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My German Love

"On the other side of the glass door was a very pretty, blonde woman about my age, early fifties..."

I was on a train in Germany, traveling from Nuremberg to Munich, which was a little busy to say the least! My husband was sitting on a pull-down seat and I was standing by the door to the corridor-- they still have trains with compartments in Germany. I looked through the glass door and on the other side was a very pretty blonde woman about my age, early fifties, with beautiful brown eyes.

She looked at me and smiled so I smiled back and she didn't look away. As I held her gaze through the glass, looking into her smiling eyes, I felt my face getting warm so I looked away. When I looked again, she had turned away and, as the train was pulling into the station, I didn't see her again. I felt my heart pounding and was so horny. I wanted to go after her and could have killed my husband for being there (no, not really). I have not felt like this before in a real-life situation and this is where the fantasy started.

Well, there was no more. But in my head, my imagination was running wild...


I opened the door and walked past her, my eyes telling her to follow me. I took her into an empty compartment. Turning, I closed and locked the door and drew the blinds, then turned back, stepped toward her and looked deep into her beautiful brown eyes.

She took my face in her leather-gloved hands and kissed me. I could taste her hot breath and feel her tongue exploring my mouth. I responded immediately and explored her hot Teutonic mouth with my tongue.

I could feel her hand gently touching my breast through my coat and I pulled her closer to me, still kissing her passionately.
She released me then and I felt her hand move to the middle, where she began to unfasten the buttons of my coat. With her leather-gloved hand, she gently massaged my breast through my blouse and we continued to kiss, her fingers softly massaging me out of sight, under my coat.

I ran my hand down her back and gently squeezed her tight bottom through her jeans. She was so firm and I could feel the muscles flexing under my caress.

Reveling in this wonderful new experience, I moved my hand slowly round to the front. As her coat was already open, I unfastened the button of her waistband and gently lowered the zipper.

I went no further but returned my hand to her bottom only. This time, I slipped inside her jeans and I felt the soft warmth of her buttocks through her panties and ran my finger along the warm furrow between.

She began to moan softly and, as our lips were pressed firmly together and our tongues explored each others' mouths, her breath became laboured and rasping.

She began to undo the buttons of my blouse and soon my coat and blouse were on the train seat. Her hands moved behind my back and she gently unclipped and removed my bra, allowing it to drop to the carriage floor.

Breaking away from our kissing, my imaginary German lover then moved slowly downwards, leaving little butterfly kisses on my throat as she went. Soon her mouth was on my achingly erect nipple which was unbelievably stiff! She gently kissed and bit it, sucking gently and then harder, trapping it on the roof of her mouth with her tongue and gently stretching it before releasing it, only to return again and again, all the time massaging my breast with her slender fingers.

After doing the same with my other breast, she worked her way down my stomach to the waistband of my skirt, still kissing and gently licking me as she went, even stopping momentarily to put her tongue in my navel, licking and kissing it.

Before she unbuttoned my skirt, I stopped her and guided her back to her feet, then slipped her coat from her shoulders and placed it on the seat. I slipped her jumper over her head and I was pleased to see she was not wearing a bra. Her still-firm breasts sprang free and I paid her the same attention as she did me.

After squeezing and playing with her breasts, I moved slowly downwards to the waistband of her jeans, which were already undone.

Gently licking and probing her belly button with my tongue, as she had done to me (I find this very erotic), I gently kissed her lower belly and let my tongue trace the elastic of her panties.

I pulled her jeans slowly down her thighs and kissed her hot mound through the soft cotton of her panties. She smelled hot and sweet, clean but very, very wet.

I gently turned her around and continued to kiss her over her panties. Her breathing was heavy now and little moans mewed from deep within her.

I ran my tongue along the depression in her panties and then slowly drew them down but continued to kiss and lick the soft, firm skin of her buttocks up and down the delightful crease between. Then I turned her around again and found her beautifully smooth, naked pussy. I teased the soft folds apart with my thumbs and kissed and licked her sweet, pungent pussy, running my tongue up to her clitoris and gently sucking on it.

I pushed her back onto the train seat and, kneeling at her feet, I pulled off first one knee-length boot and then the other. Then, one leg at a time, I pulled off her jeans, followed by her panties.

At last, she was naked. As I went to push her legs apart, she stopped me.

Standing, she drew me upward and began to kiss me again. I felt her warm breasts against mine, her hard nipples pressing into me. I suddenly realised she was undoing my skirt and I felt it slide over my thighs and onto the floor. I stepped out of it and she moved back to my panties. I felt her hand inside the back of them, her finger tracing the smooth curve of my bum. I gasped when the tip of her finger found my tight bum hole and gently teased the entrance with her long fingernail. She did not persist there but continued downward toward my burning, soaking vagina.

Now it was her turn to guide me backward onto the seat. I fell back and opened my legs, following the gentle encouragement of her hands.

I could feel her hot breath and felt the persistent probing of her tongue on my pussy. She found my soaking wet entrance immediately and pushed her tongue deep inside. Up and down she kissed and licked, first around my pussy then over the ridge and onto my bum, running her tongue around the tight, puckered hole then gently teasing it inside. I could feel my orgasm getting nearer, building up inside me stronger and stronger.

Suddenly her slender, leather-encased finger found its way into my bum and she pushed suddenly in against its resistance, deep and hard. I came instantly, my whole body cramping and arching and my pussy overflowing into her mouth. The harder she pushed her finger, the harder I came. I was in heaven. Afterward, I had to stop her licking me as every time she touched my clitoris my whole body twitched uncontrollably.

I took a deep breath...

Right, my beautiful German lover, I thought. Now it is your turn!

After I had cum, I stroked her hair for a moment, then stood up. She was standing now also. We kissed and I could taste myself on her lips. I turned her to the wall of the compartment, kissed the back of her neck and then slowly worked my way down her spine with little flicks of my tongue and gentle kisses. She put her hands against the wall behind the seat so that her bottom was curved towards me. I kissed the base of her spine and the little dimples on either side. Her breathing was heavy now and when I let my tongue dip softly into the top of her crease, she gasped and let out a little moan.

I let my tongue follow the curve of her buttocks down to the top of her legs, then back up. I gently pushed her legs apart and then cupped her pussy with my hand whilst still kissing her bottom. She was so hot there and incredibly wet when I slipped a finger inside her.

She parted her legs still further, which parted her buttocks to my gently probing tongue, a tongue that found that tight little place where I so love to play. I pressed into her bottom, tasting her, breathing in her heady aroma as I probed her like I had done to her mouth earlier. My finger, working in her hot, wet pussy, was soon joined by a second.

Her knees were beginning to bend and straighten as the first throes of orgasm built up inside her and her body began to tremble. She began to cry out but bit her lip to stop herself from alerting the passengers in the other compartments. When she came, she fell forward onto the seat, soaking my hand with her juices.

I licked my fingers to taste her cum and then sat naked beside her, holding her in my arms while we caught our breath, and let the intense feelings subside.

By the time the train pulled into Munich station, we had dressed. We left the train without a word ever being spoken and I was never to see my blonde Frau with the beautiful, soft brown eyes ever again.

Author's Note: Looking through all the stories I have written over the past five years I found this, my very first story which had begun its life as an email to a friend. When I read through it I realised just how badly it was written! I decided to share it with you and so, after much editing and rewriting (to make it read a little better rather than to alter the story), here it is. A little shorter than the ones I generally offer these days but, nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed it. Anna. xx



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