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My Mexican Guardian Angel

I got a text from my friend telling me about a huge party in the desert this coming weekend. I thought about it and decided to go. It had been a long time since I'd been out of the house to have a good time. But I remembered that I didn't have any party favors. I packed my car and headed for the border to get some. I hit the border, and the line was so long that I contemplated on heading home. But finally the line started to move along nicely. I hit the local hot spot to get what I was looking for. I'm one of their local customers so I had no problem getting passed the look outs. As I walked down the long and dark alley, I hear sirens and footsteps running up behind me. All of a sudden I was thrown to the ground and was being handcuffed.

As I was thrown into the truck along with all the guys from the building, I started to freak out, not knowing what the hell was going to happen with me. At the police precinct I was fingerprinted and profiled. Nobody was talking to me in English so I just went with the flow and thought I was up that creek without the paddle everybody talks about. They then put me into a cell by myself; about an hour passed when a guard came in and pulled me out of the cell and put me into a interrogation room. It seemed like an eternity before anyone came in to talk to me but two very pissy looking guys walked in. One sat right in front of me and the other stood behind me which made me that much more scared.

“Do you know why you are here señor?” the detective said.

“No sir!” I replied.

“Well señor. You were in a place where they sell narcotics.”

“What... That can't be. I was just looking for a good place for a taco," trying to play it cool and was hoping they buy my bullshit.

“So why were you looking so far into drug territory?” the detective asked.

“I didn't know that was that area. My friend told me this little place that was off the chart for their tacos. But I think I read his directions wrong.” Now I'm sweating like a mad man, still trying to play it cool.

“I see señor. Well you are going to have to tell your story to the chief when he comes back from his business trip on Monday.”

“No wait I can't be stuck in Mexico for the entire weekend!” I started to feel the wall close in on me.

“Well my friend we can't just let you go. You were caught in a well known drug cartel area," the detective said with a smile on his face.

FUCK!!!! I yelled at myself, knowing I was screwed and would have to find a way to break this to my family. The detective behind me walked up to the door and knocked on it. The guard that brought me to the room escorted me back to my cell. I sat on the bed thinking of a way to get the fuck out of dodge before all my life came unglued. I laid down and finally fell asleep after a lot of rethinking my story and coming up with a way to get free, I hoped. One of the guards walked by my cell and ran his night stick all the way across the bars, startling me almost to death. I looked around and saw a few guards and this sexy young lady siting at a desk, writing on a piece of paper. I tried not to stare but her beauty was overpowering. She looked up and smiled at me as I tried to make it look like I wasn't staring.

She got up and walked over to the water cooler by the wall. She was wearing a thin summer dress that barely passed her ass. She had her hair up in a high ponytail to keep it off her neck, seeing it was well over 100 degrees outside. As she bent over to grab a paper cup and get water, her dress raised just a bit so I could see the bottom of her firm round ass cheeks. I licked my lips and started to get a hard on; trying to hide it, she walked by my cell to get back to the desk she was sitting at. The main guard walked up to my cell and placed a tray of food at the opening.

“Señor!” he barked loudly and made me jump.

I got up and grabbed the tray, still hoping she didn't see my semi hard on poking out through my shorts. I sat there picking at the what they call tacos, rice and beans. I placed the tray by the door on the floor and laid on the bed, still thinking of how I was going to get my ass out of this crack.

“What, are you not hungry?” I heard a sweet voice say from across the room.

I sat up and looked over to her. “Not really,” I answered.

“That's too bad. Those are some good tacos,” she said to me.

“Maybe I'll eat them later. Thanks for letting me know,” I said as I laid back down, starting up at the ceiling.

“So what are you doing in here mister?”

“I was caught somewhere I wasn't supposed to be.”

“I see. Did you know where you were when they grabbed you?” she asked.

What is this? Is she here to get info from me to seal my fate?

“No! I had no idea where I was.” I tried to play it cool, hoping she didn't see thru my bullshit too.

“Well then my daddy will listen to your story and more then likely let you go with just a stern warning," she said as I looked over to her with a smile on my face.

“So you're the chief daughter?”


“That's great to hear' I bet you have to be a extremely good girl.”

“Yes but sometimes it so hard to. You know what I mean?”

“I think so.” Not knowing what the fuck she was getting at.

All the sudden I had to hit the head really bad but the problem was where she was sitting, she could watch me without any obstructions blocking her view to me. I thought about asking her to step out for a few minutes while I relieved myself but then I thought I bet she has seen all types of drunks and others do the same thing millions of times. So I stood up and walked over to the toilet, kind of standing at a weird angle so she wouldn't get a full view of my little guy. I unzipped my fly and fished him out; standing there I could feel her eyes all over me but I paid no mind to it and just went. As I was finishing up I looked over my shoulder and saw her licking her lips and pinching her left nipple through her dress.

She looked up at me and blushed that I caught her, and she tried to make it look like she was trying to pick something off her dress but I knew what she was doing by her nipple being rock hard. I spun a bit her way as I started to put my cock away in my shorts. She gasped as I put him away and zipped up. I looked up at her with a wicked smile on my face and saw she was fully blushing and breathing a bit faster. I walked over to the bed and went back to laying there, still thinking how I could get out of this shit.

She walked over to the restroom, opened the door, and she looked over her shoulder as she pulled the door to a half opened position. She pulled her dress up as she placed her thumbs in the waist of her bikini cut pink panties and pulled them over her firm tight ass cheeks. I couldn't stop watching, it was like I wasn't supposed to see this but had to. Bending from the waist, she pulled them down to her ankles and with this I caught the full view of her pink, tight, wet slit. I moaned as I started to squeeze my semi hard growing cock through my shorts. She spun around and looked straight into my eyes as she sat down. I laid there watching her use the restroom, still squeezing and slowly stroking my hard cock. She bit her bottom lip as she spread her legs, letting me see her pussy yet again.

She had me hard, so I thought two can play this game and unzipped my shorts again, pulling out my throbbing hard cock as I slowly stroked it, letting her watch me. She placed her right hand on her inner thigh and slowly moved with my strokes by lightly touching her wet, pink pussy. My precum was flowing nicely as I picked up my pace. Her eyes were glued on my throbbing hard cock; I looked down at her hand and she was rubbing her hard clit, nice and fast by this time. I knew I couldn't keep this up much longer. I heard a key hit the door and I quickly flipped over to my side like I was sleeping and I heard the restroom door getting pulled closed as I put my still hard cock away.

The guard came in and grabbed some paper work, then left. I flipped on my back and she came out of the restroom, still panting and blushing from the little game we were just playing. I smiled as she sat down, trying to catch her breath. She looked at me and smiled back and then looked down at my growing soft cock. She got a disappointed look on her face. I rolled over and fell asleep, knowing if I keep watching her I would have to have her stand in front of the cell with her dress pulled up so I could cum all over her tight pussy. Next thing I know the guard knocked on the bars and told me it was dinner time.

I sat up, walked over to the door and grabbed the tray. It was the same thing: tacos, rice and beans. I was feeling a bit hungry by now so I ate it. She wasn't lying; it was some good tasting tacos. The rice could have had something added to it but who am I to complain at least they are feeding me and not letting me starve. I sat in my cell until just after midnight when I finally fell asleep again. I woke up early the next day and looked around and there was only one guard today.

“Excuse me! Is the chief’s daughter going to come in today?”

“Si," the guard replied.

Figuring he didn't understand my question, I paced in my cell. Being cooped up like this was making me restless to walk. I did this for about twenty minutes and heard the door open up so I walked up to the bars. She walked in, in a white almost see through, button down the front summer dress. I smiled at her and she smiled back. She talked to the guard in Spanish, and he got up and left the room. She looked at me and bit her bottom lip, then started to walk up to the cell. I stood there looking her up and down as she walked with such grace.

“Morning," she whispered.

“Morning to you too.”

“You know I couldn't stop thinking of you all night.”

“Oh yeah, I couldn't stop thinking of you either," I said, clearing my throat at the end.

“Oh yeah, what did you think about?" she said as she walked up and ran her hand over my arm.

“I thought of you in the restroom with your legs spread, letting me see your beauty.”

“Oh you liked that huh. Watching a innocent girl use the ladies room?” she said, looking up into my gaze.

“No, I'm sorry if I was being a perv.”

She giggled and ran her left hand over my crotch. “Don't be silly, I wanted you to see me.”

I growled as she squeezed my semi hard cock. She looked down and pulled down my zipper, reaching in grabbing my growing cock through my boxers. I gasped as she reached in and pulled my cock out slowly. She stroked me with her soft hand until I was hard as a rock. She stared into my eyes as she slowly dropped to her knees. I watched as she stroked my cock, pulling me closer to the bars, getting me into the perfect position. She licked her lips and placed a kiss on my hard throbbing head. It twitched in her hand as she stroked me a bit faster.

“Oh fuck you're so sexy," I moaned as she licked the precum that was dripping out of the tip.


I watched as she opened her mouth and took my cock into her hot, wet, tight mouth. I grabbed the bars to hold myself up while she slowly started to bob her head back and forth, taking more of me into her every time. She looked so hot sucking my hard cock through the bars of my cell. I saw her open her legs and start to play with her pussy through her white panties and my cock twitched at this new excitement. She gagged a little. I pulled my cock out a bit so she wouldn't be uncomfortable. She slowly worked her way back to taking almost all of my hard cock into her hot, wet mouth. I slowly started to thrust my hips, still watching her suck my cock and play with her wet pussy.

“Oh fuck!” I moaned, feeling my balls tighten up. “Oh baby let me taste that sweet pussy of yours.”

She pulled my cock out of her mouth and smiled. She pulled the desk that was behind her closer to the cell and sat on top of it. I spread her legs, pulling her closer to me. I could smell her sweet musk as I kissed up her legs. I was on my knees as I pulled her pussy right up to the bars with her legs in the cell with me over my shoulders. I licked her wet pussy through the thin fabric of her panties with one long swipe and she purred as I flicked her clit with my tongue quickly. She reached in and pulled her panties to one side, letting me get to her hot, wet, sweet pussy and thrusting her hips into my face with her free hand. She tried to pull my head harder into her dripping wet pussy but the bars wouldn't let me get any closer.

She started to grind on my tongue to get more of it into her. I knew what she would like so I grabbed her panties and ripped them at the middle and wrapped my left arm around her thigh and slowly inserted two fingers into her tight wet tunnel. As I got them to the knuckle, she moaned and started to ride my hand hard. I moved up a bit so I could suck on her hard clit and give her the best ride she could get. I thrust my finger nice and slow as I sucked her clit hard, occasionally scraping my teeth over it. She was so into the moment that her moans were getting louder and louder. I started to slow down so no one would come in and see what all the noise was about.

“No don't stop!” she panted out.

“You have to be quieter,” I whispered.

“OK, just give it to me," she said, humping my hand faster.

I gripped her clit in between my teeth and flicked my tongue as fast as I could. Her body went rigid and she yelped at the new sensation. I could feel her tunnel gripping my finger tighter and knew she wasn't going to last much longer. I picked up my pace of thrust and sucking her clit; she was moaning and thrashing on the desk as she went totally stiff, letting out a long deep moan of pure ecstasy and bliss as she came hard all over my hand and face.

She was panting and recovering from her hard orgasm. I stood up and started to stroke my throbbing hard cock as I watched her lay there on the desk; she looked over to me and moaned licking her lips again. She rolled off the side of the desk, getting on her knees in front of the door to the cell and I walked over to her and she grabbed my cock. She started to suck on my cock like it was a big lollypop. I grabbed her ponytail and started to pull her face off and on my hard cock, making her take more then she has before. I was in heaven as my balls were slapping her chin. Knowing I was going to blow my load anytime, now she grabbed my hand and pulled it off her hair.

“I want your hard cock deep in my tight pussy now!” she said, looking deep into my eyes with lust in her.

She turned around and bent over, placing her ass with her torn panties still on to the bars. I grabbed her hips with my left hand and my cock with the right and I lightly rubbed it up and down her hot slit. She was moaning and pressing her ass harder into the bars of the cell. I slipped my hard on in and she gasped as she gyrated her hips to get used to the feel of my hard head in her. I grabbed her hips with my right hand and pushed more of my hard cock into her. She was tight and wet; it was so hot that I started to thrust my hips into her as she pushed back.

We were hard into a nice steady pace when she slid my cock out of her juicy pussy then turned to suck my cock more. By now I was close and throbbing with every beat of my heart. She looked into my eyes as she popped my cock out of her mouth and spun around again. I pulled her hips harder as she moaned and just rode the hard ride she was getting. I reached around with my left hand and unbuttoned her dress so I could play with her tits. I pinched and twisted her hard left nipple. She was so into it that she started to thrust faster onto my cock.

She stood up and let me play with her tits some more; I grabbed her waist and spun her around, pulling her closer. I sucked on her right nipple, nibbling on it here and there. She had her hands running through my hair as I moved over to her left one. I bit her nipple and she gasped hard, running my tongue around it to soothe the pain I just caused. I moved over the other, doing the same.

I lifted my head from her tits. “I want to fuck you so hard right now baby.”

She smiled and licked her lips. “Sit on the desk facing me.”

She jumped up on the desk faster then I thought humanly possible. I pulled her as close as possible as I lined up my cock with her dripping wet pussy. She grabbed it and made sure I went in without a problem. I thrust into her until I couldn't go any further. I thrust hard into her as I played with her nipples some more. I could feel her tensing up and not knowing when I was going to explode, I thrusted harder, sending her into another hard orgasm. This time she squirted all over my hard cock and my hips. I thrust slowly to make her orgasm last longer. I moved my right hand down and slowly played with her hard clit which sent her into another hard orgasm. I could feel my balls tighten up as I thrust a little faster into her orgasming body.

She opened her eyes and panted out, “Feel my tight little girl pussy up with your thick creamy load.”

This sent me into overdrive. I thrust harder and faster into her, my balls slapping her firm ass cheeks. I gripped her hips harder as I felt my cock grow and my load come rushing up my hard shaft. Just as the first rope exploded out my tip, she screamed and went into another hard orgasm. I thrust harder as I unloaded my thick load deep into her tight pussy. I started to slow my thrust as her pussy walls gripped and milked every last drop my of load into her. I looked into her eyes as she pulled herself up and kissed me passionately. She leaned back and laid on the desk, regaining her composure. I grabbed my boxers and shorts, pulling them up, not caring that I was covered with her sweet nectar.

“Fuck that was amazing!!!” she said, taking a deep breath.

“Fuck yeah it was.”

I watched as she climbed off the desk and buttoned up her dress; she moved the desk back to where it was and grabbed her ripped panties, pulling them down, and she handed them to me with a wicked smile on her face.

“My daddy will be back in the morning. I will talk to him and see if he'll let you go.” She leaned in and kissed me again.

“Oh my god thank you!” I said, kissing her again.

“Now try to stay out of trouble while you are over here.”

“I will.”

She grabbed her bag and headed for the door. As she got to it she turned around and pulled her dress up, letting me see my cum leaking out of her pussy and down her leg. She giggled and blew me a kiss and I smiled and blew one right back. She was gone for about ten minutes when the guard came in.

“Need anything?”

“I'm cool!” I said as I laid back on the bed and fell asleep.

The next morning the guard came to the cell and opened the door. I was scared that I was about to be sent to prison as he walked me to the front of the precinct. I was placed in front of a big glass window and the person on the other side slid out a bag with all my belongings in it.

“Sign here please," he said as he slid out a clipboard. “Your car is in the impound across the street. Just hand this piece of paper and you're free to go.”

“That's it?”

“Yeah, you're a free man.”

I was excited and relieved at the same time. I went and got my car, gunning it to the border crossing. I remembered that I didn't even know her name. The one that got my ass out of the frying pan....... My Mexican guardian angel.

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