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My Favorite Student 4

It was Monday and we were back at school. We'd had such a hot weekend. I took her in all sorts of positions, in all sorts of places about my apartment, and insisted she keep her boots on almost every time. She reminded me of a dominatrix, it was so fucking sexy.

The whole day I couldn't pass her without thinking about it, and I knew it was written all over my face when she sent me secret knowing smiles.

It's the last period of the day, (one of three classes of mine that she's in) and the class had just taken a test. They were piling them on my desk as soon as they completed it. I was trying to discreetly watch my girl. She had already handed hers in and was glancing back at me every so often. At the same time she was also writing in her notebook, so it wasn't obvious we were watching each other. Those damn sexy eyes... Every time I felt that gaze, my body heated up with sexual excitement. They had that darkened look in them at the moment, and I knew what she was thinking about.

I had never been so glad when the last person handed in their test. Running a hand through my hair, I told them they could have the last ten minutes to themselves.

"Don't you want our homework?" asked one student, who promptly received glares from some of his classmates, hoping perhaps I had forgotten about that.

"Uh, right. Just put it on my desk, in a NEAT pile, next to the tests."

Of course the word "neat" still didn't register, and at once my desk was fluttered with sheets of loose-leaf. My girl was the last one to come up. When did she have time to do the assignment this weekend? I wondered. We were having too much "fun."

She placed her paper on my desk, gave me a sly knowing look in my eye, licked her lips, then returned to her desk. I had to steady my trembling hand before picking it up, but it wasn't the assignment.

It was another story.

...I clutch the sheets as my back arches, a grin spread across my face. He's driving his tongue in and out of me faster and faster. It feels like paradise! Better than before he took my cherry. My newly open pussy is still a little sore, but his tongue is so soothing and delightful

"Don't stop, please don't stop," I cry softly, holding his head between my thighs and with my hands, my fingers flying through his hair, gripping it tightly sometimes whenever I feel close to the edge.

But before I get there, he pulls away!

I tilt my head forward to ask him why he stopped, when I suddenly feel his hard throbbing cock burst inside my weeping pussy. I cry out, my limbs wrapping themselves around his body, my body rocking with him as he just starts going at it, in and out, in and out, in and out, faster...

I look up at my sexy little student, just sitting there with a knowing gleam in her eyes. She knew what she was doing to do me. Although I don't think she knew the full extent. Mmmm, that could be her next lesson... She had my cock damn hard though, and I hoped nothing that would entail me getting up from behind the desk would come up.

I let a smile slip out before contorting my face into my stern teacher look, and continue reading.

My heart hammers against my chest as we grind to his rhythm. With each deep thrust, my pussy walls squeeze involuntarily around his throbbing cock, as if to hold him inside my hot, wet canal.

He groans with pleasure deep in his throat, his stiff cock rubbing against my clit between each thrust, filling me again and again, the connection physical and emotional. Staring into my eyes, our breath landing on each others lips, he crushes our mouths together as he changes to a harder beat. Then he slows... Then he picks it back up again, drawing out the tension, letting it build to level after level of pleasure, before finally letting go, no stopping, no slowing.

God, this girl had been a virgin only a few days ago.

Then I started thinking. Was this what she wanted me to do? Did she want to have a session like this?

"Yes, yes, yes," I moan. I'm almost there. "Come with me, Peter, come
with me."

"Yes baby, yes," he says through gritted teeth. "Fuck yes! I'm with you, sweetheart, feel me cum...Do you feel that? You feel my cock fill you? That hot, tight fucking pussy?"

Just as my body spasms in my climax, I feel his cum actually shoot inside me it was so hard and fast!

His hands covered my ass cheeks and held on tight as he out the storm of ecstasy together.

For a few minutes I couldn't think of anything professional. All I saw was my saucy little student with her legs wrapped around me, her breasts crushed against my chest, screaming my name. I let out a heavy breath. That was hotter than the first one she wrote.

Did I dare look up at her again? And suffer through that teasing stare?

When I finally had the strength to, I pretended to glance her way casually,

The bell rang, and the class fled like it was on fire. I finally stood up, my hard-on still obvious as I walked to the door and locked it.

"Did you like it?" she asks a little hesitantly.

Roughly grabbing her by the arm I grunted, "Come here," and pulled her to the back of the classroom. All of a sudden I spin around, push her up against the wall, and kissed her like it was my last chance ever.

God, she was such a little tease, making me suffer through the class with those images of her naked, with her legs spread. Groaning against her lips, I ran my hands down her shoulders, her arching back, her graceful arms, her curvy sides, her sweet luscious ass, and then up into her thick red hair.

My moaning turned to a growl when she rubbed herself against my erection. I couldn't take it anymore, but she beat me to it, taking off my belt, then unzipping my pants, and finally taking out my throbbing cock for her.

"Ohhh fuck yeah, yes, that's it," I could only moan hoarsely as I watched her face. Damn, she was so sexy, expertly gripping my cock in her small hand, yet looking up at me for approval. I slipped my hand up her inner thigh, causing her to shudder in pleasure. Shoving her skirt up, then her black thong down, I cupped her shaved sex, my fingers finding her already engorging clit, and then her sweet, sweet, lovely little pussy, wet for just me. Her teacher. Naughty little girl.

I couldn't wait another fucking second. I pulled her hand away and thrust right up inside her hot waiting pussy. Oh, fucking hell yes.

"Is wanted?" I grunted between thrusts.

"Isn' you...wanted too?" She had just as much trouble breathing as I. I leaned in close to her ear and picked up the pace to a speedy burst of thrusts.

"Yeah, that feel good?" I growled. "Ah, you're so fucking tight...You feel my cock fill you? That hot, tight fucking pussy?"

She cried out in pleasure at my words and the stimulation of my fingers at her clit too. Her hot, tight fucking pussy was squeezing my cock with each deep thrust, it felt so damn good I wanted to shout.

Turning away from the wall, I walked across the room with her, intentionally bouncing on my cock with each step, making me moan, until I finally sat her up on my desk. I shoved any papers and stuff off, before grabbing her again and pumping back into the sweet, delicious, steamy pussy.

The smell of sex was starting to waft up to my nose. Our eyes locked on each others even through the pushing and grinding and rocking. We couldn't keep our hands off each other. Hers were wrapped around my head and up through my hair, the other one exploring my chest and around to my back, then lower toward my ass, causing me to tremble. God, I loved it when she touched me there. I had one hand on her hip, bracing myself for the thrusting, the other one was all over her body, from her creamy thighs, to her soft back, to her bubbly bottom, everywhere.

"Yes," I grunted, breathing heavily as I came inside her sweet, young pussy. "Come on my cock, all over my hard fucking cock, baby..."

And she shook like an earthquake! She actually screamed so loud I had to cover her mouth as we came together, my release so intense, just like hers. Our bodies rock and ride together for what seems like hours, that tight little teen pussy milking my cock so fucking wonderfully.

When we come down from our high, I decided to thank her by cleaning her up myself. Fuck, that sweet, tasty juice, and it was all for me, all because of me.

Together we cleaned up and dressed each other, grinning like two mischievous kids. We still had to be careful since there were still people in the building, but fuck, what a great quickie!

I pulled her close for a seriously breathtaking kiss, before we lock up the classroom and head home.

And when she wasn't looking, I took her panties and stuck them in my pocket.
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