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My favorite Sex Toy

A woman finds a good thing and rides him
I was out for a drive and decided to see him. His only purpose in my life was to serve one role and one role only. He did that so well I was beginning to feel more for him than the slippery lust he produces in me at the thought of his big cock fucking me.

I told him when I first saw his profile on lushstories.

'I don't believe that is you. But I like the pics. They make me hot.'

After a while we went from online messaging to texting. Or better, sexting. Using pics and messages. Sometimes chatting up to 3 hours. He always wants pictures of my big, Black juicy ass. I got to see his real pics. I don't know if I ever mentioned to him how much I like white guys. His cock actually was thicker and made me wetter than the one on his profile. I love telling him that. I love telling him how hot he makes me. I also would say things to make sure he would always make me smile.

We had been keeping in touch through texting for so long it felt like some sort of relationship. When it progressed to real life I eventually dismissed the fantasy. Though my part as Mistress somehow never completely takes a backseat. The intent of us chatting had become something of another nature, so allowing him to using pet names felt proper. I did the same.

'I'm here, baby.'

I text after I pull my car into the apartment building and go to the lobby door. I press the buzzer and make my way into the building, up to the apt.

'You in bed.'

I message him.

'Yes. Naked and ready for you.'

Texting, while walking and horny was a bitch. It allowed me the privacy I wanted to continue my teasing all the way to the front door.

'I'm so horny for you baby.'

He texts me again. I smile and keep walking. I'm already so hot and slick. His big, thick cock will slide into my pussy so easy. My clit throbs at the thought.

I'm glad he is on the first floor. I couldn't stand riding the elevator up. I turn the door knob and it unlatches. I move through the walk way, down the hall, to the bedroom. The plush carpet cushions my steps. Vanilla and cinnamon scent the air.I push the bedroom door open. The sight makes my mouth water.

I conceal my smile but I openly admire my toy. He is laying naked, on his back. His legs are slightly spread, there are some items on the bed as well. I look into his eyes and see lust, love and anticipation reflecting before he respectfully lowers his gaze.

'I'm so wet for you.'

I say as I approach the edge of the bed. Just my finger tips brush again the hairs on his leg. I kneel and climb onto the bed. I press my warm, soft palm against his inner thighs.

'I missed you. I need you. I need your cock, baby.'

Using a hand on each thigh I spread his legs and lean down towards his crotch. My hot breath teasing his twitching cock.

'Please Mistress. Baby, god. Fuck me.'

I wasn't wearing much. Just a black sleeveless dress and slip on shoes that I had already kicked off. No bra or panties to bother with. My inner thighs were slippery with my pussy cream.

'You want my wet pussy don't you.'

I lick the head of his cock. His bitter, salty taste lingering on my tongue, then I swallow.

'Fuck baby. You know I do.'

I didn't want to tease anymore. I was ready to cum and I wanted to be filled with his hard cock. I grab him and squeeze his thick shaft.

'Your so hard for me baby.'

'MMMM! Yes Mistress!'

Using his pre cum to stroke him slowly up and down with my tight fist. Releasing him long enough to pull my dress up over my head. I pull my legs over his, straddling him. I did not shave my pussy bald but I kept it neatly trimmed. Teasing his stiff cock by positioning the tip at the opening of my slippery cunt. Then I began rubbing my juices onto his cock.

'Your so hot baby. So wet. I'm so hard for you. '

My clit throbbed.

'You need my hard cock, don't you. You want me to fuck you good, make you scream.'

I ease the tip of his cock into my tight pussy. I was soft and wet. Ready to be fucked, but he was so big!

'MMMM, yeah. You know how much I want your cock.'

I love this moment. The only time I really like to be teased. I push down on his thick cock so slow pulsing my inner muscles. An orgasm builds and my greedy cunt sucks his cock in deeper, inch by inch.

'Oh fuck. Fuck. Fuck.'

He chants. Just a bit at a time. Then sliding deeper and deeper. Goodness how I love that first stroke. Stretching me and filling me up. Taking me over. With my hot pussy squeezing his cock I told him,

'Fuck me hard and deep. Right now! Oh god, I'm cumming!'

His thick shaft parts my tight, clenching slippery flesh with pounding thrust . Pushing faster and deeper, my orgasms firing off on after another. My juices drip down his cock.

'Ooooh shit. Oh my god, yes. Harder! Faster!'

I moan, pushing down hard as he thrusts up. I will be aching. But it would be a delicious ache. Every ridge and vein of his hard pounding cock, rubbing my sensitive tissues made me throw my head back and scream. Cumming with a final wet, hot gush.

'Cum For me baby. Cum all over my cock.'

I moan long and loud. My pussy grips his rock hard cock. It felt so good to have an intense orgasm trigger an even bigger one. I lean over him the angle changing how his cock enters my swollen, drenched pussy.

'You fuck me so good baby. Yeah. I love your fucking cock.'

I push my chest towards his mouth. His teeth nip my hardened nipple, triggering yet another toe curling O.

'Oh god yes baby! Bite my nipples. Oh god you're making me cum so good!'

His cock pumps and out of my soaking wet pussy. Slides easy through my juices, rubbing my g spot over and over. My inner muscles clamp down so hard I was aching but I did not want him to stop.

'MMMM yeah. God your pussy feels so good on my cock. So tight! So wet for me Mistress. Soaking wet thinking about me fucking you hard.'

'Sit up.'

I order him. Once in an upright position with his rock hard cock still deep inside me. I grab the back of his head and tell him,

'Bite me.'

Giving me a knowing look. His teeth graze a tender spot of skin between my neck and shoulder, as he thrust into me. Sucking the skin inot his mouth right as he bites me hard I push down on his cock. My ass twitching with the need to be filled.

'Ohhhh my god!'

I grip the back of his head. His hair tangling in my fingers. My legs clamp against his hips. My pussy stretching around his thick cock, squeezing hard as I cum. I am shaking. I moan and pull his mouth away from my neck. My lips cover his. Our kiss made me shiver. I push my tongue into his mouth, licking his tongue.

'Come right now.'

I whisper grinding my pussy onto his cock. He throbs as he pushes into me. Thrusting into me again and again. Then he stills and his cock pulses hot cum into my waiting pussy. I love the feeling. To being filled totally. With his cock and cum. I kiss him a bit longer and slowly let his semi hard cock slide out of me.

'Out of all my toys. I like playing with you most.' With a final look over my shoulder gather my things and head out.

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