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Morning routine

She's in a hurry this morning, but this won't take long
Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I come out of our toilet and see her getting ready for work in her panties and bra. She puts on makeup in between drying her hair a little at a time under the ceiling fan, trying not to get too hot. As she leans forward to look into the mirror, I see the ample cleavage showing above her sexy bra. The slight arch in her back makes her butt jut out, her skimpy panties daring me to touch it.

I come up behind her.

“Good morning," she says. " Sorry I woke you. I have to be in early for that meeting this morning. I can’t be late.”

She’s distracted, her mind racing with all she has to do today. She always get stressed when she’s trying to get ready to go out, especially if she’s running late. But she looks so sexy, I can’t resist her. I come up behind her and put my hands around her waist, rubbing her tight belly. I love her belly. My hard dick rests in between her cheeks, rubbing against them.

“You know I don’t like you watching while I’m getting ready,” she says testily as she applies her eye liner.

I always wake up horny, and today I’m especially horny. I rock back, then forward again, rubbing my dick against her. It feels ultra-sensitive, the slightest pressure making me weak in the knees. I want nothing more than to rip off those skimpy panties and sniff them as I bury my dick between her cheeks and squirt all over her.

“AWWWummmm,” I moan softly, relishing the mental image I created.

She reaches back and gently pushes me away from her as she puts down the liner and picks up her lipstick.

“Please. I have to get ready.”

I lean back against her again, pushing my hard dick against her butt. God, it feels so good, I clasp her tightly around the waist and press my dick against her, making her lose her balance.

“I just sat on you yesterday,” she says angrily. “I have to get ready to go!”

I release my grip around her waist, but leave my dick resting against her butt.

“God, you’re a pain in the ass,” she said, as she pumped the hand lotion twice into her right hand.

Reaching back with her left hand, she grabs my dick and pulls it behind her as she strides quickly into the bedroom. I stumble to keep up with her as she leads me by my dick. Sitting down on the bed facing me, she spreads her legs and pulls me toward her. She pulls the waistband of my boxers away from my dick, then quickly slides them down over my thighs and lets them fall to the floor. Free from my underwear, my hard dick twitches in air.

She quickly spreads her handful of lotion over my dick, rubbing it up and down twice, making my knees wobble. Grasping the bottom band of her bra, she pulls it out and hooks it over my dick, then releases it. It snaps back into place, trapping my dick against her chest in between her tits. I shudder as the underside of my dick presses against her warm, soft skin.

She squeezes the cups of her bra together, squeezing my dick tightly between her breasts as she leans forward. I see the tip of my dick barely visible between her tits. Now she leans back and my dick disappears in her cleavage. As she rocks back and forth, my dick moves very little, held in place by the tight band of her bra, but the skin covering the sensitive channel that carries my semen, lubricated by the lotion, is massaged against her skin. The exposed tops of her breasts flush as she squeezes them together and rocks against my cock.

My sac, hanging loose and low, begins to tighten as my balls ascend into my body, preparing to release their sap. I put my hands on her shoulders, steadying myself as my balls begin to tingle. My eyelids flutter as my climax approaches. Her pace never varies. One more rub. Ahh, that’s it.

“UnnngggGGGGHH,” I yell, my cum streaming into her cleavage.

I bow my legs for better balance as I slump forward against her. My dick twitches as another wad spurts out, then a final oozing of sperm seeps out.

She quickly unsnaps her bra and throws it on the bed while she wipes her chest with my boxers.

“Now I gotta get ready,” she says, scurrying back into her dressing area.

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