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Morning Rush Hour

Morning rush hour train ride takes a naughty turn
Karen swayed along to the jostling and bumping of the subway, her hand tightly gripping the silver pole. Memories of the previous evening were playing and replaying in her mind. She couldn’t believe her boyfriend had dumped her by text! At 24, she was a tall woman, with long dark hair and 36C breasts. Her best assets were her long legs, which she loved to accent with short skirts and knee-high boots, such as the ones she was wearing today.

She suddenly felt someone pressing up behind her and a hand clutched on top of hers. Turning her head, Karen found herself looking into the eyes of a tall, dark haired man.

“My name is Adam,” the man whispered while smiling.

“Karen”, she replied, blushing furiously.

The train ground to a halt at the next station, pushing Adam’s groin into the small of Karen’s back. There was no mistaking the bulge in his pants, warm and almost throbbing. Karen swallowed hard and felt a growing tingling in her own loins.

The sound of the train doors opening snapped her out of her dirty thoughts. Adam grabbed Karen’s hand and said, “Come with me. I won’t keep you long. I think I have something you might enjoy”.

A million thoughts raced through Karen’s mind, but sudden lust and adrenaline pushed aside all common sense and she found herself silently being led out of the train and into the rush hour crowds. Her four inch stiletto boots weren’t made for walking so fast and she soon found her feet were aching trying to keep up with Adam’s pace.

Adam came to a stop in less populated area of the large train station. A door marked ‘JANITORIAL CLOSET’ was sitting slightly ajar. Adam started to open the door and look back over his shoulder, a playful smile on his lips. Gently, he pulled Karen inside and closed the door behind her, locking it firmly.

“Now”, said Adam, “Let’s get acquainted, shall we?”

His thumb caressing her chin, he cupped her cheek and brought his face close to hers. So close, she could smell his cologne and feel his warm breath. A shiver ran up and down Karen’s back. “What am I doing here”, she thought to herself.

Adams lips brushed over Karen’s glossy mouth and a small groan escaped from her lips. Taking his cue, Adam started kissing her more aggressively and his tongue slipped into her mouth. Karen felt her coat being unbuttoned and dropping from her shoulders into a heap on the soiled ground. Adam kicked it aside.

“Wait, shouldn’t we...”, Karen started to speak, but was quickly shushed by Adam’s hand on her mouth.

His free hand tore at her blouse and the sound of pearl buttons hitting the ground broke the silence in the small space. Karen gasped. She felt the clasp at the front of her bra being open and her breasts bounced free. Her large, dark nipples were hard, both from excitement and from the sudden rush of cool air hitting them.

Adam’s lips found her left nipple and started sucking voraciously, his large fingers pinching and rolling her other nipple.

Karen found herself growing hot with excitement and wetness soaking her white panties. She squirmed and moaned out loud.

Adam kept sucking on her beautiful, full tits, while sliding a hand up the inside of her thigh. He could feel the heat radiating off of the beautiful woman’s pussy and felt his own cock growing hard rapidly.

His fingers found the edge of her panties and slipped inside of them. Seeking out her clit, Adam moved his finders though the warm, gooey wetness until he found her hard nub.

Karen let out a loud groan and found herself panting, like an animal in heat. What had come over her?

She allowed Adam to continue his exploration of her body, hand and arms limp at her sides as though she had no will of her own. Feeling her panties being tugged down, she maneuvered them over the heels of her boots and tossed them aside.

Adam allowed his gaze to linger over her naked body. Her clean shaven pussy glistened with her own body’s excitement and those hard nipples practically begged to be sucked. He couldn’t believe he’d found such a willing participant, but decided to forge on, in case she suddenly changed her mind.

Karen watched as Adam unzipped his pants and his huge 9” cock sprang out. She licked her lips, suddenly eager to taste his cock and feel something that big in her pussy.

Adam, noticing her wanton desire, quickly placed both hands on her shoulders and pushed her down on her knees.

“Take it all’, he grunted, pushing his hard cock between her glossy lips.

Karen eagerly started sucking and running her tongue along the length of his shaft. Grasping his balls with one hand, she jerked his cock, all the while sucking and slurping his manhood.

Adam groaned with pleasure. She was an eager little slut. After a few minutes, he grabbed her, hoisting her up under her arms, and spun her around so her plump ass was facing him. Karen bent forward obediently, her wet pussy clearly visible now. God, she wanted his cock so bad.

Adam looked down and, seeing her swollen pussy lips parted, thrust the full length of his cock into her cunt. Karen cried out, both in pain and pleasure, but the pain of his sudden thrust soon gave way to pure desire. She could feel his heavy balls slapping against her, making her even wetter.

“Oh, you are so tight,”, groaned Adam. “Ugh. Mmm.”

Karen reached down and started playing with her clit, which was now engorged and covered in her own juices. “Fuck me harder”, she cried. Adam picked up his pace and soon was feeling an impending orgasm. Karen felt his huge cock stiffen as he shot his hot cum inside of her, never slowing down, until he slipped out of her pussy.

Without missing a beat, he grabbed Karen by the arm and whirled her around to face him. Adam her grabbed both of her arms and held both wrists with his left hand and started fingering her with the right. She was helpless to push him away.

“Please, I need to cum so bad”, she begged, her cheeks reddening.

Adam didn’t speak. He rubbed her clit with two fingers, watching as Karen spread her legs more, probably not realizing what she was doing. She started moaning uncontrollably and her legs wobbled, still strapped into her stiletto boats and nothing else.

A warmth started radiating through Karen’s body as she exploded in orgasm. Wave after wave of heat enveloped her, Adam’s fingers sloshing through her juices and his own semen, finger fucking her while rubbing against her clit.

Suddenly it was over. Karen opened her eyes to see Adam finishing up getting dressed. She was still trying to catch her breath and leaned against the cold stone wall. Adam leaned in and gently kissed her cheek. “See, Sugar? I told you I wouldn’t keep you long”, he whispered in her ear. And, with that, he exited out of the janitorial closet, leaving the door slightly ajar.

Karen rushed to get her clothes back on, before anyone saw her. As she exited and started rushing through the train station, she wondered if she would see him on the train tomorrow…

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