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Mother 'n' Father

Just an ordinary couple.
With the kids surely tucked away in bed sound asleep, Mother had gone back to the sitting room to clear up the mess they had left behind while waiting patiently on Father coming home. Her thoughts of Father were of the naughty variety; she started to feel aroused thinking of him. After the mess was cleared away, Father walked in from work, he noticed the silence within the house. Mother went into the kitchen when he arrived home to make him a cup of coffee to warm him up after being out in the cold. Father followed closely behind her. Standing at her back, he could smell her. As he took in the supper she'd prepared, and the lotion she applied to his favourite parts. Father leaned in, moving her hair aside and letting her know his appreciation with a warm kiss on her shoulder. Closing her eyes, Mother leaned her head waiting for him to press his lips against her soft skin and beckoning another kiss.

As he kissed her neck Father’s hands roamed down her waist, slipping in-between the clothing and her skin, moving towards the front down to her trimmed pussy. His finger gliding in-between the lips below, he began rubbing on her clit that brought her sensations of pleasure. Moving his lips up on her neck, he nibbled on her lobe as he whispered, she felt his hot breath wave against her ear, Father thought of times without distraction. A time when their love had no measure or degree .

As he came up from his kisses, he asked, “Are the kids sleeping soundly?" 

She nodded as he continued playing with her clitoris in a slow circular motion. 

“Good," he said. "Been day dreaming of you all-day, wanting to fuck you.”

Mother turned round to face him, upon looking, she moved in to kiss his lips and their mouths opened as tongues wriggled around one another. Mother moved her hands down to his crotch, she could feel the bulge in his pants wanting to be freed. Placing her fore finger and thumb on his zip she let it slide down then undoing his button, she moved her hand inside, feeling his cock wanting her, she pulled his trousers down the legs along with hers.

Father hoisted her up on the bunker, standing between her legs, he inserted one finger inside Mother’s moist hole. Mother moaned softly as his digit slid into the back of her wall, pushing firmly in. Moving her body back Mother began to thrust upon his finger wanting her juice to flow down onto his hand. Father positioned his other hand on her breasts squeezing them softly and played with the nipples which sent an electric shock through her body. Father loved to watch Mother squirm under his control. He brought his head down to the level of her wet pussy and with a hand already at her cunt, Father parted the lips with his fingers. He ran his tongue up through her hole to the clit flickering it around sending waves of pleasure upon her. Mother grabbed Father by the hair to try and entice him up, she wanted him inside of her now, no more fore-play was needed; she'd been wanting more all day, thinking only of him .

Standing over her once again, Father held his cock in one hand slowly pulling back on it. Then as he slid into Mother while watching her reaction once more, he began fucking her on the kitchen bunker. Mother moaned as Father’s solid dick whammed into her. She played with her breasts drawn them up toward her face, her tongue out swirled round her nipples and even bit on them. Father played with her smooth stomach with his own tongue and lips ended with circles round her navel.

Placing his hands under Mother’s back, he lifted her from the bunker sliding out from her swollen wet viola and turned her around where she would be bent down upper body over the bunker, where she could smell herself on the surface and her ass in the air. With her ass presented in the air, Father took one hand caressing both her cheeks slowly. Lifting his hand up in mid-air Father brought it back down hard as he could over one cheek and then again over the other. Mother let out a slight cry as Father smacked her bottom after the last slap, he ran his thumb down her crack. Mother moaned while he played with her ass button, she found it very filthy when he played there; as if she was someone else to him. For a second time Father held himself preparing to enter Mother’s back-end; when they both heard a sound coming from one of the children’s room and had to end their quickie.

Mother and Father were an ordinary couple with children and found that the only sex they could have with each other where the quick variety .

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