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My First Ride On A Train

My Long Journey Home From Work Just Got A Little More Exciting.
I was on my way home after a long and stressful day in my new job, and it was all I could do to stop myself from thinking about how I was going to relieve myself when I got home. Well, when you have not had any sexual attention for so long, a rampant rabbit can become a girl’s best friend, though I could not help but think it was going to take more than my best friend to satisfy me after the day I had.

It was a warm summer.s evening and the train slowly became more and more deserted. By the time my carriage had emptied, I realised I had an hour of my commute home left. As we left the next stop, he sat in the chair opposite me, nudging my feet with his as he stretched his legs. He stuttered and apologised. I just batted my eyelashes and giggled as I told him not to worry. Over those next few minutes we exchanged seductive glances. I assumed he had just come from the gym as he was wearing jogging bottoms and a T-shirt that fitted snugly over his tight, toned, rugby player like physique. That look always turned me on, that dark, muscley, rugged yet sexy look. I could not help but let my imagination run away with me, what he could do to me, what I would do to him. That perfect hotel room scenario ran through my head, the images of what was behind those knotted strings and the sheer thought of it inside me became too much for me to handle. I could feel myself getting wet.

As a stared out of the window, I felt his foot run up and down the outside of my tightly crossed legs. Then forcing his way between them, he ran his foot up and down the inside. I looked at him and he gestured for me to open them a little wider. He peered down between my legs as I slowly spread, and stared as I revealed the small wet patch forming through my tights under my short black pencil skirt. He raised his eyebrows then gestured to me again, this time for me to move a sit in the window seat beside him. I hesitated for a moment, then caught a glimpse of the throbbing bulge forming under his jogging bottoms and I could not take anymore. I am a single, curvy, brunette twenty-something with a really high and underprivileged sex drive. What did I have to lose?

I did not even get to sit down before I felt his hand between my thighs, gently rubbing my pussy through my tights and G-string pants. With a slight deep breath, I fell to the seat, taking hold of his throbbing dick. I relaxed and let him carry on. A few moments of sheer adrenalin passed, all the while his strokes becoming faster and fiercer. Without thinking I dived for his lap, used my teeth to undo the knot in his strings and pulled out his rock hard dick, plunging it deep into my mouth. Oh, how I had been longing for the taste of a man’s penis.

I lifted myself on to my knees on my seat, so he could keep playing with my now dripping wet pussy. He used his fingers to tear a hole in my tights and pull my little G-string to the side. He slipped one finger into my tight juicy pussy and made tiny thrusts, I moaned slightly, muffled by his huge solid dick sliding in and out of my mouth. He pushed in a second, I moaned again, this time a little louder, and he had heard and reacted to it. Pushing his fingers deeper, thrusting harder and harder as he took hold of my hair and forced my head deeper onto his solid dick. I almost choked, but I let him carry on,

I liked the thought of being forced, being dominated. We carried on like this for a little longer until the euphoria became too much for the both of us to handle. He lifted my head and whispered into my ear, “Take a seat.” He took me by the hips and placed me on to his hard, thick, dick facing away from him. I moaned so hard as I slid down his length, I almost came there and then. It had been so long since I had felt a man inside me, I mean rabbits are good, but there was nothing like the real thing. I leaned back onto him and we let the rhythm if the train do most of the work.

I could feel him breathing down my neck, he slipped two fingers into my mouth whilst his other hand slowly moved under my shirt and bra and caressed my tit and stiffened nipple. I could taste myself on his fingers as I sucked my wetness off them. My breathing got heavier along with his. He began to kiss and bite my neck. I moaned at his touch as he took his fingers from my mouth and reached down to rub my clit. I moaned again as the train kept speeding up and slowing down, the rhythm taking us higher and higher. My legs began to shake and my stomach began to knot, I threw my head back in ecstasy as he rubbed harder and harder. I could feel the juices flowing from me as my muscles tightened. The feeling became unbearable so I gave into it. As my eyes rolled back, I screamed in pleasure, I could not remember the last time I came so hard.

As my body started to relax and the feeling began to pass, a tannoy announcement brought me back to reality, “This service ends at the next station.” Quickly, I got to my feet and began to adjust myself. I could see he was not finished. I leant over and took him in my mouth again, sucking as hard and as fast as I could. He gripped my hair extremely tight and let out a groan. I knew he was ready, so I took all of his length and pushed him to the back of my throat. With a loud groan I felt his warm cum slide down my throat as I swallowed it. I stood, wiped my mouth and winked at him as he brushed himself off and got to his feet.

The train pulled into the station. As we exited the carriage I went to ask the stranger's name, only to be pushed aside as his tall, blonde girlfriend ran over and greeted him with a passionate kiss. I walked away knowing nothing of this man or if I would ever see him again. But I know one thing, after my first ‘ride’ on a train, I was most definitely satisfied.

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