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My teacher's naughty surprise.

My teacher gives me an unexpected little surprise...
I was on a class expedition with my health class and we had just arrived at the cabin we’d be staying at. I usually don’t attend such stupid boring college trips but this time was different. My health teacher Paul had an amazing body and quite good looking, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to perhaps see him with his top off coming out of the lake.

We were all in the cabin checking how nice the lounge room area was. I paced around in my little black dress I had gotten from my boyfriend for my just recent eighteenth birthday and stiletto heels clopping as I walked on the wooden floor boards. Paul was just sitting down on of the arm chairs reading a newspaper, waiting for the class to be settled. I kept noticing him in the corner of my eye eyeing off my smooth legs and inner thighs. It turned me on thinking about him checking me out and wanting my body. I started to become wet myself in desire of thinking about him shoving his cock inside of me but I knew it could never happen. As sexy as he was he was so serious all the time and always wanting to be ‘professional’. He had never been the kind of teacher you just have casual conversations with or make jokes with. I sat down myself from across the room, still thinking naughty thoughts of Paul. He had stopped perving on me by that time which made me feel as if I was undesirable and ugly. I want to be on his mind, I want him to be thinking “Damn, if only she wasn’t a student and I wasn’t married”. I decided to unbutton a few buttons on the top of my dress so my large breasts were bludging out. Some of the guys in my class started whispering to each other and staring at my tits with a big smile on their face but I didn’t care about stupid little boys looking at me; I wanted a man to want my body. Just as I had hoped I caught a glance of Paul checking out my breasts which he now didn’t have the newspaper in the way so I could see his jaw practically drop to the floor. When he saw me looking back though he turned away and looked down to his wedding ring as if to reassure himself “I’m married. Don’t think anything stupid” I frowned knowing there was no way in hell I’d ever have him, his wife was a very lucky woman.

I rose from the chair defeated and replying to my boyfriend to let him now I was okay. By now there was only me, Paul and one other student in the lounge room as the others had gone down to the beach. As I stood on my feet my heel got caught on the carpet and I fell to the ground, dropping my phone and landing hard on my ass. I got on to my hands and knees and crawled around looking for where my phone has landed.

“Are you alright?” He said getting up himself and walking over to me.

“Yeah, but I don’t know where my phone went…” I said still crawling around and feeling like I was going to cry from the pain of landing on my ass.

He got down on the floor himself and came up from behind me suddenly and without warning.

“It’s okay.” He said gently giving me a pat on my back. “Is that it?” Paul said reaching over me from behind and practically having me in the doggy position just with clothes on. As he reached over his raging boner pressed against my ass, he was getting horny over being on top of his student. I couldn’t help it, I became so wet myself. My pussy juices seeping out down my thighs and leaving a little wet patch on his jeans. I grabbed my phone off him from behind me and said nothing, I wasn’t sure whether to get up and move away or to stay right there and see what happens. We just stood there in the same position until to my surprise he grabbed me by the hips and pulled me closer to his hard cock. Slowly rubbing my hips in a circular motion and then moving up to my tits which had fallen out of my bra. He stroked my nipples in such a gentle soft way I never had before but it felt amazing. I whimpered and my breath got heavy, I turned around and we made eye contact. It was the most amazing connection I had ever had with someone. He looked back into my eyes and then pinched my nipples and I bit down on bottom lip in pleasure. I wanted him so bad but I think he was worried to make the first move. I lifted my dress up and pulled my g-string to the side, giving him the invitation that it’s okay if he wants to. In my surprise he was unbuckling his belt straight away and pulling his briefs and jeans straight to the ground.

“What if someone comes in?” He said tracing his big cock around the entrance of my pussy and making me more wet and horny.

“Who cares, Please! I need you inside of me so bad, Pauly…” I cried out, desperate for him.

He put the head of his penis in and I made a little whimper and started to push back on his cock myself. I never had a cock so big before and it was slightly hurting but felt so good at the same time. With one last push he was deep inside of me, I felt so full and I yelped and bit down on my hand. He started at a slow pace, getting his rhythm right. With each thrust I moaned in pleasure and breathed heavily. He dug his fingers into my hips harder as he began to pick up the pace and thrusted into me with all the force his muscley body. I bucked my hips up so he could go deeper inside of me, It was the most unbelievable feeling I had ever witnessed.

“Ohhh…fuck!” I whimpered as he continued to go at me from behind with all his might, I felt I could pass out from the pleasure.

It was the most sensational feeling I had ever felt. His cock felt amazing pounding into me and knowing how naughty it was and him being my teacher was enough to make me about come to orgasm already.

“Who’s my dirty little student?” He said smiling and spanking me on my ass.

“I am, Punish me like the bad girl I am!” I yelled through clenched teeth and panting.

Knowing I was reaching climax he let go off my hips, spanked me once more on my ass even harder and leant down and started to rub my clit, making the pleasure unbearable. I screamed and I squirted my pussy juices on the floor but he didn’t stop. He put his hands back on my hips and grabbed them hard and pounded away at me faster and harder. It was incredible, I felt as if I was going to pass out from pleasure when suddenly he came inside of me and I came once again. My legs gave in and he fell on top of me, we were both breathless and panting. We said nothing as I lay there, he pulled himself out of me and his hot cum slowly seeped out of my pussy. When we had caught our breath he got off of me and done up his jeans and belt. He gave me his hand and helped me off the floor. I did up on my dress, repositioned it and fixed my hair. We both just looked at each other and started laughing. Just then a few students walked through the door.

“Hey, what’s so funny? You missed the beach- it was amazing, Paul!”

“It’s alright. It wasn’t that bad staying here.” Paul said looking over to me with wink and a smile.

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