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My Blueberry Nymph

My Blueberry Nymph

A fantasy long held and finally realized.

One... two... three... four…

I stared down at a crack on the floor with sweat running chills down the small of my back as I resolutely refused to focus any more attention out of my peripherals towards the girl, clothed in ass-sculpting black spandex shorts and tight blue tank top, who’d been honing her shoulder muscles with powerful presses next to me. Instead, I ground my teeth and frowned even harder as I channeled the sudden hungry energy bubbling within my solar plexus towards completing my set of lateral raises.

Five... six... seven... eight…

My back began to burn deliciously, and I grinned at the pain as my lungs countered with extra-full breaths of air tinged with the aroma of salty sweat and... blueberries? I grunted under my breath and frowned as my brain froze and flicked back to the unexpected smell, my muscles faltering halfway through the set in response.

On instinct, my eyes flicked up to the mirror in front I’d been studiously avoiding in order to catch a glimpse of the nymph by my side, before angrily fluttering back down. However, it was too late for me, as the image of her sharp green, fierce eyes and slightly parted pouty lips filled my head to distraction.

Nine... ten... eleven... twelve…

'No more distraction, you fool, mind your business and let’s get this work done!' I mentally berated myself and restarted the raises from where I’d faltered. But the nymph refused to disappear from my mind’s eye, in fact, she even seemed to occupy more of my peripheral vision and attention now. I could just barely see in our reflection, as she thrust her bar weight above her head with a soft yet ragged sigh, the flexing of her tight belly.

Her taut abs were visible through the sky blue top like twin poles of velvet steel, leading up to two full cups that perked up with attention as her arms tightened and pushed up again with determined force. As I guiltily drove my attention away from her lithe body for a second time, I imagined just how perfectly her bounteous orbs would nestle into my palms.

Thirteen... fourteen... fifteen…

With a groan of relief, I slid down to the floor, eyes closed for a glorious moment of rest, to put my dumbbells to the side. As I looked up and reached for my water bottle, my eyes dilated energetically and my body froze for a few seconds, spellbound. In front of me, my nymph had rested her barbell on the floor in front of her, legs slightly apart and bent at the hips to stretch her back and dangle long, graceful arms towards the floor.

Just two feet in front of me, her peachy ass beckoned for my continued adoration, as it stretched the fine fibers of her shorts above a pair of supple, finely formed legs. Her lightly tanned skin emanated that scintillating scent of blueberries again, and images of running my lips up her thighs and lightly sinking my teeth into her firm, full cheeks blossomed within my mind as her light moans of relief barely brushed across my ears.

Before she returned to her next set, I stepped forward and quietly waved for her attention. As she pulled her earbuds out with a questioning expression, I nervously asked, “Erm, when you’ve finished this exercise, mind if I use that barbell?” and gestured towards her weight.

She nodded in response and I quickly looked away to return to my own routine, my mind strangely quietened after I’d taken a good look into her graceful, sea-green eyes. I managed to deepen my breaths, clear my head, and meditatively absorb myself in the throbbing pain of my shoulders and back as I tensed the cords along my upper back and raised the weights up.

But just as easily, my attention again took a hit as I felt a tap on my left shoulder and, turning my head, became caught in those eyes that emanated mystique and deceptive innocence, belied by the full-mouthed, mischievous smile directly under. As she nodded to me and placed the weight at my feet, showing off the tanned skin of her ample breasts, I opened my mouth to voice my thanks, yet no sound could make its way out. Instead, I settled for mouthing a quick “Thank you” as the heat rushed to my cheeks and I gulped drily to clear my throat.

My blueberry nymph left the gym soon after, and I figured I’d have to satisfy myself with the mental images of perfection I’d gathered until the next time we ran into each other at the gym. Unfortunately, such an opportunity never was realized, as we seemed to frequent the gym at very different times for the rest of the week.

That Saturday, bone-weary from a tough week working and training on a daily basis, I decided to take a rest day and visit the neighborhood pool for the first time of the summer. The sun was beginning to dip farther towards the horizon at six o’clock, casting a lovely orange glow across the sky as clouds cast a cooling shade and a slight moisture in the air, a certain sign of rain later in the day, dissipated the remaining oppressive heat.

Clad in deep green, tropical swimming trunks and some sandals, I made my way to the last unoccupied recliner seat by the pool and laid my towel out. The cool water looked inviting, but too many children crowded the pool with splashing wars and water guns, so I decided to lay down and gather some sun across my caramel-brown skin for a little first. As the laughter of children and the admonition of parents wafted through the air and over my ears, I slowly sank into a fog and drifted off, my breathing deepening steadily as my mind drifted off into a world of pearly-white sand and bushels of blueberries by my side to satiate my appetite.

However, when I awoke with a jolt suddenly, before I could fully enjoy my dream blueberries, my appetite was anything but satisfied. I confusedly pulled my sunglasses off and blinked in the sudden light as I looked up to see what had woken me. The sky had taken on a beautiful reddish tinge as billowy clouds accumulated in the distance.

My slow brain finally registered the shadow that had stepped up over my face and, looking up, I caught sight of feminine curves, right hip cocked out with a hand placed on it to show off the shapely angles. As I blinked thinly, the blurry face, at last, took a distinct form in my vision, and my lips gaped open in utter astonishment. My blueberry nymph!

“Well hello there, stranger,” she began cheekily, “I believe you’re in my spot!”

Without thinking, I jumped back with, “Well, finders keepers, losers weepers,” and immediately heated up with embarrassment. 'Oh gosh,' I angrily yelled at myself in my head, 'I’ve let these kids all around get to me! WHAT AN ASS!'

But to my increasing surprise, she responded with a chortle that showed off brilliantly white teeth and swept through my body like ice down my back on a sensationally hot day.

“Fair enough,” she continued with a dimpled smirk and a twinkle in her emerald eyes, “you do look like a keeper after all. Would ya mind sharing with a helpless lady in that case?” I grinned and shifted to the side to make space for her.

The next half hour sped on in what felt like thirty seconds, as we bandied back and forth. She told me about her two charges, her two young children splashing happily on the other side of the pool, oblivious to their mother as they played around with neighborhood friends. I shared quirky stories about my days watching over kids at summer camps and learning to snatch the few minutes of rest I could afford whenever I could get away from those squealing monsters (I love kids, but my goodness did they learn how to push my buttons).

She laughed heartily and related my experiences to her profession as a history teacher and how high schoolers could be just as terrible as when they were in elementary. Halfway through a conversation about the traits of an ideal man and woman in Ancient Greece, she turned her brilliant eyes upon mine suddenly and, with a coy uplifting of the corner of her mouth, asked, “D’you mind rubbing some sun lotion into my back for me? I become quite sensitive around now,” and reached for the tube before I could respond.

Throat suddenly dry, now a familiar feeling around this temptress, I could only nod and take the tube from her graceful fingers, our hands briefly brushing together with a feeling of silk catching at the fine hairs of my wrist. I turned to face her as she rotated to present her slim, finely shaped back to me. She deftly swung her dirty blonde hair out and over her shoulder out of my way while combing her fingers through the locks.

Not another word was spoken between us for the next few minutes, yet the air hung heavily between us as if the temperature had suddenly spiked up ten degrees. The area was surprisingly quiet, and I looked around to realize hardly any families were still in the vicinity, and the sound of her breathing easily reached my ears. As my palms, slick with lotion, pressed against her upper back, I distinctly could hear the breath catch in her throat before raggedly dissipating out.

Yet she remained quiet as I gradually made my way down, living within every decadent moment of contact between us, massaging circles into her taut shoulders and along both sides of her spine. As the tension within her muscles decreased with my ministrations, she unconsciously eased herself against my hands as if resting against me, eyes closed and face raised slightly to the sky. My fingers grazed up against the reddened skin under the straps of her bikini top, sweeping around to brush ever so slightly against the lower curve of her breasts. Her eyes flickered and peachy pink lips gasped softly as her right hand jumped back instinctively to my thigh, digging into my skin for a moment before releasing the pressure and dragging her nails up my thigh tantalizingly, bunching my trunks up at the top.

Her gentle touch continued to teasingly caress my bare skin as my hands glided lower over her ribs and the sloping curve of her midriff toward her hips. At this point, my heart was pumping like a machine gun, pumping powerfully to fill the limp meat between my thighs into an erect pole of desire that leaned, like a flower towards the sun, towards the adventurous fingers on my leg.

Those devious digits only swam closer to the origin of my heat with every brush of her skin against mine, and her back leaned against my chest as the hot air of my heavy breaths blew across the sensitive nape of her neck. The setting sun had cast a relieving shadow over the pair of us, and my hands, hidden in the dark, delved lower still to seek untold treasures. My left hand remained behind on her flat, toned belly to cradle her body against mine as the right skimmed over her hip bone to match hers, pacing delicately across the pale, tender flesh of her inner thigh.

Suddenly, I gasped aloud and froze, accompanied by her warm chuckle, as the pad of her thumb flicked under the netting of my swim trunks and brushed oh so delicately across the head of my throbbing cock, collecting the large dollops of precum squeezing out in a flurry. And before I could react, within a blink of an eye, her hand was snatched away from my thigh, body shifted and turned away from mine before my hand could attain its honeyed goal.

With a cocky smirk, she got up from the seat, displaying her divine body for my fully absorbed attention and murmured softly, “Thank you for that wonderful attention to... detail. I’d like to return the favor, but I must go check on my children.”

She stepped back and began to turn away, then as if reaching a minute decision, turned back to me with her thumb pressed innocently to her lips, sucking delicately on the soft skin on her right hand. Looking into my eyes so deeply I began swimming in the endless green pools, she leaned forward and rested her left hand on my heated shoulder briefly and whispered, “Wait for me in the family locker room. I’ll join you shortly.”

As she pulled away and walked in the opposite direction with a tantalizing sway to her hips, my eyes widened even more as I realized where that thumb had been.

As I stiffly walked to the bathroom, towel draped over my shoulder to hang low over my bulge, my mind again emptied of all thought, all expectation, except for the single image of piercing green eyes and the drifting aroma of blueberries that ensured my cock had actually grown by the time I was safely locked inside the large bathroom. A soft rug lay on the ground in front of a counter, on which I now perched myself to wait for eternity if necessary.

I tried to calm my breathing, close my eyes and relax, but the cheesy grin that soon enveloped my entire face only worsened the situation, as my body seemed to heat up and my cock continued to drip precum like a spring. Then suddenly, I jolted upright, onto my feet, towel falling to the floor, as a series of confident knocks reverberated through the door, followed by an, “It’s me,” in a soft and familiar voice. With trembling fingers, I reached out and turned the latch.

The door swung in forcefully, and I stepped back in surprise, caught off guard, as my blueberry nymph gracefully strode through the door, letting it swing shut behind her, and pressed herself against me bodily to press her velvety lips to mine. The chemicals within my bloodstream surged, testosterone and dopamine flowing through my limbs like quicksilver to imbue every inch of my flesh with lust and energy.

As she stretched up on the tips of her toes, my hands flowed up her sides to cup her cheeks and tangle within her luscious hair. Chaotic harmony descended upon us as our energies battled for dominance in a boundless dance of pleasure and decadence. After what could have been ten seconds or ten minutes, she broke the kiss, a string of saliva bridging the minuscule gap between our lips.

As I gazed into her eyes, a foolish smile dancing within her orbs to reflect my own, she whispered, “I don’t have much time until I must go, but the taste I had before.. .that wasn’t satisfying. I want... I need more.”

By the time she finished talking, breathless and impatiently dragging her hands down my chest and abs and working their way around to cup my ass and push the trunks out of her way, my cock had reacted to her like a lightning rod in a violent storm, pressing against her belly and leaking precum down my skin.

With a determined yank, she pulled the trunks away from her prize, green eyes lighting up fiercely at the sight of my desire for her. Her lips followed the path her hands had taken, trailing kisses down my body to the accompaniment of my groans and lip-biting moans. As she kneeled on the rug and gazed up at me with eyes filled with devotion, I returned the adoration with a brush of her hair and a palm pressed to her cheek, which she turned her head to kiss briefly before returning her attention to the object at hand. Literally, for her delicate hands now caressed the length of my chocolate-brown throbbing meat and down under to cup my swelling balls.

My eyes drifted closed of their own accord as warm velvet enveloped my head, massaging the tender flesh with every pull, every suckle, every kiss and every lathering brush of her tongue. Her tongue danced circles around the eye, delved lower to thrum the string below and slither down to the base of my cock, inviting my entire length between her lips to the accompaniment of my primal growls. Mouth vibrating deliciously across my meat and hands busily entertaining themselves with my hairless sac as if impatiently encouraging my cum to erupt, my blueberry nymph devoured my soul whole through my cock and bathed me in adoration and desire until every sinful fantasy within my mind starred her as the object of my obsession.

Soon, the incessant pulls of her lips around me sped up, and her hunger flashed at me as my eyes flickered open at the increased sensations and sank into the pools of her dilated pupils. That mischievous streak showed itself again as her left hand left its ministrations of my sac and pulled the cups of her bikini off to the side, showcasing her perfectly rounded, upturned orbs. At the sight of such delicate beauty, my breathing became harsher and, with one hand wound into the hair at the back of her head, I encouraged her to take me deeper and faster down her throat.

As saliva and precum flowed down my cock to my balls and dripped from her luscious lips onto her breasts, she reached down and rubbed the liquid desire into her raw, reddish, hardened nipples. She was pinching and playing with herself in delight as she pressed her lips to the very base of my cock and held me within the grip of her insatiable lips, gurgling with manic pleasure around my cock and holding me against her with a firm hand gripping my ass cheek.

The hand at her tit flicked up to grasp my balls and massage the cum flowing from within into my shaft, and I stared into her tear-filled green eyes with utter surrender to her every whim and want as she pressed her hand, now coated in a delicious mix of our lubrication, against her core between her widespread thighs.

As she diddled her throbbing clit and delved fingers into her honey pot lustily, her mouth and eyes encouraged me on to leap off the cliff, to dive into my inevitable fate. Her tongue traced a path up the bottom of my cock, pressing with just enough pressure against the throbbing blood vessel before capping my cock in a heavenly moistness and sending my cock back down her throat. As she rubbed herself closer and closer to completion, her moans were transported through my shaft and vibrated through my entire being, sending shockwaves through my upper body and thighs until she threatened to send me toppling in ecstasy.

When my body realized before my mind it could take no more, my balls swelled and surged, blood pounded through my head until all I could hear were her reverberating moans as she came on her fingers violently, and my cock erupted, thick shots of cum splashing across her tongue and filling her mouth to capacity. As myriad colors flashed across the back of my closed eyelids and pleasure seemed to paralyze my entire body, her lips remained locked around the head of my cock, tongue lashing against my sensitive flesh fiercely until she could hold no more of my jism within her lips, yet still, I came.

With a devious grin, she rapidly pulled me out from between her lips and sealed them tightly while instead directing my thick, unending flow towards her breasts, where I spurted two more thick, viscous spurts of desire across her pearly orbs to pool in the hollow of her collarbone and flow sweetly like melted ice cream across her fully aroused nipples.

I almost lost my balance and collapsed against her as her right hand reached up to gently brush against my cock and squeeze the remaining fluid onto her skin. She grinned lasciviously up at me, and my heart almost stopped as a dollop of cum slipped from between her lips to join the flow of cream across her breasts and I watched her tongue play around, enthralled, with the cum within her mouth.

As she swallowed with a glimmer of delight in her eyes, she glided up my body, my still turgid cock pressed between our bodies, and kissed me softly to graze her tongue against mine and share the taste of my essence with me. As she stepped back, at last, emerald eyes latched onto mine teasingly, she shook her head at the table I’d extended in offering and, to my amazement, rubbed my cum into her skin like another layer of lotion to leave a gleaming sheen of salty delight across her body.

With a grin at my open-mouthed expression, she murmured, “Now that was a more satisfying taste. However,” she poked me hard in the chest with a mockingly stern frown, “I will have more of your taste, and I will have it wherever and whenever I want.”

And with a slight grin and a twinkle as sharp as diamonds within her eyes to evoke a happy smile from me in return, my blueberry nymph turned and walked out with a final wave and an, “Until next time!” thrown over her shoulder.

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