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Morning routine

Something small to enjoy. Could you ever get used to waking up like this?
I open my eyes and turn my head towards the alarm clock on the nightstand. The numbers 7:05 are burning into my brain in the familiar annoying red colour, taunting me to get up and get ready for another day. I sigh and rub my eyes. Not wanting to give into the daily struggle just yet, I roll to my side. I bump my naked body into yours and look at you, lying on your stomach, still lost in the world of sweet colourful dreams. The white sheet draped over the smooth curve of your bum. The early morning sunlight is struggling its way through the blinds, but there is enough light seeping through to see your exposed back curving its way to your long blond hair. Your face is turned away from me, but I can hear your slow steady breathing.

Taking in your beauty, I can’t resist the temptation and start kissing your back. From your lower back I peck my way slowly up over your spine. You stir a little in your sleep, as if the touch of my lips on your soft skin is making its way into your dream. Making my way back down again, I lift the sheet and throw it back, exposing the delicious curves of your behind. Your right knee is lifted a little and your gleaming tanned legs are somewhat spread apart. I press my hand on your ass cheek and slide slowly down, the tip of my fingers following the crack between the two bumps. Memories of last nights’ passionate love making are running through my mind when I run my finger over your bum hole and my already hard member is twitching a little at the thought.

Sliding my hand further down I arrive at your labia. Running the tip of my fingers softly over them, up and down in a slow steady motion. With the slightest pressure I press one finger between your lips and push down, carefully spreading them and to my surprise I feel you are a bit wet. Still wet from last night, I think, or a very good dream. My finger makes its way to your entrance and dips ever so slightly in, you sigh. I hold still, listening if you are waking up, but you don’t. I grin quietly, remove my hand and move between your legs, softly pushing them wider apart, making sure to not make any sudden movements. Leaning on my hands I bend over you, laying my shaft in the crack my fingers passed moments ago. I watch your face, see you eyelid twitching as you sleep, still breathing steady. A dim red blush adorning your cheek. Bending my neck I give that same cheek a kiss, and then slide my member the way my fingers went before. Slowly down until it reaches its destination, the entrance to your well of insatiable lust and pleasure

Slowly I start pushing in; feeling your pussy give way reluctantly, just not wet enough to slide in easy. With a groan you wake up with the feeling of something sliding inside you. ”Wha…what’s….what?” you stammer, still drowsy with sleep. As I see you open your eyes, I push in hard; with one thrust my cock is balls deep inside you. Your eyes shoot wide open, bulging at the sudden deep penetration. “Fuck, jeeeeeeeeeeeez, FUCK!” Just barely realising that you are getting fucked, I start pumping your pussy. At first with long slow deep strokes, my cock head just barely inside you before slamming it down hard again. But gradually increasing the rhythm, making you moan louder and louder. I bury my face in your neck, sink my teeth in your skin, make you moan in agonising pleasure. Your pussy gets wetter and wetter, now fully aware of my cock splitting your pussy open every thrust. You start lifting your ass up to meet my relentless penetration. “Oh fuck me, baby, fuck me good”.

I push myself up, straighten my back. “You better count on that.” My arm slides under your body, around your waist and lifting you up on your knees. Continuing the hard fuck I was already giving you, my hand falls down from the sky, searching for its prey. SMACK, the sound echoes through the bedroom as my hand makes painful contact with its target. You wail in delightful pain. Another smack fills the room. You muffle your screams in the pillow, holding onto it for dear life as I propel my body forward, smashing it against your ass. My cock sliding even deeper inside you, drawing more juices from that well of yours. My hand still coming down in a steady pace, hitting your ass cheek, making it delightful red. Grabbing your hip with my other hand, pulling you to me as hard as I can, impaling you on my rock hard cock. “I’m cumming, I’m fucking cumming!” you cry out. Your pussy is contracting around my cock, your body shocking in pure ecstasy. Shaking from head to toe as wave after wave of pleasure is rippling through your body. I growl as I feel my cock swell even more, ready for what has been building up inside my balls. Fast deep thrusts in your now soaking wet pussy bring me to the point of no return, feeling my liquid shoot through my shaft and exploding deep inside your cavern. Moaning loud, releasing all my cum in your overflowing pussy.

Panting hard we both fall down to the bed, me next to you, looking in each others eyes. Trying to take back control of our racing hearts, we kiss a passionate kiss. I smile at you and say “Morning, baby!” Rolling away from you to the side of the bed, “Unfortunately someone has to make the money here, so I better get going.”

“Ass!” you retort, throwing a pillow at me.

“I love you too, baby.”

I get up and hurry through my daily preparations before work. All ready to go, I walk into the bedroom and see you have dozed off again, a satisfied smile on your face. Bending over you I kiss your cheek. “See you tonight, baby.” I whisper. With a smile on my face I close the door behind me, knowing I will be late for work, again!

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