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My Turn

Me and my big mouth
Holding my hand tighter, you pull me through the open door. I reluctantly follow into the darkened interior as you take both of my hands, opening my arms and wrapping them around you from the back, encouraging me to squeeze. You can feel my whole body trembling from nervous anticipation. It isn't the temperature that is making me tremble, although it should be considering the wardrobe you picked out: my floor length Matrix style leather coat, six-inch heeled, knee high pirate boots, fishnets, suspenders and a leather strapless corset. My cleavage is displayed to its full potential and a scrap of material, laughingly masquerading as a pair of panties.

How did I agree to this? What power you have over me. Me and my big mouth. I disclosed a fantasy and here we are, bringing it to life. Oh, how you indulge me.

You stop and turn, pinning me back against a shelving unit. I hear objects falling behind me but pay no attention as your mouth closes on mine. Our tongues circling as your hands work effortlessly on my buttons. I'm vaguely aware of noises, people, smells. Was that a moan? Whatever it was, it spurs me on, suppressing my nerves. I cup you through your trousers and your breath catches in your throat. God, I love the effect we have on each other.

Opening the lapels of my coat, exposing my shoulder as your teeth graze against the skin. My hand at the back of your head, pulling you closer. My fingers now working on your zipper and button, pulling them open and I slip my hand inside. Your cock is rigid and responds to my touch with heart-beat like pulses. You place your hand on my chin and turn my head, directing me to look at the audience that has formed in the back of the Adult bookstore we have sneaked into. Leaving me looking in that direction, you strip my coat from my shoulders. Leaving me standing there in nothing but lingerie and a nervous smile. I swallow audibly as you gesture with your hand, requesting silently that I spin. I naturally oblige, mentally blocking out the crowd of three that is standing in the shadows.

I complete my turn and lean back against the bookshelf. You clear your throat and point to your crotch. Your shirt pulled out, covering a tented area and my mouth floods with saliva. I slowly, yet deliberately make my way to the opposite corner where you're standing. You plant a kiss on my chin and stare deep into my eyes. I kneel before you, the wooden floorboards rough against my skin. You raise the hem of your shirt to admiring gasps, both male and female as the length of your cock is exposed.

I turn slightly, giving the onlookers a better view of my ass and your cock as I stroke it up and down, circling the tip with my thumb as I go up. I spread the little bead of salty sweet pre-cum. My other hand pulls at your trousers and boxers until they pool at your feet. My free hand cups your balls. Rolling and squeezing, pulling them away from your body. I look up and see your eyes roll back, a sure sign that I am doing all the right things.

Sticking my tongue out, I move my head forward and slap the tip of your cock off my tongue. A guttural sound emanates from you as I clamp my lips around the tip. Swirling the moisture in my mouth swirling along with my tongue, so hot and wet. I stop and then slowly take every inch of your shaft deep into my mouth. Fighting the urge to gag as you thrust intermittently and hold. Your fingers fisted in my hair, pulling and pushing in deeper every time. I stare up at you as my eyes start to tear and you half smile as you bite down on your bottom lip. Your cock pushing at the back of my throat and past it as I angle my head just so. Feeling your balls pull in my hand, I know you are getting close. I pull off you with a pop and slowly jerk your cock, up and down, awaiting your next muted command.

You extend your hand and I accept, standing slowly. Your mouth clamps on mine again, sucking my tongue into your mouth. Your hands scoop into the cups of my corset and my tits spill out. You dip your head and circle a nipple with your tongue, it immediately responds, hardening as you suck it into your mouth. Sucking so hard that I squeal. I push my tits forward, seeking your mouth. You repeat the action, back and forth, over and over, pushing me to edge, allowing me to teeter there for a while before pulling me back.

One hand wraps around my throat, squeezing. The other snakes inside my panties. My eyes close as I succumb to the sweet torture of your fingers sliding between the freshly shaved lips of my soaking wet pussy. I moan out loud as you slide one, then two fingers between the lips. Tracing from my clit, all the way back to my ass before all of a sudden plunging them deep inside me. No build up. No preparation. Your hand pistons in and out. My left hand on your head, pulling you into the kiss; my right still working your cock. A little slower now but with the same urgency as before.

My moans almost primal as I open my eyes and watch as two of the men openly stroke their cocks at our little display. The one woman watching and replicating your moves on herself. Her other hand moving absentmindedly to the crotch of one of the stroking men. I look back at you as you break the kiss. 

I say nothing but my silence speaks volumes.

You pull your fingers from my panties and feed them to me, pushing them in between my lips. Your tongue joins them as we both lick them clean, savoring my taste. You turn me again, pushing me forward, my bare ass exposed. You hook your finger into the crotch of my panties and pull them aside. Pulling my cheeks apart. My pussy on display, your fingers manipulating my ass. Pushing your fingers in deep, pressing against my spot before you pull them out. You position your cock. There is no seduction, no acclimating. Just a cold-blooded thrust. Making me scream out. I push back and meet your every movement. Lost in the feeling now, I am oblivious to the watchers. My only concern is you, your pleasure and my steadily approaching climax.

Holding my weight with one hand, I start rubbing my clit with the other. My movements speeding up, slamming back into you as your cock violates my tight little cunt. I feel you tense and know you're close. I concentrate all my energy on pushing you past that point. Straightening slightly, I reach back, pulling your head closer as my other hand moves in a blur, rubbing my clit, pushing to the edge before huskily spitting out the words "Fuck me".

Your fingers dig into my hips as we move in a frenzy. One final thrust and I feel your cock spurt stream after stream of hot cum. My cunt clamps around you, almost painfully, as my legs threaten to give way. My entire body spasms and we stumble forward. Waiting for normal breathing and body control to resume. You pull your still hard cock out, a little at a time, pushing back in, making me whimper.

Deftly replacing the aforementioned scrap of material between my legs, you bend to pull up your pants and retrieve my coat. Helping me back into it with difficulty as my body is covered with a sheen of perspiration. You cradle my chin and kiss me hard and with a wink, you grab my hand and pull me past a heaving little three-some with a giggle.

The cold night air hits me and I feel almost intoxicated. You pull me into an all encompassing embrace. Roughly nuzzling against my neck. I'm bought back to reality with the words... "My Turn"!

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