You have a nice big cock!” I told him. He was staring at my boobs. I swayed by body back and forth to get them to sway fetchingly. Yeah, he was fetched. His mouth opened.

“You have such big boobs!” he said quietly.

I bent down and rubbed my breasts over his big cock. He groaned. “You like the touch of my boobs on your cock?” I teased softly. I lifted up away from him.

“No…” he groaned quietly as I lifted away.

“No, you don’t like them?” I asked.

“No!” he replied quickly. “I liked the feel of your boobs on my…on me.”

“Say it, say it baby, tell me that you want to feel my boobs on your cock!”

He shaded red again, but spoke. “I want to feel it, feel your boobs on my, my…cock!”

I dropped back down and rubbed my big breasts onto his cock. My pussy throbbed hard between my legs. The wetness surged through me. I felt a tremor pass through my body. “Oh god your cock, Kevin!” I moaned. I was losing control quickly. “Please Kevin, get behind me and fuck me! I need to feel your cock filling up my pussy! Fill up my pussy with your big, hard cock!”

I bent over the bed, my ass up in the air. “Quick, take my shorts off and fuck me, Kevin!” I moaned. That got him moving, and he was behind me in a flash, yanking hard on the shorts. He positioned his cockhead against the opening to my pussy and held it there for a moment. I gasped, the pleasure of the moment coursing through me fast and hard, and I had to shiver.

“Stay quiet now, Kevin. Don’t wake Art! But put that cock in me, do it now, Kevin!”

As the beast invaded me, I saw stars of pleasure and tingles of perfect delight. He pushed his cock deep into me, and I gasped with the fullness of it, the hardness of it, and then his balls slapped against my skin and I moaned quietly. I bit my lip trying to keep from screaming with pleasure. His big hands gripped my hips hard, holding me tight against his body. His male body was so hard and youthful and delightful, and when he withdrew his penis from me I shuddered. Then, with a terrific SLAM he drove his cock deeply into me. Pain blossomed huge from in me, red and sharp. It dulled fast though and left me vaguely hurting. “Not so hard, Kevin,” I warned him after I could talk again. “That last one hurt.”

“Sorry, Mrs. K!” he said.

“Keep going!” I urged the boy. “Fill my pussy with your cum!” I moaned wildly. What had come over me? I didn’t care. He drew out that man-sword slowly again and making me shudder all over again, and then slipped it deliciously back in. The pleasure burst completely through me. I could barely breathe it was so intense. Slowly, deeply he slipped that cock in and out of my pussy. I was beyond control and felt the onrushing orgasm. “Kevin, don’t stop, you’re going to make me cum!” I whispered. He shuddered – I felt him shudder. “Make me cum, Kevin, make my pussy cream!” I groaned.

He began thrusting harder, faster, deeper. No pain now, my body had adapted. I was panting, trying to capture my breath, unable to do it. He was now pile-driving that cock into me and the train came and I gasped. WHAM! The orgasm burst through me, making me feel little bursts of pleasure all the way out to my fingers and toes while my breasts seemed to throb with the pleasure and my body spasmed wildly. “Oh oh oh oh!” was about all I could say. Kevin was now fucking me hard, fast, and then finally the boy groaned. He grabbed my hips and held me tight, his strong, hard hands trapping me against him. Holding me against him. His cock throbbed and his balls jumped.

“Oh god!” he moaned and then with a tremendous burst his cock began to spew his cum. It filled me and I felt his body jerk and I came again from the sheer delight of knowing his was coming. Finally, after several spasms he stepped back. I stood up and kissed him slowly on his lips, teasing his tongue.

“I have to go clean your cum from my pussy, Kevin,” I said softly. “And if you tell a single soul about this, I’ll crush your balls to pay you back. But if you don’t,” I said softly, and pulled his ear to my mouth, “the next time you stay over night I’ll fuck you twice!”

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