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Mutual learnings

Student has an issue...

This is my first story and any and all thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

All characters are fictional any and all relations are simply accidental

The last day of school was slowly fading. The clocks' hands moving in slow-mo, Dylan had been watching them all day constantly peering at his watch, checking his cell. All the Seniors this year were going to have a co-ed sleepover. He knew this would be his only chance at getting into any of the high school action. His best friend Skye had convinced him to go, although the thought of nearly naked girls in the same house had really persuaded his mind before the "debate" had begun.

During 7th period Dylan had the sudden urge to masturbate... his English teach was wearing a very low cut shirt, and he had noticed her lack of bra. As she passed back their final tests back he caught a waft of her womanly smell and her perfume, the smell was intoxicating. His hand shot up in the air to ask to be excused to use the bathroom. Ms. Woulf dismissed him. He rushed to the bathroom and busted open the nearest stall door. He unzipped his jeans and instantly went back to the thought of Ms. Woulf's succulent breasts and the possible ecstasy he could get from squeezing them in his hands. The cool breeze suddenly sways over his penis giving him the chills and reminding him of the reason he had come here in the first place. He took his cock in hand and started to rapidly stroke himself to get out of there as soon as he could... he did not want to pull attention like that to himself.

He heard the sound of the door close to the restroom and he instantly stopped his actions. He saw to delicately made feet standing in front of his stall room door, when he had realized that it was Ms. Woulf, he asked if he could help her with anything. She asked him to open the door. Dylan pulled up his pants and slowly opened the door to see her blouse slightly undone. His dream was coming true he was going to caress her breasts until he came. 

She made a quick comment on how he had been gone for twenty-five minutes. He quickly apologized for being so careless. A sudden glint of compassion and lust twinkled in her eyes. She sauntered in to the stall and closed the door behind her. In her low and hushed voice she whispered "I know it can be hard being so young and having nothing but your hand... thats why I am going to help you." Dylan just about came his pants right there, she quickly instructed him to take down his pants and to pull out his cock. He complied instantly.

After he took it out he made a go for her breasts, she was welcoming with her body. She had every right to, with her busty C cup breasts that seemed to float against gravity. Her nipples were already erect poking through the thin cotton button up shirt. He took her tit in his both and began sucking with all his gusto, her moans of pleasure only made him suck harder, he got to using his teeth pulling and lightly gnawing on them. She was in heaven a young body so ready and willing for her every use.

Then the tides shifted Ms. Woulf pushed him off of her, he still teething her nipple on the way away only furthering her excitement that much more. She placed him on the toilet and started to make a passionate scene of his beautiful 7 1/2 inch cock she gazed over its head to see its pre-cum shine already spread across it. She took it in her mouth and slowly lapped her tounge around his head and pulling back on his underside ever so sexually making sure he felt her saliva and her desire on his cock. She then asked a simple question "Would you want me to fuck this gorgeous cock of yours?" Dylan simply nodded he couldn't believe what was happening. She hiked up her skirt revealing her barren pussy with only a small patch of hair right above her vagina. Her slit glistened in the ill-lit bathroom and the air was permeated with her rich scent. It had been so long since she had last been pleasured by a man, she quickly made for his penis and sat on his lap bottoming out pubic bone to pubic bone and she snapped at him to start to fuck her good. Dylan did not have to be told twice. He started to pump his hips up meeting her and fucking her hard.

He started to weakly say "I'm gonna... gonna... cu...cum..." Ms. Woulf got off his dick and rapidly rammed his cock down her throat taking in his warm sticky seed. With an relieved look on both of their faces, Dylan left first and went to his next scheduled class. The entire while day-dreaming about his recent sexual interactions. And then suddenly he remembered the sleepover and wondered if he would share a similar experience with his crush Vivien.

This series can be continued if there is enough want for it and again any and all thoughts are welcomed.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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