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My Public Times Square Ass-Fuck

She was angry and vulnerable. I used her and gave her a revenge neither of us will ever forget.

I turned to see the plastic cup exploding on impact, spilling a vivid red stain on the wall's white. A clean shaven man in a Tuxedo gawped at the remains of the missile that had been intended for him.

Finding the assailant did not take very long. She was out on the balcony muttering obscenities under her breath. The snow had driven the rest of the party back indoors but the crowds below were preparing to welcome the new year with barely diminished spirits.

The balcony had never been very large but it had once had a view of Times Square. Today the square was only visible through the gaps in the letters of the neon signs that covered the front of the building. If you stood in just the right spot you could see the illuminated ball that would drop at midnight through the middle of an O.

"I have champagne if you promise not to spill it." My quip was rewarded with the hint of a smile so I poured her a glass.

"Dom Perignon," I continued showing her the bottle, "wasting any would be a shame."

This brought a smile and after the first sip she began to talk. She needed to talk and likely something else more.

Her red cocktail dress was no match for the chill wind and she consented to let me wrap my sheepskin coat around us both. But she understood my motive and slipped her arms into its sleeves to let me slip my hands inside her dress to touch bare flesh. The flimsy strapless dress was easily pushed aside and she wasn't wearing a bra.

A ring on her finger suggested that the nature of the dispute was marital. She pretended to be disinterested in my use of her body as she kept talking about her husband's treachery but her nipples stiff like bullets and the change in her breathing as my fingers touched them betrayed her need.

She continued talking as I pulled the dress up in a band around her waist and caressed her buttocks. But the talking stopped when my fingers homed in on their prize. She wasn't wearing underwear and her slit was smooth as silk. She gave a sigh as my fingers slid between her labia already slick with her juices.

A sudden roar from the crowd reminded me that we were in public. It was unlikely anyone looking up from below would see us but someone might come out from the party at any moment. Did she want to find somewhere more private?

"Here, now, or never." she spat.

I didn't need a second invitation, I unzipped my fly and pressed my erection between her legs. She tried to guide me inside but it was impossible for me to get more than the tip of my cock in her cunt with the coat fastened.

Another roar from the crowd told me the countdown had reached the last minute: I had to move fast. I parted her legs as wide as I could and told her to grab the railing in front of us. I got my prick into position just before the ball dropped in a volley of fireworks.

When the count reached zero I pulled her body towards me, impaling her on my prick. Her mouth opened wide in surprise as she suddenly realized how I was using her.

"Bastard! Fuck!" she grunted, "make it hurt then."

I was happy to give her pain, teasing her clit to the brink of orgasm with my fingers, then pulling away to twist a nipple or slap a breast before she could come. She was shouting at me but her words were lost as more fireworks burst overhead, the big rockets fired from the river.

People in the square were looking up at us with astonished, excited faces. Were they looking at the fireworks or looking at us? Could they see that I was banging a woman I had only just met and whose name I didn't even know, banging her in the ass in front of them all.

Her ass clenched tight around my cock as a shell burst directly overhead illuminating the whole balcony. I decided it was time to let her come. She came loud and long but her screams were lost in the noise from the crowd below. I held her close, my prick still buried in her ass.

"Be quick!" she commanded, unzipping my coat to allow me more space.

The stiffness in her body and the look on her face showed that she endured rather than enjoyed the thrusts that followed. But I didn't care. She would not thank me in the morning, but if I finished she might thank herself at least. Whether this was a tit-for-tat revenge fuck or the final break burning her boats fuck, it would only count if I came inside her.

It did not take long to christen her virginal ass with cum. I recovered to see her standing in front of me, her dress still bunched up round her waist exposing her breasts and sex.

Her eyes fixed me in a glare and she raised a fist to hit me. But I was too quick for her and I caught her wrist before she could land the blow. Her eyes blazed at me as she tried to twist free from my grasp.

"We are not finished yet," I told her.

She looked back at me in shock but she had run out of words. Her eyes closed and her shoulders slumped in submission as I put her dress back in place.

She said nothing more until the lift doors closed in the parking garage.

"You're going to be a bigger bastard than he was."

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