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Mr. Handsome

Breakfast with the neighbor
This story was written by a friend (who wishes to remain anonymous) and edited by me. Any and all praise for the work belongs to her!

He stepped out of the shower, his salt and pepper hair still damp, the beads of water trickled down his chest and back, stopping at the towel that wrapped his waist, concealing his privates. I could see from my vantage point, one drop start at his earlobe, river down his chest, and guided by his chest hair, stop at his right nipple. It hung there briefly, not wanting to fall, clinging like a kiss, before finally letting go and falling to the tile floor with a silent splat. I couldn’t take my eyes off him!

It was early morning, the sun peaked through the slivered opening in sheer curtains. He was silhouetted against the soft crimson wall, looking for all the world like an older Adonis. It was making me wet just thinking of what I wanted to do to this man.

Wearing nothing but a terrycloth housecoat, looking like a lost sheep, I was thinking only of him, and how I must take advantage of this Greek God’s presence before my husband returns later in the day.

His name is Fox Handsome. He is my new neighbor. He came over to borrow some sugar and ended up staying the night.

“Good morning Fox” I say, patting the bed next to me. “Do me a favor and sit here on the bed until I come back. I won’t be but a moment.” He smiles and sits, but his eyes are saying, ’What have you got in store for me now?’ I race to the kitchen, looking for baby oil, but finding none, I settle for olive oil instead, warming it in the microwave as I grab a beach towel from the cupboard.

Returning from the kitchen, I ask, “Fox, would you mind standing for a second while I spread this on the bed?” He complies, still wrapped in the towel. Looking into his warm blue eyes, I smile and ask him to lay down on his stomach. As he moves toward the bed, I whip the towel off revealing his cute dimpled ass. His cheeks could not have been more perfectly formed unless you drew them with a pencil.

As he lay there naked, I admire the his soft skin, belying his age, and the cute tan lines accentuated by the lily white skin of his lower buttocks. He has sat in the sun with nothing more than a Speedo. This man does NOT go to a tanning booth. In a husky voce, I whisper, “ I am going to give you a massage, Fox!”

Not waiting for his approval, I slip my robe off my shoulders revealing my own lush nakedness.. It falls to the floor next to his towel. My face flushes with the heat generated by my thoughts of what I am about to do with this man.

Straddling his back, I reach for the warm oil, spilling it onto my hand, and his shoulders. It is warm enough to be comfortable, so he does not shy away from the feel of it. Starting at the nape of his neck, I rub and knead, feeling the knots disappear.

“Kay, that feels sooo good!” he moans, turning his head to the side, and noticing my nakedness. “Mmmmm, looks good too!”

Moving lower, my bum resting on his, I work on his lower back. “Oh my God, that feels heavenly”

My dampness increases as I finish, my voice cracking slightly as dismount and ask him to roll over. As he does I see that he is semi-hard. I smile, knowing what I’m doing, but denying myself the pleasure. At least for now. I was on a mission to get the most pleasure I could from my shy Fox.

I straddle his chest, my pussy tickled by his chest hair. I bend over and kiss him, letting my tongue find his mouth, looking to explore within. His lips open and I enter. He tastes of mint, his teeth freshly brushed. We linger this way for a moment before I abruptly pull away. I have a job to do! Pouring more oil on my hand, some leaks onto his hairy chest. I massage his pectorals with my small hands. My fingers brush his nipples, by now standing at attention. As I slowly circle them with a finger, emulating what he did last night to me, he moans, looking into my face.

I smile again as I bend to nibble each, now slippery with oil. The subtle flavor of the olive oil is nice, especially as I lick the taut nipples before gently pinching each with my teeth.

“Kay, you’re making me hard!” he groans.

Lifting myself off him as I re-sit on his thighs, I can feel the hardness of him brushing against my ass cheeks. “I know!” I answer with a wicked smile. But I have a job to do, so I continue the massage of his belly. He reached for my breasts as they dangle in front of him. I slap them away, playfully telling him “No!”

He pouts, but complies as I move to sit on his knees. His cock is now in full view, and looks magnificent! Delicious! The swollen head, the veiny shaft. I am thoroughly wet now. The cool air blowing gently against my lips, telling my brain how juicy and ready I am. How could I not be!

I take the last of the oil and pour it on his member, which has been my target all along.

My lustful gaze moved to his face. He looked back at me, telling me with his eyes, ‘I am yours, Kay! Do with me what you will!”

I think to myself, ‘Damn right!’ as my hands inch toward their reward. I took him in my hands, slathering the oil all over his crown, his shaft, and, of course, his balls. Those wonderful orbs so full of life, of salty sweetness, of his cum! I saw a drop of pearly liquid form at the eye of his lovely member.

Not wanting to waste any of that sweet nectar I bent to lick it from him, tasting the olive oil and his essence together sent a jolt to my pussy. It was slippery yet sweet, and had a richness that only your taste buds could define. I worked his swollen testicles with oily hands, tracing a finger to his anus, lubing it up and making him groan with pleasure.

He reached again for my breasts. This time I did not stop him, letting him cup them, knead them, play with my swollen nipples which were taut, but not hard (only a woman can know the difference!) As I played, so did he, massaging my ample breasts, pinching and pulling at my nipples, making them hard with need.

Letting his hand drop to his crotch, he grabbed his cock and waved it at me, saying “Here Kay!”

I bent forward, licking the head, swirling my tongue all around it, teasing the underside of the dusty rose colored mushroom with the tip. “Damn, you’re good! He growled as he watched me intently as I continued to devour his manhood. Licking up and down the shaft, I could see the veins throbbing, feeding the blood to his cock, giving it the strength to fuck me!

I suck his entire length into my mouth, feeling the head at the back of my throat, riding up and down, gurgling and drooling. “Kay! Please don’t make me cum yet! Please!” he says even as his hips rise from the towel. I ignore him at first, wanting to taste that warm creamy sauce stored in his balls. “Kay! That’s enough!” he says half pleading, half demanding.

I roll off and lay on my back. He follows spreading my legs, exposing the wet lips of my needy pussy. He went to work, quickly and efficiently, licking the moisture from my thighs as he tickled my clit with his finger. Taking my lips, in his teeth, he spread them, exposing my clit, now fully out of its hood, he chewed gently but firmly. It was blissful! I was moaning constantly with each touch of his tongue. Then he pushed his middle finger into my love canal, twisting and turning it, churning my insides, and teasing my g-spot.

“Ohhhhh! MyGod, Fox! Jesssus! Don’t stop! I’m almooost there! Ah! Ahhhhh! Aaaaaahhh! Fuuuuccckkk!” I screamed as I came, my pussy gushing its warm sweetness all over his hand and face.

As I lay there content and a bit exhausted, I knew my man needed to cum. I asked him, “How and where do you want to cum, my dear Fox?”

“Get up on all fours” he said, kneeling on the bed, his cock sticking out at a 45 degree angle. I felt him nestle up behind me, his cock seeming to know exactly where to go. Effortlessly, he slid that magnificent cock into me, like thief in the night. I felt him slide in , my cunt expanding to accommodate his girth. I was determined to feel his cum inside me. He started slow, not wanting to cause me pain, but quickly established a rhythm that had my breasts swaying in time to his thrusts. “Kay, you are one smoking hot redhead!” he said as I felt his thumb insinuate itself into my ass.

“Cum for me Fox!” I moaned as his thumb and cock fucked in and out of me. Our bodies slapped together, his balls tickling my pussy lips, and the headboard shook, banging against the wall with the force of our fuck!

“Hang on Kay!” he hollered, followed by, “So close! So fucking close!” He grunted like a wild animal as I felt his cock expand and contract, pouring his cum deep in my cloying cunt. The feel of his cock spilling his seed triggered a massive orgasm of my own, milking him of every drop of cum.

He pulled out and lay down on the bed, his cock shiny with his cum and my honey. “Kay, dear, I think I need another shower.”

Running my fingers through my cum soaked slit, I said. “Want some company?”

We actually showered without any further sexual activity, save washing each other, and sat down to a breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast. After all, he needed to replenish his protein supply!

We passionately kissed at the door. He thanked me for my hospitality, asking when the next time was he could borrow some sugar. We laughed, and I gave his cock a playful squeeze, “Until next time Mr. Handsome!”

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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