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Mr. Jordan (Chapter I)

He was my parents' boss. I wanted him.
My parents were having their boss, Mr. Jordan, over for dinner tonight. I was more than happy to attend and dressed nicely, wearing a green halter top that showed off my plentiful cleavage, and tight denim shorts that highlighted my firm ass. I wanted to look sexy and young for Mr. Jordan, even though he never really paid me much attention. 

Mr. Jordan ran a law firm, and my parents were a few of his best lawyers. Mr. Jordan was tall, tan and handsome. His blonde hair matched perfectly with his blue eyes, which were the colour of the morning sky. He was only in his early thirties, with no partner or kids. I don’t know how he was single.

My mother had cooked pasta for dinner and chocolate cake for dessert, Mr. Jordan’s favourites. They were also my favourites. He had come around for dinner a few times since my parents started working for him about a year ago, and each time he seemed to be more and more handsome. 

Just as I finished applying my lip gloss, the doorbell rang. I heard my mother greet him at the door and usher him into the dining room. I wasted no time and was sitting at the table in under half a minute.

“Jasmine,” he smiled, “how are you?”

His smile made my pussy tingle, his pearly whites so perfect. 

“Good, thank you,” I answered, taking up my usual place at the table, right next to him, “how about yourself?”

He said he was also good, and we made small talk until my parents joined us, my mum placing the pasta tray in the middle of the table.

We started eating and they started to talk about business and future opportunities for the firm. I wasn’t paying attention; I never did when they started talking about their jobs. I wasn’t much interested in legal stuff anyway. It honestly bored me. But I knew that they all loved their jobs, so I stayed quiet and let them talk. 

Soon, dinner was down and dessert was being served, but I really had to go to the bathroom.

“Dad, can I pleased be excused for a few moments?” I asked.

“Sure, sweetheart, but I won’t save you any cake,” he smiled as I left the room.

As I turned my back, I could have sworn I felt Mr. Jordan’s gaze follow me, but I shrugged the feeling off as stupidity and silliness.

I was washing my hands and tidying up my hair on the second floor bathroom when I heard the door open and close behind me. I twirled around, expecting it to be my mum or dad coming to get me. I gave a startled gasp when I saw Mr. Jordan standing there, his tie loose around his neck.

“Mr-Mr. Jordan,” I stammered, caught off guard. “Are you okay? Can I get you anything?”

“I’ve been meaning to talk to you, Jasmine. For quite some time now. I haven’t been able to catch you alone without your parents around. Until now, that is.”

I stared at him, unsure and yet excited about where he was taking this.

“You are a very beautiful young girl, Jasmine, your attractiveness has not gone unnoticed. You could make even the most self-controlled man lose control. I should know; you have that effect on me.”

“Mr. Jordan, I-” but I was interrupted.

“Shh, shh,” he whispered, placing a finger on my lips, “we don’t have much time, your parents are downstairs fixing the cake, it seems it did not go as planned. We should take advantage of the few moments we have alone.”

He quickly pushed himself up against me, pinning me between the bathroom counter and his strong, firm body. I could feel his boner press against my thigh, and felt my pussy flood. I wanted this.

His kissed me softly, his tongue caressing mine, as he slowly slipped off my halter top to discover my bra-less titties. He rubbed my nipples between his fingers and suckled on my breasts. I suppressed a small moan so my parents wouldn’t hear.

Soon, my shorts and panties were off and he was rubbing my bald pussy lips, lubricating me with my own natural juices. His fingers toyed with my clit, twisting and pulling and rubbing. I sighed into his shoulder as his fingers prepared to enter my hole, and moaned with content when they did.

He entered me with two fingers, curling them up and instantly hitting my g-spot. He was going to make this fingering brutal, and he was going to make me like it. 

He pumped his fingers fast, making sure they brushed against my g-spot before plunging knuckle deep into my cunt. My breathing increased as he added another two fingers, my tight hole lubricated enough to allow him to do so. He was a professional.

I bit my lip and rocked my body back and forth on his fingers, wanting him to go deeper and deeper. I wanted his fist inside of me.

I didn’t have to wait long. 

My pussy stretched and my breath caught in my chest as he forced his entire hand up into my stretched cunt, pushing upwards as hard as he possibly could.

“Fuck,” I breathed into his shoulder, “yes, fuck yes!”

“Shh,” he whispered again, “you have to be quiet or we’ll be caught,”

I bit my lip and closed my eyes as my orgasm started to build. I rode his hand as much as he would allow me too, showing me that he was in control of when I came.

“Please,” I whispered, “I want to cum,”

He doubled his speed and all of my breath left me when my orgasm came crashing down upon me.

He covered my mouth with his free hand to muffle my moaning and my legs shook as pleasure became the only thing that I could feel.

My juices squirted all over his hand and drenched my thighs with its stickiness. My stomach heaved as I gasped for breath, slowly recovering from the earth shattering orgasm.

“I’m going to send your parents away on a business trip for a few days,” he whispered into my ear, "that will give us more time to become better-" he pulled my body against his forcefully, “-acquainted.” He rinsed off my juices from his hands, fixed his tie and left the room without another look at me. 

I got dressed quickly and made sure everything was in place before going back downstairs and joining them back at the table.

My mother handed out slices of chocolate cake, and we dug in.

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