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Mystery Flasher 2: The Return

The temptress returns for more than a tease.
"Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin' aliiiiii, hiiii, ha-haiiiiiii, iiive, haaa yehaa-aah!"

I put my head in my hands to try to escape Vaughn's Bee Gees routine, and the round of stares and giggles it had brought from the crowd of teenagers nearby. It was early Saturday evening, and I was in for the long haul at the music section of the bookstore. In no shape to deal with customers or my coworkers' insanities was I; five-thirty and I still felt hungover, having put away most of a bottle of Malibu at Lou's housewarming party the night before. But I got no sympathy. Customers seemed to speak louder than necessary on purpose, as if they knew my pain and wanted to torment me. My new coworker, Vaughn, I had no question about; he definitely wanted to torment me. Ever since he discovered the "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack in our "in-store play" pile, he'd blast it at every opportunity.

"Hi, Jack." I looked between my fingers to see a dark, long-haired beauty looking over her shoulder at me. I had no idea who she was, but she looked ultra-fine. Her jean shorts were rolled halfway up her calf, exposing long, tanned legs. The vest she wore over the small green T-shirt was short and sexy. A second later when my eyes reached her face, she grinned and started walking away. With a start I realized it was her, the girl who'd freaked the hell out of me three weeks ago. That face had been grafted onto my memory!

Despite the long black hair, I was sure it was her. She must have been wearing a wig, but it looked very real. Not a few men gazed at her as she sashayed towards the art section, possibly noting as I had that she probably wasn't wearing panties. I couldn't see her face but I knew she was still grinning, knowing exactly what that walk did to guys like me. Folks who can appreciate beauty, yeah, that's it.

"Jeez, man, where do you know her from?" Vaughn poked me.

"She's a customer, you pervert." He was caught in mid-twirl, twisted around to look at my mysterious playmate. "Damn, Vaughn, put your tongue back in your mouth, wouldja? You're gonna get caught looking one day."

"Yeah, you will too, homes. You're worse than me. What about that Indian girl, the other night, what was her name --"

"Riva," I said absently as I continued to watch my temptress in disguise as she asked another coworker to retrieve a book from the overstock bins above the shelves. Somehow I knew she was leaning forward a bit, waiting for him to glance downwards.

"Yeah, Riva, or something, the one who got you to wrap all those books for her, individually, in different kinds of paper, 'cause she said you have great hair... Yer a sucker for a pretty face, dude. She was fine, though."

"Uh huh, shoor was," I repeated, eyeing the perfect way her asscheeks bulged oh-so-slightly, thinking of how they'd feel in my hands --

"Sir, excuse me, could you point out the Contemporary Christian section?"

I bit the inside of my cheek hard to regain focus, and proceeded to find Andy Griffith's "Heaven's Over That Way, Stupid" or whathaveyou for another of the masses. Let someone else get theirs, I figured, she'll be back or she won't. Besides, not much could happen; I was supposed to be making sure that no heavy metal, rap or Judy Garland discs walked out the door, and it was doubtful she'd flash her bare breasts on a crowded Saturday night. Still, as I led customers through the store to find their Bach or B-52's I'd catch a glimpse of her, usually talking to some older male with a half-smile on dark red lips.

The crowd gradually thinned and grew as the hours passed. Shortly before eight I announced the concert in the cafe, "Roughneck Susie and her Cacaphonous Cajuns," with as much of a straight face as I could muster. As I was winding up I caught sight of her, walking towards me with a big smile.

"...That's in fifteen minutes, folks, in our cafe." When she leaned against the desk I noticed she wasn't wearing a bra. "We'll see both of your, uhm, we'll see you there!" I blurted, slamming down the phone without hitting the release key, making a loud click-thump over the intercom. She burst out laughing, turned and walked away quickly.

I was torn between diving for cover and watching her leave when laughter behind me caught my attention. Danni was giggling as she bounced to the desk. "I know exactly what happened to you," she grinned, poking me.

Danni was a new coworker in books, short, full of energy, gay, and cute. From comments that she'd made I judged we had the same tastes in women. "You saw her, didn't you?"

"Who?" I said innocently. "Your great-grandmother looking at the gay video guides?"

She poked me again. "No, dummy, the girl in the vest. She's in here a lot. She's wearing a wig. I've seen her tease men all the time."

"Yeah? What does she do?" I attempted to catch sight of her again with no avail.

"Her usual thing is to wear sexy clothes, but one time I saw her brush her tits against some guy's back as she went around him. She's pretty hot, eh?" Danni babbled quietly. "Usually she's with some friends, but I think she's here alone tonight. I saw her come in when I had a smoke. I wish I had legs like that, either on me or around me --"

"Okay, enough," I said as my dick began to bulge in my jeans. "I got work to do, here, you lazy girl." I tried to sound menacing as I picked up some discs to shelve, but she was still laughing as she walked away.

"Try to control yourself," she whispered just before a customer asked her for help. Though I began to work diligently, the image of Danni and my temptress making out kept flashing into my thoughts. My embarrassing erection was difficult to disguise; keeping a basketful of music to shelve at my waist, I kept returning to the desk to get more CD's so as not to reveal my condition. Vaughn stayed at the desk to help customers, and glanced over at me periodically to wonder why I was working so hard.

Suddenly I turned to find her standing in front of me, looking flushed. She leaned in close. "Take a break. Now. Go out and get in the blue microbus. Quick." Without waiting for my reaction she began to almost run for the front door.

I returned to the desk and dropped the basket on the floor. "I'm taking a break, Vaughn," I said, as he fooled around with the computer. He nodded and I made my way to the front door as quickly and inconspicuously as possible, hoping my supervisor wouldn't notice me taking my third smoke break.

The VW, an old blue microbus that showed its age, was on the side of the building in a long row of cars. I glanced around, then walked to its door. It was locked, and I saw no one inside, but the door opened. She leaned out and dragged me into the backseat, then closed the door.

She scooted in beside me, then lay backwards. She'd taken off her shorts, and I took in the musky sent of her sex. With one leg she pushed me against the far wall, the other thrown wide into the front seat. Her hands moved to her engorged lips and pushed in and out with a slurping noise. She writhed on the seat and moaned. "Your little screwup got me all crazy," she gasped, rubbing her clit with one hand and grabbing her breast with the other. "Suck my cunt, Jack, make me come on your face. Suck it now," she moaned.

I pushed her leg aside and dove in, sucking both lips into my mouth with abandon. I love eating pussy, and hers tasted sweet. I realized that the taste was actually mingled with honey, and I glanced to her side to see a small squirt bottle of it. I groaned and lapped at her. She moaned louder, and louder still as I thrust my tongue in and out of her. She was soaking wet, and I lapped up her juices with loving care.

"God that feels good, it's so good, does it taste good Jack?"

"Mmmphsquisite," I agreed, nibbling on her clit gently before sucking it and rolling my tongue around it. Her hands went to my head, holding me firmly at her crotch as she ground against me.

"I've been turned on for hours, watching guys get all horny looking at my ass, at my tits..."

"These tits here?" I inquired, grabbing her breasts firmly through her shirt before returning to flick at her clit.

"Oh yeah, you naughty boy, those tits there have been stared at all night, making my nipples hard..." I continued to suck her clit but began moving my thumbs gently across her nipples, which were very hard. She jerked her head, making the wig fall out of place.

"This one guy has been following me around all night," she murmured as she twisted her head back and forth. "I bet he couldn't pass basic math, but he knows enough to lust after a hot piece of ass... His cock got all hard when I'd squat to look at a book, he'd get behind me and watch my ass..." I brought my hands back to her crotch. As I pressed my thumb against her sphincter I pushed two fingers into her dripping pussy with ease, which elicited a sharp gasp.

"I bet you wanted to push me over the desk and fuck me hard right in front of everybody, Jack, and I might have let you, I'm so hot," she continued, her voice rising steadily. "All night all I've been thinking about is dragging you back here to suck my wet pussy just, like, that, oh, Jack, don't, stop, just, like, that, oh," she gasped as the steady rhythm brought her off, shaking the van and screaming like a banshee. She pushed my face into her pussy, rubbing her juices all over my face. Her pussy clenched around my fingers as she peaked. Finally she released the deathgrip on my hair and sighed, grinning.

As she died down I realized how horribly vulnerable I was, that if I was caught I'd surely be fired, but that I didn't care. But my reverie was broken when she lifted me up, grabbed her shorts from the floor and yanked them on.

"I better get going, I'm gonna be late," she said nonchalantly.

I was flabbergasted. "That's it?" I said quietly. "You've got somewhere to be?"

"Yeah, I've got a date," she said in a matter-of-fact tone. "We'll have to do this again sometime," she said with a glance at me before rooting on the floor for her keys.

"Yeah," I said. I was numb. The pulsing in my cock was echoing in my brain like a car alarm.

She sat back and looked over at me innocently. "What's wrong, Jack? Something bothering you?" She smiled. Suddenly I realized the game she was playing, what she wanted me to do. At least I hoped so, because I didn't want to piss her off if I was wrong. But I forged ahead.

"I'll tell you what the problem is," I growled. I quickly grabbed her shoulders and bent her over, pressing her face against my crotch. "You feel that? You did that to me. Now you're gonna do something about it." She rubbed her face on the front of my jeans, against the lump of my cock. "I'm sure you know just what to do, don't you?"

Unbuttoning my jeans, she pulled down the zipper and took out my dick. She roughly jerked it and smiled up at me. "This what you want?" she whispered, her eyes sparkling in the dim light. She pulled my pants down further and cupped my balls, squeezing gently as she continued to pull at my cock.

"No, that won't do," I murmured, taking her head in my hands and guiding her lips to my shaft. Moaning she tongued the head with quick swirling strokes before slowly sucking it in. "Yeah, that's it, I want what every guy who saw you tonight wants, I want to come down your throat and that's what you want too, isn't it, you want me to shoot off in your mouth..."

She suddenly swooped down, taking it all in, and I grabbed her hair to fuck her face in earnest. Moaning she began to suck harder as I helped her increase the speed of her motions. As she squeezed my balls I felt the orgasm hit me like a freight train; she began sucking the cum from the head of my cock as she looked up at me, and I was totally thrown into another level as my cock spurted into her mouth. She swallowed repeatedly as I returned to earth, finally sitting back to wipe at a corner of her mouth. Catching some semen on one finger, she flicked it at me to land on my cheek.

I sat breathing hard, starting at her.

"You'll make me late, you naughty man." She yanked my pants back up and pulled up the zipper. "I really do have a date."

"But... Let me take you out sometime," I blurted.

She smiled sweetly. "Maybe. But not tonight. This bus has gotta roll, so move it, sucker." She opened the side door and began pulling me out of my stupor.

"Okay... What's your phone number?" I babbled as I stumbled out the door.

"Nuh-uh," she closed it and shook her head. "That comes later. You did good, but there's more. We'll see how you hold up." She jumped into the driver's seat and started the VW. With no fanfare at all she pulled away just as I remembered something.

"Wait, what is your NAME?" I shouted, but she beeped the horn and continued driving away.

I sighed, then remembered the cum on my face. Reaching up to wipe it off, I spied Danni leaning against the wall having a cigarette. She was grinning from ear to ear.

"I thought I told you to control yourself," she accused.

"How much did you hear?" I walked over to her.

She grinned even wider. "Enough to need to go spend some quality time in the bathroom."
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