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Nikki – My New Neighbour

A single girl moved into the neighborhood recently and I had the enviable job of welcoming her.


It was hard work for a single girl to move in on her own. She needed a man to help her. But wasn’t I too old?

I was working nights, so I was in bed still regenerating myself for the night’s boring shift at the fun factory. Well that’s what the women there liked to call it. However, I was awoken by the sound of a large lorry reversing up my driveway.

“Stand clear… vehicle reversing…”

… shouted the automated voice from the lorry. The driver seemed to be having difficulty manoeuvring his vehicle through my narrow gateposts. I leapt out of bed and pulled the curtains back. Sure enough, there was this large box on wheels struggling to squeeze itself through the limited gap. Why was he reversing into my property I wondered? Then a blue Mini Cooper pulled up outside. It was being driven by a young lady. She gestured to the lorry driver. Her hands waving from behind the steering wheel and her fingers pointing to the property over the road. Now I guessed what was happening. The property opposite had been sold and the new occupant – being this young bird – was moving in. She looked up from the car to my window where I was standing. She waved and smiled at me. She obviously thought she’d better get off on the right foot on her first day in the neighbourhood. I nodded to her and grinned. She shrugged her shoulders as if to announce she didn’t know what was happening. I put my hand up to signal all was OK and went back into my bedroom.

There wasn’t much chance of me getting back to sleep now. I got dressed and went downstairs to make a cup of tea. Whilst in the kitchen I heard the doorbell ring. I looked to the front door. Through the frosted glass I saw the mosaic pattern of this young girl standing there. She wore a long khaki shirt. I don’t know if it was a coat but it looked more like a shirt. It went down just over her hips and then I saw the flesh colour of her legs. They looked long. I walked to the door and opened it. There she stood. She was absolutely stunning. My eyesight isn’t that good now that I’m getting on a bit. So the image I saw of her in the car was a bit blurred. But here she was in full detail. The first thing I noticed was her lovely perfume. To cap this, she didn’t look like she was wearing much under that shirt. Her tits were sculptured perfectly within the fabric and I could see her pert nipples were just popping through the soft satin as well. She saw me looking at them and gave me a naughty smile but then folded her arms across them. She obviously felt a little sorry for doing that as she quickly lowered her arms and placed them on her hips. She introduced herself to me…

“Hiya – I’m awfully sorry about this but I think my driver is a bit confused. He seems to think I’m moving in with you.”

She giggled, but was very well spoken. Not a plummy voice but a very soft and sexy voice. She pronounced her words perfectly and she appeared to be well educated. I wouldn’t have minded her moving in with me as she looked like she could keep me young and active. I replied to her introduction.

“I’m Jack Warner. Welcome to Bishops Stortford. It’s a pleasure to meet you young lady… what’s your name?”

“I’m Nikki... Nikki Jennings.”

“Pleased to meet you, Nikki.”

I told her not to worry about the driver. These things happen. He hadn’t knocked my gate posts over so I was glad about that. Nikki went on...

“I’ve told the driver where to go. I don’t have much on the lorry as I’m moving out of my boyfriend’s flat as we didn’t get on.”

The lorry driver put the vehicle into forward gear and eased the lorry out of my driveway. I offered Nikki a cup of tea or coffee.

“That’s awfully kind of you, Mr. Warner… I’m bloody parched. Do you mind if I have a coffee?”

I invited her into the kitchen. She walked in and I could now smell her wonderful perfume and see her beautiful face up close. I guessed she was aged about twenty-eight but I was too embarrassed to actually ask her. I thought I’d get to know her first.

“This is a nice place you have here Mr. Warner. Have you been here long?”

“Yes, I’ve been here for over thirty years. I lived here with my wife but she died about five years ago.”

I hoped this would give me grounds for sympathy and I was right. She put her hand on my shoulder and told me she was sorry to hear about my wife. I offered her a seat to take the weight from her. She sat down on one of my bar stools and I went to put the kettle on. I looked round at her. She was perched in such a way that I could see her very long legs as the shirt had pulled itself up her waist as she sat down. I automatically set my eyes between her legs and got an eyeful of some light brown knickers. Her nipples were protruding even further now and I looked at her cleavage as a few of the buttons appeared to have come undone. Again, she saw me looking at her knickers and decided to cross her legs. She smiled again and said:

“I can see you’ve got an eye for the ladies Mr. Warner, I think I’m going to have to watch you aren’t I?”

I blushed and tried to look away but she had a hold on me. I turned back to her and she beckoned me over.

“I think we should get this out of the way for good, don’t you? Come here and undo this for me.”

She placed my hand on the flimsy belt that went around her waist and told me to loosen it. As I started to unbelt her I could see her breasts starting to heave as her breathing got more intense. She was clearly getting turned on by me touching her. It became apparent that she had completely forgotten about the removal men that were offloading her belongings. The doorbell rang. It was one of the porters. I quickly wrapped Nikki back up and tied the belt securely around her waist.

“Oh fuck. Just as I was starting to enjoy myself, Mr. Warner.”

“Me too sweetheart. We’ll carry on where we left off later if you like?”

She gave me another smile and pulled my head towards her and kissed me on the lips. As I fumbled about, my hand went down onto her crotch and I felt the wetness between her legs. She was well and truly wanting for sex.

Nikki jumped off the bar stool and ran to the door. She was giggling and seemed very excited about the whole thing. I just watched in amazement as she opened my front door and began a charming conversation with the porter as though nothing had distracted her. She called out to me and told me she’d see me later and with that, she closed the door behind her and went off with the guy from the removal lorry.

A few hours passed. I was getting ready to go to work when the doorbell rang. I looked up the hallway towards the front door and saw Nikki’s distorted appearance waiting the other side of the door. She banged on the glass.

“Jack - please help me! Those mean guys have dumped all my stuff in the hallway and driven off.”

I walked to the door and opened it, I guessed this was an excuse for Nikki to get me into her home. Wishful thinking, I know, but it turned out to be true as I will explain. Nikki looked really pissed off but I could tell she was overdoing it a bit. I asked her what she wanted me to do.

“I’ve got some heavy boxes that I need taking upstairs to the bathroom and to the bedroom. Would you be able to help me, Jack? It will be worth it I assure you.”

To which she finished with a wink and a sexy grin. I kissed her on her forehead and told her I’d be right with her. I needed to phone work and throw a sickie. I rarely take time off work and this beautiful woman was now going to make me phone up and lie about my absence. I told her to go back home and I’d join her within five minutes. My pulse was racing at the thought of spending the afternoon with this sexy girl and also how to keep my voice from quivering when I phoned the office.

“Thanks, Jack, you’re like my Dad - I will pour a glass of something special for when you come over. See you in a jiffy.”

Nikki hurried on over the road and I closed the door and went to phone the office. They were very understanding. I told them I’d woken up with a stomach upset. The lady at the end of the phone said it was no problem and she would tell my supervisor that I was off. I’d had a good shower whilst Nikki was seeing to the removal men. I splashed on some EDT to make myself smell nice and went to put on a coat. I took a look at myself in the mirror and grinned. I thought, ‘You dirty old cunt’ and went for the front door. I walked out and locked it behind me as I wasn’t sure how long I’d be gone or what she’d got planned for me. I couldn’t believe how it was this easy to pull an attractive young woman, neither could I believe how she was getting intimate after just meeting me.

It was early evening by now. Although it was still light the sun was going down fast as we were in late summer. It was pretty humid and I was starting to sweat just before I got to Nikki’s front door. I was a bit nervous doing this sort of thing in my own locality but I was desperate to see this girl again. I rang the doorbell. She came to the door in no time and that khaki green shirt she was wearing was now fully unbuttoned and hanging loose over her body. The belt was dangling either side and she looked fucking awesome. She took hold of me and pulled me into her semi-naked body. She reeked of sex!

“You smell nice Jack. I want you even more now that you smell so good. I’m just going to pour us both a drink. What would you like?”

“I’ll have a Gin & Tonic if you have one handy.”

“Sure, I’ll pour you one. A strong one just to relax you.”

She winked at me then let me go. I watched her walk to the kitchen where she’d put some boxes containing her celebration drinks. I followed her, watching her lovely female form as she prepared drinks for us both.

“I’m sorry I don’t have any ice, Jack.”

“Don’t worry about ice darling, you will more than make up for a lack of ice.”

She handed me the drink. We clinked our glasses and took a small sip, then we kissed again. Nikki opened the shirt wide now. She showed me her lovely large breasts. I tipped a small amount of gin and tonic over one breast and quickly rolled my tongue over her skin to lick it up and then pursed my lips over the erect nipple.

“Oh, Jack you certainly know how to treat a girl. You’re giving me goose pimples you horny bastard.”

I poured some more drink over her and let it flow right down her tummy. I watched it trickle down over her already moist panties. I knelt down to get my mouth level with her pussy. The panties smelt musky and were soaked and glistening with all the honey that was permeating through them. She looked down at me. Holding her drink as if she was at a cocktail party, she anticipated what was coming next. I pulled down the waistband of her knickers exposing her smooth cunt. I then pulled them down her long legs and she managed to wiggle her feet through them. I put my fingers on either side of her pussy and pulled the outer lips apart, exposing her pink, moist insides. I didn’t hesitate in putting my tongue into her warm slit. I took another mouthful of G&T and spat it over her pussy and quickly licked it from inside her snatch.

“Oh my God, Jack, that feels lovely!”

Nikki rolled her head back and breathed even faster. I rolled my tongue all over her naked torso, then into her navel whilst whispering sexual thoughts about her. I returned my attention to her cunt. It was lovely seeing a girl this excited; she was absolutely loving it. Her juices were flowing all over my face.

"Fuck me, Jack. You have officially been promoted to, best friend."

“Are you sure you want me to. Er... I mean I’m a lot older than you are.”

“Why should that matter? You do things how I want and it’s my choice. You’re far better than that lazy sloth I’ve just left.”

I didn’t need to be told again. I unzipped my jeans, hastily undid my belt and lowered my trousers and pants exposing my rock hard cock. I pulled off my T-shirt leaving me almost naked. Nikki looked at me and complimented me on my slim fit body. Not bad for a fifty-eight-year-old guy. I pulled the shirt from her completely. She’d been dressed with nothing on her but this flimsy shirt. I tossed it to one side and told her to keep her shoes on. The sound of her high-heeled shoes on the bare floorboards was just another quirk to turn me on.

I took her out into the hallway to the bottom of the stairs. She sat on the first step and spread her legs for me. Her smooth, shaved pussy was polished clean from all the gin and love juice that had been licked from her by my tongue. She laid back with her elbows supporting herself on the third step and invited me again to lick her pussy out. I hoisted her up by holding her bum and lifting her pelvis higher so that I could lick her bum hole as well as her wet vagina. She sighed as my tongue went inside her again. I licked at every inner surface I could sense. The taste of her honey was even sweeter now. Her breathing became ever more rapid as I swirled my tongue around her. My cock felt like it was at bursting point and I whispered that I was on the verge of ejaculation.

“Come on Jack, I can’t hold out much longer… put it into me!”

I got up and lowered my body onto hers. Holding my erect member, I fumbled to get it inside her before I erupted my come all over her wooden stairs. In it went. I pumped for less than thirty seconds and then a massive wave of pleasure filled my mind and body. I squirted her cunt with a good few shots of come. I kept on pumping. My heart was racing until I just couldn’t go any further. I collapsed straight onto Nikki’s naked body and breathed a sigh of relief. I found the energy to move my head up to hers whereby I kissed her on her neck and lips several times. I told her she was so pretty and that I felt like I was falling in love with her. I’m just a sucker for pretty girls.

“That’s nice, Jack. Thank you for saying that. I like you too. Now when you’ve calmed down a bit I’m going to take your cock deep into my throat and suck you until you come into my mouth. How does that sound...dirty or what?”

Those words will echo round my head forever, and it didn’t take long before my cock was rock solid again. Now I could experience something my wife would never do. Nikki clasped my tool in both hands. Using her fingers to play it like a flute. She slowly pulled me into her mouth whilst looking at me in an extremely slutty way.


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