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Mr.Hottie And The Wedding

Going To A Wedding With Mr. Hottie
The sound of my phone is going off; it feels like its right in my ear. ‘Who the hell is calling me so damn early?!’ I growl to myself, as I roll over, not even looking at the screen and answer.

“Who’s dead, or dying? This best be important.”

“Good morning to you to, Sunshine.”

I hear him chuckle, I can almost see his smile. I bolt right up and look at the time. Its 8:30 in the morning and Mr. Hottie is giving me a wake-up call. I can’t help but smile.

“Well, good morning to you, Harris.”

“Are we not a morning person?”

He sounds so cheeky, I want to slap him. I yawn, and fall back into my pillows.

“No, not after a 10 hour shift on a Saturday night, I’m not.”

It’s been only been two days since I met Harris, and I can’t get him off my mind. I wonder why he’s calling so early though. I sink further into my covers, wanting sleep.

“Oh, that’s a shame. I was hoping we could maybe have an early brunch. It’s a beautiful day. We could talk about the plans for the wedding. If you’re still coming, that is.”

“I’ll be ready in an hour! Of course I want to still come.”

“That’s great. I’ll meet you at The Espresso Room in a bit.”

“You will. See you soon.”

I hang up, and let out a silly girly squeal, and dash out of bed. I jump into the shower, washing away last night’s work shift. I come back into my room and sift through all my clothes. What am I going to wear? I haven’t been on a date in forever. Is it odd, I’m going on a date, to talk about a later date? I giggle, and decide on jeans and a tight tank top, with a light sweater to go over it. I leave my hair down, since it’s always up for work. It hangs loose down past my shoulders. I throw on some ballet shoes and grab my keys.

I only live two blocks from the Café so I decide to walk. The day is absolutely beautiful. The birds are tweeting, there is no breeze, the sun is shining, the skies are clear. What a perfect Sunday. I reach the Café and walk in. I come here all the time, and get a few hellos from a few people. I spot Harris in the corner as he waves me over.

“I hope I didn't keep you too long.”

“No, not at all, Grace. I just got here myself. I didn't order since I don’t know what you like. I just grabbed a table instead.”

“Always Chocolate Dalmatian in the morning.” I grin a cheeky grin at him.

He looks at me with a ‘If you say so’ smile, and goes to order for the both of us. I sit, and admire his ass end from the table. He’s in faded jeans, and a black pull over. He turns as if he knows I’m looking at him and he laughs. I blush and look away, pretending to not be staring at his ass.

He comes back over, with our drinks. I see he is simple and has only ordered an ice coffee. I take my Chocolate Dalmatian and delight in it right away. A Chocolate Dalmatian is a white chocolate mocha, topped with Java chip and chocolate chip. It’s a nice treat in the morning. So good! I catch Mr. Hottie watching me.

“What?” I ask simply.

“I’m just enjoying the view, you know, like you were.”

I near choke on my drink, not thinking he had seen me watching him. I can only give him a small smile. We drink our drinks in silences for a short bit, before he finally breaks it.

“You know, you don’t have to go with me to the wedding. I know its last minute.”

“Are you dis-asking me to the wedding, Harris?” I say with a cheeky smile.

“No! Of course not. I just don’t want you to think you have to go.”

“I know I don’t, I want too though.”

“Wonderful. The wedding is next Saturday, at 2:00 pm.”

“That works wonderfully for me.”

We finish our drinks and decide to have a small breakfast. Though food isn't what I’m hungry for. I think about a few nights ago and what it felt like to wrap my lips around his cock. I loved the taste of him and wanted more. I lose myself in thought and don’t hear Harris say anything.

“Grace, you with me?” He asks a little concern in his voice.

“Huh? What? Yes, I’m sorry; I drifted into a day dream.”

“I’ll forgive you, if you tell me what it was about.”

I feel the heat in my face warm, blushing to the core. I look down at my fingers, picking at my muffin.

“I – I was just wondering what I’m going to wear to the wedding.”

I lie, recovering quickly, not wanting to tell him what was really going on through my mind. He looks at me and smiles. I can’t tell if he believes me or not. He goes on to tell me the wedding is a bit fancy, his mum going over the top. I think to myself a shopping trip is in coming up. I’m sure Tara will come with me. He asks me if I fancy a walk with him around the park. I want as much time with him, I agree to go. The longer I spend with him, the more I want to know of him. The park is only about five minutes from the Café so we walk over.

We dive in and begin sharing our lives with one another. He tells me he has three sisters, two older and one younger. He’s close with his family, and likes to spend what time he can with them. They've always been a close nit family. He tells me he hasn't been living on his own for very long, that it was hard to get a job. He works at the airport, as a security guard. He tells me about his last relationship, and how it ended three months ago. They were together for about eight months and she cheated on him throughout the entire relationship. He found out by one of the guys she tried to hook up with and when he confronted her, she admitted it. He left her, and hasn't looked back since.

I go on to tell him about how I ended up at the restaurant, and have been there for three years. It’s a second home to me. I tell him about my family, and how I have just a mum, and a younger brother that I’m close too. I even go into the breakup of me and my ex. I don’t normally tell people, but he was being so open with me, I did the same.

We walk around the park for about an hour before I ask him if he’d like to come back to my place. He agrees, and we go to my place. I do silent thanks that I had cleaned up the day before. When we head up to my second floor flat, it opens to my large open living room. It only takes him long enough for the door to click shut before he pulls me into his arms. Our lips meet, and that spark I felt two days ago is brighter than ever. I let out a soft moan, he kisses me deep. His hands are moving to remove my sweater, lifting it up over my head. He removes his pull over just as quickly, along with his t-shirt. His chest is warm like the sun, as he leans into me. My perked nipples are hard against his chest as he leans in kissing me again. He lifts me up, I wrap my legs around his waist, and he holds me close to him.

“Where’s your bedroom, Grace?” He asks with such a hungry need it shoots deep into my core.

“To the left, that way.”

I nod towards the far end of the living room, as he strolls that way. He kicks my door open, which is nearly closed. He makes the way to my bed and lets me fall down onto it. He kicks off his shoes, and begins to undo his belt and removes his jeans with a swift movement. He smiles a cheeky grin down at me, lifting my right foot, and sliding off my ballet shoe. He does the same with the left one. I unbutton my jeans for him, before he slides them off. I bite my bottom lip, as he runs his fingers over my lace panties.

He gets on his knees at the end of the bed, scooting me closer to the edge and kisses my inner thigh. His fingers skim over my underside, lifting my butt for him; he takes a hold of my panties and pulls them off gently. I can feel heat in the deepest parts of my core boiling. Once my panties are off, he runs his fingers over my legs and up over my belly, pushing my shirt upwards.

“Take it off, Grace.” He demands, letting the C in my name drag out.

I sit up, pulling my tank top off; I toss it to the side. I do the same with my bra; my nipples are like hard diamonds. I roll my palms over them, working them into tighter buds. His lips work up towards my pulsating core, his tongue finds my clit. It’s stiff, and ready to be used. He takes it, and sucks on it hard. I jump, and let out a yelp. His jaw grinds as he keeps going, sucking on it deeply, and his tongue darting at the tip of my clit. My hips gyrate along with his pace. The buildup of wanting him all day gets to me quickly, his mouth is like magic. I shudder a moan of bliss, accepting the desire for him. His hands under my bum again, lifting me closer and dives his tongue into my tight pussy. His nose grinds against my clit perfectly. The way he twists his tongue inside me, makes me whimper out his name in joyous delight. The convulsive release explodes into a thousand pieces, the incredible power of the climax sings through my body with a force.

He climbs up next to me, lazily pulling me into his arms, kissing my forehead. I run a figure eight over his chest and stomach lightly, his own fingers trace over my back. Our naked bodies pressed into each other, my heart racing. I look up at him, deep into his blue eyes. He smiles a sheepish smile at me, licking his lips. I shiver lightly, knowing he can still taste me.

“Is that what you call brunch?” I ask, in a cheeky tone.

“It’s most defiantly what I call brunch, or any kind of meal. I've wanted to do that since the other night.”

“You can have all you want, with a tongue like yours, anytime.”

“I’ll remember that, Grace.”

He hisses out the C the sexy way he does, as he leans down to kiss my lips. I can even taste myself on him. We spend the next few hours talking, and growing closer. It feels like a time speed zipping through us, how close we’re becoming.

The afternoon drifts closer to evening. I know I have work, and have to get ready. I let out a sigh and tell him. He smiles down at me, telling me he has to work a twelve hour shift himself at midnight tonight. He has to get a small nap in before his shift. He’s been putting in extra work so he can have the time off for the wedding. We say our goodbyes, promising he’ll call me tomorrow evening.

I make my way to work with an extra bounce in my step. I’m overly happy and Tara takes notice right off. She comes up to me as soon as she’s done at her table. We lean against the bar and she looks me up and down.

“You hussy… You saw him again, didn't you?”

“I so did, all day long. He took me to brunch and then we spent the day at my place.”

“Ugh, you’re wicked. I’m so jealous. Is he still taking you to the wedding?”

“He is. Its next weekend. Want to go dress shopping with me tomorrow?”

“Duh! Who else is going to go with you?”

“Good, I’ll swing by and pick you up at noon.”

That was the last chance we really had to chat, the evening was jammed packed. My shift went by in a flash. I drag myself home. I am dead tired and am in need of sleep, but before I can I sent Mr. Hottie a text knowing he is still in work.

Hello Mr. Hottie,

I know you’re working, but I wanted to tell you, I had a great day.


I get ready for bed, and slip under the covers and just as my eyes close, I hear the chime from my phone. I can’t help but smile knowing it has to be him.

Mr. Hottie eh? I think I can live with that. I had a wonderful time today. Let’s make plans to hang out this week.


I’m too tired to even send another text, and roll over falling asleep with a smile on my face. When I wake up, the sun is blaring through the blinds, beckoning me to take on the day. I get up, shower, and call Tara, and tell her that I’m on my way.

When I arrive, she comes barreling out of her quaint apartment, smiling at me. We decide to go to a little shop that always has great dresses. Their stuff is always different every time you go. Pulling up to the shop, it looks quiet. That works for me, I can browse better without the hassle of others. Tara is a handful herself.

Going in, I start to browse, but Tara is going ape shit picking up all kinds of dresses. I remind her that it’s a posh wedding. She pouts, and I keep looking around. I fill her in on what he’s like and our date yesterday. She gloats that she is the reason I got him. I let her think this of course.

After about thirty minutes of looking around, I spot a beautiful white dress. I try it on, and am instantly in love with it. It is pure white, and it goes down to my knees, with thin straps. It shows off just enough cleavage that even at a posh wedding it isn't exposing too much. Tara finds me the perfect open toed heels to go with it. I have the perfect hair clip at home to match the set. All of this is making excited to go. I can’t help but be a little nervous about meeting all of his family. I didn't think of that before.

Over the next several days I spend a great deal of time talking to Mr. Hottie through text. We even talk on the phone at night, or whenever we can. We go to dinner on Thursday, enjoying ourselves. He keeps asking me about my dress but I only tell him a little about it. I can tell he’s excited to see me in it. He has no idea how excited I am to show him.

Saturday morning comes all too quickly, and I’m getting ready for Harris to come get me. The wedding is at 2:00 but he’s coming at 12:30, since it’s a good drive to where we’re going. He has told his mum about me, and she is thrilled. She is even more since Don has met me and I have his approval.

I feel like a princess, awaiting her prince once I’m ready. At 12:20 Mr. Hottie shows up, and comes up to get me. He’s already dressed. He’s in a beautiful light crème tux, his hair is slicked back. He looks yummy enough to eat. It makes me want to ravish him before we go. However, I know better.

“Wow Grace, you look amazing!”

“I can say the same about you, Mr. Hottie.”

He flashes me a cheeky smile and takes my hand. We make our way to his car and we get going. It’s a beautiful sunny day and we talk nonstop about his family. He jokes about, telling me which ones to avoid, and inside family jokes. He holds my hand the whole way there. Once we get there, the butterflies start up. I wave of nerves kick in, but I swallow as much air as I can, I know I’ll be fine.

Within about fifteen minutes of being there, the wedding music starts. It’s announcing us to take our seats. The Church is huge, and decked out to the max. Harris wasn't joking about his mum making it posh. He told me on the drive up, there is a beautiful set up out doors for the reception. We take our seats in the front row, on the bride’s side. There looks to be about seventy people here.

The wedding march begins and we all stand, and watch as the many flower girls come down the aisle. A little boy about six pulls a small wagon with a younger boy, about a year old holding the pillow, with the rings on them. The bride starts walking down the aisle, her eyes locked on the groom, his on hers. I can’t help feeling the sensation of tears burning my eyes. Harris takes my hand, squeezing it. He watches his mum making her way down towards her husband to be.

The ceremony begins, and it’s not overly long, but long enough. Both the bride and groom wrote a little something for the other. This is of course is when I can’t help but really cry a bit. I’m such a soppy sod. I even catch Harris wiping a tear or two away. It makes me feel better I’m not the only one. Once the ceremony ends, and the husband and wife make their way down the aisle, we clap.

Harris tells me he’s the one doing the speech, and is nervous as can be. I know he’ll be great, and tell him so. We all go outside and I’m shocked. It looks like a fairy wonderland. It’s outstanding, most certainly breathtaking. Harris introduces me to his three sisters, who all seem to approve of me. The intercom buzzes above us, asking us to quiet for a moment. We watch the bride and groom enter again. This time we all cheer, raising a glass of wine. Harris brings me to them, introducing me. His mum falls instantly in love with me, and tells me so.

We all settle in, we’re seated at this long table with the bride and groom. I almost feel out of place, but Harris assures me its fine. He stands up, and starts his toast. It reveals the history of how his family met Don, and what it was like with him coming in, and being a part of their family. His mum cries, Don smiles and the rest of us awe at Harris. He does wonderful. A few others do toasts, and then the food starts coming, the drinks get going.

After about an hour or so of eating and drinking the intercom buzzes again. The voice above us, tells us it’s time for the Bride and Groom’s dance. They get up, and start dancing to The Best Is Yet To Come by Frank Sinatra. We watch as they float around the floor, hold each other close. They’re love is clear, and screaming to the heavens. Once the song ends, Harris pulls me up and we dance to the next several songs.

Finally I have to excuse myself and find the little girls room. I leave Harris stuck with one of his aunts he warned me about. He scowls at me, and I giggle as I go search for the restroom. I head back into the church and find it down the hall, and past all the other rooms. When I’m done I open the door, confronted with a cheeky grinning Mr. Hottie.

“Thanks for that, Grace. You left me with Aunty Rose; I’m shocked I could pry myself off her.”

“I couldn't help it, I had to freshen up. You sure can dance.”

“I was made to dance as a kid; I guess it comes in handy now.”

“It sure does!”

He pulls me close, kissing my lips tenderly. I lean up, wrapping my arms around him, he holds me close. I can feel his erection instantly; it’s like hot coal rolling deep inside me. I’m instantly turned on. I feel him walking us backwards, he turns the knob to a door and pulls us into a darken room. I can’t see anything; there mustn't be any windows in this room. His lips are hunting to find mine, kissing, sucking, touching me. I become as greedy as he does, doing the same. Knowing how many people are here, we won’t be missed, at least not for a while.

He moves us further into the dark room, until I feel him bump into something. He turns us, climbing on top of me. His lips search for my neck, biting and nipping lightly. I start panting lightly, working to undo his belt, my hips lifting. Lucky for me, his jacket is already off. His hands find my legs, and slip under my dress. He slips my panties off.

“I need you, Grace. I can’t wait, let me have you.”

“Please, take me. I want you as badly.”

I croon lightly, my voice shaking slightly with lust dripping with my plea for him. He sits up, finishes undoing his pants, pulling them down low enough, he opens my creamy thighs. The tip of his firm flesh pokes lightly at my hungry pussy. My core is screaming more for him. I feel him tenderly enter me, slowly at first. The width of his head is spreading me, opening me for more of him. He invades my tightness, spreading me to fit him perfectly. His breathing becomes unsteady; he begins to slip deeper inside me. I surrender to him, embracing all he has to offer me; my breathing is warm and erratic.

I arch and writhe in torment, as he bucks into me, I collide in perfect rhythm. He moves inside me as if he were moving through whipped cream, licking and biting at my earlobe. I’m over whelmed by his rhythm; I pull him close, whispering moans into his ear. The burst of ecstasy comes with soul-shattering intensity. His fine, subtle circling movements cause my climax to go on and on. His final moment of ecstasy floods me, pulsing hard, as he fills me with his hot sticky seed. He slumps on me, panting hard. I moan softly, and shake under him.

“I don’t think I can ever get enough of you, Grace.”

The C hissing again, as he speaks low in my ear, holding me close. His cock still deep inside me, I feel it growing softer. We lie as we are for as long as we dare, kissing soft kisses, soft strokes shared. We finally get up, flicking on the light, I finally see the room. I can’t help but laugh, it’s another coat room.

We head back outside, joining the others, where we weren't missed by anyone. We dance the night away, having the time of our lives. Once it gets to be about midnight the happy couple announce their leave. They are going to a hotel before going off on their honeymoon in the morning. Before they leave, Harris’s mum tosses her bouquet over her head, and I catch it. Everyone congratulates me; I blush and bite my bottom lip.

That’s for another story though….

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