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More than a Lodger…Part 8

They were happy to go to bed and sleep, until Laura needed two cocks, rather than one.
More than a Lodger…Part 8

Laura was in bed reading her latest novel. She was lying on her stomach when Jerry entered the room after he said goodnight to Tom.

Laura was naked and lying on top of the clothes.

“Arse or pussy?” he asked.

“Whatever you prefer,” replied Laura, “but be quick, I‘m tired and have a long day tomorrow.”

It was all the affirmation that Jerry needed. He looked at her wonderful body and thought how lucky he was. He stripped off and entered the bathroom. Laura placed her book on the bedside cabinet and wondered which hole Jerry would choose. Secretly she hoped it was her arse, it would be a lot quicker, she thought.

Jerry emerged from the bathroom and opened Laura’s legs wide. He slipped on top of her and kissed her neck and shoulders as his cock nestled in between her thighs and up against her pussy.

Laura sighed and wiggled her arse as much as she could with Jerry lying on top of her. He pumped his arse once or twice to make his cock slide into her but without much success. It was Laura that reached under her body and guided his cock into her pussy.

Jerry slipped his cock all the way into her and raised himself on his outstretched arms. He pulled his arse backwards and then he thrust into her again as he pushed forward. Laura just lay on her stomach, her hands folded under her chin as he fucked her gently.

Jerry gave a few short sharp thrusts as he wiggled his cock deeper into her and Laura responded by raising her upper body slightly form the bed. She started to push backwards against his thrusts as she felt more of his cock hit the right spot inside her.

Laura loved a good deep fuck, like the one she was receiving right then and she started to respond with more urgency as she felt her insides tingle with the expectation that his cock head would be erupting inside her and soaking her insides with his hot, juicy, spunk.

Jerry then sat upright, his cock still buried in Laura’s pussy. Jerry slid his bum to and fro on Laura’s thighs as his cock entered and left her pussy. It was not the same urgency as she needed, but it was nice and slow and it felt wonderful, she thought.

Laura then felt a thumb on her anus. It stroked and tickled her and she sighed and let her head fall towards the bed as she savoured the sensations. Jerry pushed his thumb forward and it slipped right inside her in one easy go. Laura sighed.

“You’ve oiled it,” she said over her shoulder as she looked at Jerry, smiling.

He nodded as he smiled at her. Then he continued to fuck his cock into her gently as he thumb fucked her arse with the same motions. Laura loved it. She always marvelled at the sensations an intrusion, any intrusion, gave to her arse. As she was fucked, she thought of Jenny and what she could do with a pretend cock, when that was buried in her arse. Then she thought of how the first time Tom and Jerry double fucked her. She giggled out loud.

“What are you laughing at,” said Jerry.

“Nothing,” she replied. She desperately tried to stop herself from giggling at the thought of the cartoon duo. When she got it under control, Laura was horny. Too horny now for a quiet and gentle fuck.

“Jerry, get off, please?” she asked.

Jerry was concerned that Laura may have had cramp, or worse, that he had done something wrong, but he got off Laura as quickly as he could.

Laura got off the bed and stood up beside him. “Need more than this,” she said as she grabbed his cock. “Come with me.”

After Tom had said goodnight to Jerry he simply crawled into bed. He was actually looking forward to a good night’s sleep. If truth be told, every night of his stay in the household, something sexy had happened. Either a quick feel of a tit, or squeeze of a bum or something. It wasn’t always sex, but it was suggestive and flirty. On the occasional nights, it was full on sex, but mostly that was only two maybe three times a week. Tom slumbered into sleep as his thoughts replayed some of the more exciting times.

The knock on his door woke Tom with a start.

“What!, what is it?” he shouted.

The door opened and Laura popped her head around it. “It‘s an emergency Tom, wake up!” she urged.

Tom shot up on the bed, his back against the headboard, “what emergency?” he asked confused as Laura and then Jerry entered the room.

“I need two cocks,” she said, “I have one in my hand already, but I really need two.”

Tom let his shoulders slump downwards as he realised there was no real emergency, just a fucking hot and horny woman that needed cock.

“You bugger!” He smiled at her.

Laura smiled back.

“I need two cocks…hun, you up for it?” she asked politely, with puppy dog pleading eyes.

Tom could hardly refuse, in fact he wouldn’t even have considered refusing even if he was completely knackered.

Tom slipped out of the covers. “Go for it Laura…” he said as he pointed to his cock.

Laura slipped onto the bed and started to suck his cock to hardness. She loved the sensations of a growing cock in her mouth, and Tom loved watching his grow inside Laura’s mouth as much as anything else. Tom saw Jerry disappear for a brief moment as he watched her suck his cock.

It had taken about thirty seconds and Tom’s cock was fully erect. Jerry re-appeared and climbed onto the bed. His hand went to Laura’s pussy first as he started to caress and fondle her. Jerry then slipped his fingers into her, pushing them in and out of her sopping wet pussy in unison to her sinking her head down on Tom’s cock. Then he shifted his fingers to her arse and inserted one, then two and finally three fingers into her.

Laura moaned and groaned at the insertion. When she said arse or pussy earlier she hadn’t bargained on a little of both.

Jerry removed his hand as Laura knelt up on the bed and straddled Tom’s thighs. As she did so she slowly lowered her breasts to Tom’s waiting mouth. She knew how much he loved to suck on her tits and she loved it just as much.

Tom circled her nipple with his mouth and tongue as his other hand lifted to feel the weight of her other breast as it dangled in front of him. Tom sucked on her nipple as Laura wiggled her breasts from side to side. Then Tom performed his favourite act. He cupped both her breasts in his hands and twisted them so that her nipples were together.

Laura smiled at him as he lifted his head and sucked both her nipples into his mouth. Her head fell backwards, she closed her eyes as she felt both nipples get sucked at the same time. Laura sighed heavily as the sensations shot through her. The gentle sucking and the hand caressing her arse were both wonderful in their own right.

She let Tom suck on her tits for a good while.

Suddenly Laura felt a cock touch her pussy. She looked to her side and saw that Jerry was holding Tom’s cock upright and brushing the head of his cock against her outer lips. She let it slip between her pussy and she moaned as she felt its stiffness slide into her.

Laura started to breath more heavily as she was getting closer to what she wanted. She slipped further down on Tom’s cock and as he sucked hard on her nipples and tugged on her breast. She then dropped her cunt over his cock in one sharp go.

“Fuck, yes,” she cried as she breathed outwards. She immediately lifted herself off his cock and slumped back down on it again. His cock going all the way into her and brushing up against her g-spot as it did so. Laura did this four or five times, then she sat down firmly on Tom’s cock and wiggled her arse wildly as she did so. She rolled her shoulder’s so firmly that her breasts were ripped from Tom’s hand and he lost the nipples that were in his mouth.

Tom fucked his cock up into her as she wriggled on him.

“Now I need the second one, hun!” she exclaimed as she looked over her shoulder to Jerry.

Jerry mounted the bed and introduced his cock to Laura’s arse. He pushed forward and slowly sank his cock into her, gently at first as he saw his knob ease past her sphincter and almost plop inside her.

“Oooo fuck!” Laura cried out as he penetrated her. “I wish there was a third for me to suck on,” she said as her eyes closed. Laura felt full already, very full with two big cocks in her, yet she had the biggest grin on her face that she had ever had.

“Come on, fuck me,” she urged, as she wiggled her arse towards Jerry with Tom’s cock all the way up inside her cunt. Jerry took time to hold Laura’s hips firm. He grabbed a good handful of her flesh and then he pushed his cock all the way in, in one move. Suddenly Laura had two very large and very stiff cocks in her at the same time. For her, there was just nothing like it in the whole wide world.

“I‘m so going to fuck the arse off you!” exclaimed Jerry.

Tom just sat there with his cock firmly inside Laura. His arms reached out to steady her shoulders as Jerry started to fuck into her arse and Jerry did exactly what he said he would do. He fucked Laura with such passion and such intensity that she started to cum in the first minute of him thrusting into her. Laura started to groan and moan.

“Cumming…cumming…cumming…CUMMING,” she cried out into the room as Jerry pumped his cock into her.

“Fuck YES,” cried Jerry as he heard, watched and felt Laura’s orgasm explode throughout her body.

“You‘re turn Tom…” Jerry gasped the words out of his mouth as he buried and left his cock inside Laura’s arse. It was still stiff and still full of spunk.

Tom took over the role of chief fucker.

Laura steadied herself on the headboard as Tom started to buck his hips up to her waiting pussy. His cock was firmly inside her as he fucked her senseless, his arse thundering upwards with ever increasing speed and every time his cock hit her g-spot.

Laura started to scream with orgasms rippling through her every minute or so. She had entered her realm of multiple orgasms. They were smaller than the big ones but they were semi-continuous. Once one had subsided, it allowed the next to come forward. Every orgasm was slightly unique in the way it made her body shudder or reverberate over the cocks she had inside her.

Tom’s fucking started to fade. He was impressed that he hadn’t already spunked inside her tight cunt, especially as he could also feel Jerry’s cock up her arse giving her a push every now and then.

“Jerry…” Tom gasped out the words, “Fuck her, Jerry…”

“I’ll Give you a minute, then we fuck her together…” he replied.

Jerry once again clasped his hands on her waist and hips and he fucked into Laura with second wind. Again, Laura’s orgasms rippled from one to the other. Jerry was a little more gentler this time round but Laura’s orgasms were still continuous.

Jerry fucked Laura as he waited for Tom to regain his second wind.

“I so much want to spunk in your arse…” said Jerry. Somehow Laura found a smile between her gasping for breath and crying her orgasms into the room.

As Jerry fucked into her she felt another cock thrust in at the same time. Laura stayed motionless as much as she could. She let both men take control of their thrusting. In fact, she blatantly let both men take complete control of her, period.

Tom and Jerry fucked their cocks into her at the same time.

“Oh! Fuck,” cried Laura, “fucking wonderful,” she screamed, breathing heavily. She gasped for breath on every thrust that entered her.

“Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it,” she cried out to both men.

Jerry and Tom were true to her words, they both fucked their cocks into her in unison. All of a sudden it was Jerry that shouted into the room.

“Fuck, I‘ve cum!” he said, as he spunked into Laura’s wonderful arse. He pumped his cock into her for as long as he could, while Tom’s cock still fucked into her.

“Oh! My fucking God!” shouted Laura. “I‘m so going to wet the fucking bed!” she cried as the big orgasm ripped through her pussy and upwards through her body. Her breasts were pulsing, her nipples tingled and her mind was blown apart as she shuddered and rocked on Tom’s cock with her husband’s cock firmly planted up her arse. In her mind, her orgasm resembled an exploding chrysanthemum firework as she reached the pinnacle and crashed down on the now spunking cock in her pussy.

“Fuck it‘s in her now…” cried Tom as he too let his seed flow into Laura’s sopping wet pussy adding more fluid than was necessary. Their mixed sexual juices had only one way to go and that was outwards.

“I‘m fucked…” Laura blurted out into the room.

“You certainly have been!” announced Tom and Jerry almost in unison.

“Yeah,” said Laura still gasping for breath, “fucked by Tom and Jerry, who would have thought it eh!” She giggled and laughed at her own joke.

Jerry and Tom, or was it Tom and Jerry, both laughed as well as they finally got the joke.

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