More Than a Fling - Chapter Three

By Lisa

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Jack and Meg strike a deal
Jack awoke to the sound of gentle snoring and the alluring scent of warm woman. Long limbs draped over his chest and thighs, wrapping him in a snug cocoon. He shifted his arm and realised his elbow had somehow become nestled between a pair of breasts.

A slamming door and a burst of raucous laughter broke the silence outside as the hotel grounds slowly came to life. The rattle of a cart echoed in the corridor, bypassing the handle he’d looped with a Do Not Disturb sign the night before.

Jack lifted his hand to block out the sunlight streaming through the open drapes and blinked to try and regain his focus. He remembered being in such a hurry to get Meg out of her clothes last night, drawing the curtains had been the last thing on his mind.

Following on from her massage, they’d showered, changed and shared a quiet dinner. After downing a couple of glasses of wine with their meal, she’d invited him back to her room to continue on with the evening. Now, lying here with her wrapped around him, Jack couldn’t be happier he’d accepted her invitation.

He smiled and rubbed his palm over his face, remembering the way he’d pinned her to the bed and thrust himself inside her, the way her body had welcomed him in. The heat between them had grown steadily throughout the day, eventually reaching a point where urgency took over. When she’d locked her ankles around his hips and he’d finally come inside her, the erotic image of her being brought to orgasm by the masseuse had still lingered in his mind.

Now, here she lay, wedged against his side, her body relaxed in sleep. Her face was tucked in under his chin and soft breaths puffed from her parted lips. He stroked her curls from her forehead and smiled as her moan of protest was muffled against his throat.

“Hey,” Jack whispered. He ran his thumb over the frown line between her brows. “I need my arm back.”

She tilted her head and her eyelids fluttered as she fought her way out of sleep.

He chuckled at the expression on her face. Since he couldn’t get the leverage to move her away, Jack slipped his arm under her and pulled her closer. He tugged and manoeuvred her until she lay along the length of him, her long legs bending at the knees to cradle his hips.

He swept his hands up and down her spine and delved his fingers under her hair, relishing the purr-like sound that vibrated in her throat. Her breasts flattened against his chest and the warmth of her inner thighs embraced his awakening cock.

“Hmm…you’re hard again,” she said, her words slurred as she shifted position.

“Can’t help it. You’re naked and you won’t stay still.”

“You’re naked, too.” She trailed her lips along the underside of his jaw. “I know a way we can make the most of the situation.”

He sank his hand into her hair and massaged the back of her scalp. “I’m open to ideas.”

She lifted her hips and wedged a hand between their bodies. When her warm fingers closed around his erection, Jack sucked in a breath. His heart slowed to a heavy thud and his arm tightened around her as she repositioned herself. He let the breath out in a whoosh of air when the damp heat of her pussy slid down his cock. “God, Meg, I like the way you think.”

Her hands crept beneath his shoulders and she held him close, laying her cheek against his thudding heart. “I like the way you feel,” she said. Her lips played lazily over his chest, her breath moist against his skin.

Jack wrapped his arms around her and trailed his fingertips down her back. He buried his nose in her hair, inhaling the sweet scent of tropical flowers that clung to her curls. He took his time thrusting inside her, his strokes long and deep. Neither of them was in a hurry.

Their bodies rocked together in silence. He closed his eyes and lost himself in her, in the sensations she brought alive inside him. Each time her breath caught or her thighs clenched around him, he had to fight the desire coursing through him. She had a way about her that seemed to know exactly how to push all his buttons.

He enjoyed being with her, took pleasure in the energy that crackled between them. Mentally, she intrigued him. Physically, they were explosive together. All she had to do was shoot him a knowing look from those grey eyes of hers and it set him off. He’d never had a woman get under his skin so easily before.

Jack wondered what it would be like saying goodbye to her when his time in Bali finally came to an end. Under normal circumstances he had no trouble parting ways with women. His past relationships had always been short-term and casual, no complications. Each one had ended amicably with minimal fuss.

As far as long-term relationships were concerned…well, he didn’t go there anymore.

“Jack?” Her voice more alert now, Meg pressed her mouth to his neck and nibbled gently.

“Yeah?” He swept his hands down her spine and clutched her rear. He squeezed her flesh, urging her hips down to meet his thrusts.

“I like being with you,” she said, nuzzling his ear.

He lifted his chin to give her more room, letting out a quiet groan when she flicked her tongue over his earlobe. “Hmm…me, too,” he said.

“I’ve still got two more weeks left before I go home.” Her body wriggled against him, somehow managing to deepen the connection between them.

A lazy growl rumbled in his throat and he hugged her tighter against him. “Same here,” he said.

She worked her way up to his mouth, leaving a trail of kisses along his jaw line. “So, I was thinking maybe we should spend that time together.”

Her words finally penetrated the sensual fog in his brain. Jack’s heartbeat kicked up a notch and his hands froze in place at her waist. His gut churned with sudden frustration…disappointment. He exhaled a long breath through his nose and tried to shake off the feeling. “Meg, don’t.”

“Don’t what?” She circled her hips, lifting her body just enough so each movement had her nipples grazing across his chest. Her lips brushed his, sending a shiver through him.

“Complicate things.” His eyes flickered open. Her writhing hips and mobile mouth stoked the desire inside him, turning what had once been a slow heat into burning desire.

An intense need came over him to flip her on her back and start pounding away inside her; release some of the built up tension, stop her ruining the moment with words. He couldn’t keep his head together when she kept moving against him.

She slid her palm over his chest and a sound remarkably like a laugh eased from her. “Your heart’s racing,” she said.

He tightened his hold at her waist, urging her back so she sat astride his lap with her hands resting on his chest. Sunlight filtered through her hair, casting an almost ethereal glow over her body. Her head tilted slightly to one side and her expressive eyes were alight with laughter. His gaze narrowed as watched her.

Her lips quirked. She kept her attention on him and lifted her arms above her head in a long stretch. “No need to panic,” she said. “I only want your body. Nothing else.”

“Wait—what?” He couldn’t keep his eyes off her, the thrust of her bare breasts as she reached her arms skyward, the softness of her widespread thighs. Her coppery curls cascaded over one shoulder, her nipple peeking through the strands. The desire came over him to pull her close and lap at it with his tongue. “You’re a relationship kind of person. You said so yourself.”

“I know, but you’re not.” She leaned forward and rested her palms on his stomach. Her hips began moving again, shifting slowly forward, sliding even slower back. “So, I’ve decided I’m okay with that. No strings.” She smoothed her hands through the scattering of hair on his chest, her fingers stroking his nipples.

His belly quivered and his cock pulsed inside her. She drew her lower lip between her teeth and gave him the look - that look - that drove him crazy.

“So that’s all you want from me?” he said. “You want to fuck me whenever you get the urge and toss me aside when you’re done?”

Meg pressed her lips together in a poor attempt to hide a smile. She gave just the slightest nod of her head.

He cocked an eyebrow at her, hit by a sudden punch of lust. “You think you can handle that?” he asked.

“I think…” She sent him a sexy little smirk and flicked her hair over her shoulder. Her palms trailed over her breasts, lingering at her nipples. “I’ll handle it just fine.”

“Why the change of heart?” He swallowed hard as she cupped and massaged her breasts.

“Well...because physically you’re very appealing,” she said. “I could look at you all day long. I also really like the things you do to me.” Her eyes drifted closed and she tipped her head back, plucking at her nipples with her fingertips.

Jack cradled her hips in his hands, circling his thumbs over the tiny freckles dotting her skin. Pressure surged inside him until he thought he’d explode with wanting her. “And?”

A laugh spilled from her lips. She opened her eyes and met his gaze head on. “And I want you to do those things to me as often as possible.”

Jack groaned and dragged her against him. A startled breath squeaked from her as his mouth claimed hers. He shoved his hand into her hair and held her close, his lips moving over hers. There was nothing gentle about the kiss; it turned fiery in an instant. Tongues delved and searched, hands clutched and gripped. The heat of her arousal stirred his senses. Her soft whimpers almost snapped his self-control.

His hand swept over her breast, stroking her sensitive skin until she arched her back and pressed her nipple into his palm. Jack smiled against her mouth. He broke the kiss and let his lips wander over her cheek, her temple, the corner of her eye.

He squeezed her breast, lifting her puckered nipple. One quick swipe of his tongue had her body twisting above him. He gentled his thrusts to a slow grind, his body sliding against hers as he worked on her sweet flesh. He sucked on her, drawing her nipple slowly into his mouth, running his tongue over and around the hardened bud.

She threaded her fingers in his hair, tightened her grip. Her hips jerked above him and she let out a strangled moan.

“You like that, huh?” Jack said against her moistened nipple. He flicked his tongue over her, thrilled at the way she responded to his touch.

Her answering sigh whispered above him. Her heartbeat quickened against his lips. He knew she often grew quiet during moments like these, he’d seen the silence sweep over her before.

“You going to have your way with me now, Meg?” he asked. He eased her away from him until she once again sat upright, his cock still firmly embedded in her.

A slight smile appeared, her eyes dark with passion as they settled on his. Her lips, swollen and pink, were damp from his kisses. His gaze wandered down to her breasts, to the flushed nipples that glistened in the morning sunlight. His breath caught at the sight.

Jack realised if he had any ounce of self-respect, her offer should have offended him. She - the woman who never indulged in flings - wanted to treat his body like an amusement park and just walk away afterward. A wry smile twisted his lips as he contemplated the scenario. No matter which angle he looked at it though, he just couldn't bring himself to feel annoyed at the idea of becoming a sexy redhead's personal plaything.

His thoughts were interrupted when she widened the spread of her thighs and sank deeper onto him, rocking against his erection. Jack curved his hands around her hips and lifted himself into her, meeting her downward movements with his upward thrusts.

Her mouth dropped open and her hands fluttered restlessly at her breasts, lightly stroking her nipples. “That feels so good,” she said, her eyes on him as her cheeks flushed with arousal.

He bent his knees, bringing his thighs up to rest against her rear. She leaned back on him, her hips rotating at a quickening pace as they watched one another. Jack slid one hand up her inner thigh, caressing her soft skin with his fingertips. He dipped his thumb into her folds, watching her eyes cloud over as he massaged her clit.

The writhing of her hips increased intensity, grinding harder against him in time with his strokes. He dug his heels into the mattress and shoved himself inside her, his gaze settling on the sway of her breasts as she moved against him. His thumb pressed and caressed, circling her clit, spreading her moisture over her slick skin.

“Are you going to come for me?” he asked.

She drew her lower lip between her teeth and nodded, her grey eyes blazing with heat. Her hands cupped her breasts, her thumbs teasing and taunting her hardened nipples. He watched her belly tighten as his thrusts grew stronger, felt her thighs grip him as she rocked against him.

Her soft breaths turned to whimpers as it swept over her. She tipped her head back, her curls flowing over her shoulders, her eyes drifting closed as she stroked her nipples.

“That’s it,” he said, his voice husky and deep.

Meg arched her back and cried out. She ground her pussy on him, pressed her clit against his massaging thumb. Her legs trembled, her belly quivered. She leaned her weight heavily on his thighs as her body shook. Her hands gripped her breasts and she let out a final, guttural Oh as the last tremors left her body.

“Jesus, Meg, you’re gorgeous.” Jack kept thrusting inside her, her sounds of release only increasing his need. He encouraged her closer with his palm at her back, bringing her breasts to his mouth. She rested her elbows either side of his head, her breaths still hot and heavy as he sucked her nipple between his lips.

“Jack.” She jolted against him, sinking her fingers into his hair as he hammered away at her. He kept her close with one arm around her back, his other hand cupping and moulding her breast. He flicked her nipple with his tongue.

“Jack, I think I’m going to…”

He closed his eyes when it claimed them both, felt his chest burn as he thrust hard again and again. His palms slipped down to her ass, urging her on. He’d never felt so out of control before, so overcome by the sensations tearing through him. He groaned long and deep, clutching her flesh in his hands. His hips jerked and his cock pulsed as he finally released himself inside her.

Jack’s body trembled, weak and spent, as he came back down from the high. A hoarse sound broke from his throat; he wasn’t sure if it was a laugh or a sigh of relief. “It gets better every time,” he said in wonder, tugging her roughly against him. His stomach sank deep and he pulled in long breaths, trying to settle his pounding heart.

Her answering laugh brought a smile to his face as she settled against his chest. Their breaths intermingled and they lay quietly together, his fingers threading into her hair, stroking softly. It wasn’t till she started to stir against him moments later that he thought to speak. “So it looks like we’ve made a deal,” he said.

“Mmm.” Meg raised herself on her elbows and leaned down to press her warm lips to his. “Do I get you all to myself, or do you need to fit me in between visits with what’s-her-name?”

He cradled her chin in his palm and kissed her hard, once, smack on her mouth. “What do you think?”

“I think I don’t share very well. I’d prefer to keep you for myself.”

He couldn’t for the life of him keep the grin from his face as he watched her. She delighted him in more ways than he cared to admit. “As I said before, it looks like we’ve made a deal.” He closed his eyes and softened his lips as they nibbled at hers, content for the moment just to lie with her and revel in her closeness.