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Mother of Three

years of flirting leads to an exciting experience

She called just before four o'clock. Could I stay late for her to pick up her car? She would there just after my usual closing time.

I had told her no problem. She and her husband were long-time customers and brought all three of their cars to my shop for service. They are a nice couple, with three kids, the oldest driving for almost a year now, and I saw her 6 to 10 times a year. The first time they had come it together, but after that, it was always her that brought the cars in.

Sometimes she would stay while her car was serviced and we would chat. Over the years we really hit it off, sharing a similar sense of humour and outlook on life, and began getting flirty. The sexual tension between us was very strong, and the flirting heavy, each time she came in. I loved her visits.

A taxi pulled up shortly after five. I had her keys and invoice ready for her - her husband had called and paid over the phone earlier in the day - as I assumed she would be a hurry to get home. She stepped out the taxi and came inside.

She is about five foot four, has long dark hair, and is very shapely. Even with the extra twenty pounds, she has great curves, shapely hips, and a nice ass.  Her breasts looked like nice, big handfuls. She usually wore jeans, or capri pants, and either a sweater or loose t-shirt.

Today she was wearing a snug red skirt, a black top with no shoulders, and a pair of black high heel boots up to her knees. Her hair was styled and loose, not in a ponytail, and bright red lipstick highlighted her pretty face. She looked incredible.

"Hi, thanks for waiting," she said as she came through the door.

"For you, no problem," I replied, "you look fantastic, what are you all dressed up for?"

She gave me a sexy smile as she tossed her hair, "For you."

"For me?" I asked in surprise.

She looked around before speaking, "Are the guys gone?"

"Yes, nobody here but us."

She turned and locked the door. She came over to the counter, took the invoice and keys, and dropped them in her purse. She put her purse down on the nearby chair and smiled at me.

"Do you really think I look good?" she asked as she slowly twirled around.

"Oh, you look far better than good," I answered, "you are a knock-out."

"I'm glad you like it," she replied with a big smile.

She came to me and put her hands on my shoulders, sliding them behind my neck, and pressed herself into me. I looked down as she raised her lips to meet mine and we shared a quick kiss. 

"Remember when you said if I ever needed anything to come see you?" she purred, "well, I need something."

"What would that be?" I asked with my heart pounding.

She slid one hand down from my shoulder, and her fingernails ran over my chest hairs between the unbuttoned part of my shirt.

I stepped back, took her by the hand, and led her to my office and away from the large front windows. I closed the door and put my hands on her waist and pulled her closer. She put her arms around my neck again, and we pressed together, her lower belly caressing the bulge in my pants, as we kissed lustfully. 

My hands went over her hips and ass, enjoying the feel of her body, and then slid up her sides. She moaned quietly as my hands surrounded her heavy breasts and gently lifted, squeezing them. Our tongues twirled together as her hands slid down my back and over my ass.

"You're so... manly... so strong," she whispered as her hands traveled around my body.

With my hands on her ass, I pulled her into me, pressing my hard cock into her, and turned her towards the desk. I pushed her ass against the desk and slid my hands up her body, massaging her breasts and feeling her hard nipples under the material, as we kissed. She was braless, and her big nipples pushed into my palms. I grabbed one with my fingers and gave it a little tug, eliciting a moan, and reached my other hand down between her legs.

Her hands went to my belt, undoing it, and then I felt her fingers on my button and zipper. I lifted her skirt up and ran my hand over her thigh and between her legs, finding no panties, and cupped my hand over her pussy. The wetness covered my hand as I slowly pushed one finger between her puffy lips and pulled it along the length of her slit. She shivered.

I felt her pushing my pants and boxers down, so I wiggled slightly to help her, and my pants dropped to my ankles. Her hand found my swollen cock.

"Oh my... you're big," she moaned, "much bigger than David."

I smiled inside as I felt her put her other hand on my shaft and start sliding both hands up and down. My finger slipped into her pussy, and I began to rub it along the front wall of her pussy. She pushed into my finger and groaned as I gave her clit a rub with my thumb. She let go of my cock as I turned a little and pulled my finger out of her silky wetness. I pushed in my index and middle fingers, stroking her with them, and rubbed my thumb over her clit in little circles.

She rolled her head back and moaned as I made her orgasm, my fingers working her pussy, while she gripped the desk and leaned back. She quivered as the orgasm slowed and dropped her head forward. I withdrew my fingers and gently stroked through the little dark hairs of her pussy as she recovered.

I lifted her head and kissed her as I put my hands under her ass and lifted her up and onto the desk. I lifted her skirt up, spread her legs, and put the swollen tip of my cock against her dripping pussy. I grabbed my cock and slowly rubbed it over her slit a few times before pushing into her. 

She grunted as I drove my swollen cock into her and started fucking her hard. Each thrust was met with a moan.

"Fuck me... fuck me....oh god fuck me..." she moaned as I pumped into her.

I felt the pressure building but didn't want to cum too fast. I slowed my pace, my arms hooked under her legs, and began to very slowly stroke my cock in and out her juicy hole. She whimpered as I pulled out, and moaned when I pushed back in, slowly feeding the entire length of my cock into her. I leaned forward and kissed her as we slowly fucked.

I slid one hand up and tugged her shirt down, exposing her big jiggling breasts, and squeezed them one after the other. I held one in my hand as I started pumping faster, feeling the cum, and let it drop as I grabbed her tight around the hips. I moaned as I started pounding into her, hard, ready to unload my balls.

"Oh fuck... I'm gonna cum soon... " I groaned.

"Oh god, don't cum in me!" she gasped.

"I got snipped years ago, so you will be safe if you want," I quickly said.

"Oh... oh.... oh... fuck me, cum in me," she moaned as her climax hit.

"Ohhhh.... fuck," I groaned as my cock burst inside of her.

Her pussy grabbed and pulled on my cock as I buried it in as far as I could and held her tight to me. We both trembled as we came together, her silky pussy filling with my boiling cum until my load was emptied. I leaned forward and kissed her deeply as I enjoyed the feel of my cock inside her warmth.

I could feel the cum seeping out around my shaft as I very slowly pumped my cock back and forth, enjoying the warm, slippery feel for a bit, then slid my cock out. She sat up and wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a long, slow kiss. I stepped back and helped her off the desk, pulled my pants up, and handed her a handful of tissues.

She put her arms around my neck, pressed into me, and kissed me again.

"That was wonderful," she said, "thank you."

"I enjoyed it, thank you," I replied.

"Maybe another time I can... cum again," she giggled.

"Any time you like," I replied with a big grin.










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