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Naughty Night In Paris

Naughty Night In Paris

He invited his new found lover for a weekend in Paris...Thank you Sensual Tom!

As newfound lovers he escorted me along the cobblestone streets of Paris. We shared the dusk night as we walked arm in arm, leaning in for that warm caress. His eyes were fixed upon mine, as I stared into his lust filled eyes. Passion was building as the brilliant night lights beamed against my curvy thighs.

His strong hands pulled me into his loving embrace, pressing me against the wall of stone. I breathed deeply against him as he moaned. Pressing his weight against my length, he lifted my shimmery ivory dress by the hem as urgency beamed through our minds, and the night lights of the Eiffel Tower reflected a glow over us.

His soft kisses trickled over my forehead, nose and cheeks, across my glossy pink lips, dragging from shoulder to shoulder, as my knees felt wobbly. Urgently I fumbled for the zipper of his black dress slacks. Quickly he started assisting me, releasing his thick swollen shaft. Pressing against my pelvis, he murmured in my ear, "Suck me," giving my smooth rounded ass a smack. 

Without hesitation and with urgency I bent on one knee, my mouth bobbing over his thick hard cock. Saliva spilled over my well manicured hands, as his hips thrust into my face, his shaft hard as steel. Sucking deeper down the base of his girth he cupped my face as I sucked him long and deep. He pulled me by my hair as my mouth slithered up and down feeling his balls tighten before he exploded in my mouth.

Hissing and growling he spurted his first thick load of hot semen in the back of my stretched throat. Holding my face against his groin, another load erupted deep, coating my naughty little mouth. Releasing my lips from his spent cock, I licked my messy lips while peering up at him. Clasping my arms, then my hips, he pulled me into his loving embrace as we shared his tangy, salty mixture

We both looked around, realizing what his naughty little muse had done in public, on the streets of the romantic city of Paris. Giggling, I brushed away the creases in my ivory satin dress, winking at him as we continued along our way, arm in arm. He gracefully looked at me and whispered, "I love you!" Blowing him a kiss, my lips curled upward mimicking to him, "I love you!" 

We continued following the path along the Seine River walk, hand in hand. He patted my smooth silken ass, as I clenched his strong hand around mine. Winking at him I mouthed the words to him, "I have no panties on," and he gave my ass another spank. Gripping my wrists he pulled me into his embrace, warm wet kisses urgently pressed against the curve of my neck. Nibbling and suckling my lower ear, he flicked his tongue inside, his words murmuring, "I'm going to fuck you, deep and hard tonight, my naughty muse!" I snickered as he lifted my skirt, slapped my smooth silky mound, and rubbed my swollen nub as I yearned for his thick fingers to enter my hot little cunt.

His strong fingers curled deep inside my naughty, tight and wet pussy. Without hesitation he bit my shoulder, marking me as his, while his fingers fucked me deeper into orgasmic bliss. My yearning wet pussy spurted white creamy mixtures of warm cum over his thrusting fingers. Suddenly he pushed me against a light pole, unzipping his silky black slacks. Gripping his cock, he pressed his thick shiny head against my slippery wet folds.

Pulling me over his pulsing cock, he fucked me hard and deep, while bystanders watched our naughty adventures under the bright lights of the Eiffel Tower. I was slick and hot as my hips rocked in a semi-circular motion against his blood filled shaft. I moved my hips in a fury while he pulled me close, tonguing my ear, breathing hot breaths against me. At first I whimpered gently, then more insistently begged him to fuck me harder.

Taking one of his still wet fingers he began teasing my anus. I gasped as his finger slipped in, resting at his first knuckle. My moans urgently edged him into an euphoric peak. Grunting and hissing, his body jerked spurting thick creamy white spurts of cum deep in my silky white folds, while my pussy erupted against his shaft  and I moaned, "Mmm...I'm cumming."

I parted from him, brushing the wrinkles from my twisted dress. Hand in hand, we continued on our journey.

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