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My Release

My Release

I had never been so horny as being pregnant
After everything I had been through the past two years, I thought I would have sworn off men forever. I was so excited to finally have my home to myself and not have to worry about pleasing any one or supporting any one financially. It was such a liberating feeling, but I felt bad for my poor toys. One side effect of my horrible past relationship was the growing baby inside me, and boy did that make me crave sex. I found myself rubbing my clit nearly four times a day. I knew my breasts would change but I never imagined they would need such attention. I clearly needed a good release.

It was an ordinary day when my phone beeped with a message…it was from an acquaintance that I only talked to maybe once a month at work. He had found my Facebook profile and sent me a message. For the first few days our conversations were the normal; How was your day? Did you work hard today? Any good plans for the weekend? It was on the third day that I noticed the responses had a sexual undertone, I chose to respond in the same way. I was leery knowing he was married, he had children, and we had to work together but I couldn’t help myself, I needed more of his attention.

I was in total shock when he finally revealed a crush that he had for me spanning years. I had no idea he looked at me in that fashion. At work I am the bubbly, smiling friend to everyone but I certainly wasn’t the hottest girl on the job. To top it off, our uniforms were standard and we all had that manly look; steel toe boots does nothing for a fashion statement. The uniform clearly masked my DD, full breasts and desirable ass.

It seemed like an million years had gone by since we had been talking, but next thing I knew our conversations were sexual and flirtatious. I found he had a horrible relationship at home and they were only still together because of the child. They weren’t intimate and didn’t even kiss…he needed it as much as I did. We agreed to meet at a small park between our homes, I couldn’t wait.

I was the first to arrive which didn’t help my nerves. The spot was completely secluded minus a few park rangers. It was the perfect sneak away spot. As he pulled up in his truck, I could feel my heart beat faster and faster and panties my getting wet. I could smell my sweet sex smell, it permeated my car. As I stepped out I closed my door and leaned up against it. He stepped out wearing an outfit that made me catch my breath. Dark boots, tight pants, and a tee shirt that pressed against his chest. Without even saying hello he walked up to me, put his hand on the back of my head lacing his fingers through my hair, and kissed me. A rough, passionate, lustful kiss; I could only imagine how many times he had run that scenario in his mind. His other hand found its way to my ass, cupping and massaging as he pleased. I could barely breathe but I didn’t want him to stop.

He eventually pulled away and said hello, all I could do was stare at him and smile. We exchanged a few niceties and he said he had something for me in his truck. He pulled out a handwritten letter, something he wanted me to read later. I turned around and placed the letter on my seat, bending over as I did. That was when I felt him behind me, I could feel his hardness pressing against me. He leaned down and kissed my neck sending chills throughout my body. His hands wandered up my shirt and fondled my breasts, pulling and squeezing my aching nipples. I could barely stand on my own, the pleasure from my nipples was making my pussy drip and I was ready to cum for him. He pushed himself harder against me and I rocked my ass against him. A few nibbles on my neck and ear was all it took. I was thankful he was tall and muscular because I melted into him forcing him to hold me up, unable to stand due to the shock waves of pleasure going through me. I eventually pulled myself together and leaned my head back. He kissed me as passionately as our first kiss had been.

I knew we both had places to go, and I certainly never imagined our first meeting would turn out like it did. We kissed goodbye and drove away; my phone immediately beeped. “I can’t wait to see and feel you again!!!” I didn’t have to wait long to see him again, and that time, I was the one on my knees.

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