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Not Your Typical Lush Chat

This Lush chat started out normal enough then things got freaky good

I'm new to Lush and, as such, I've gotten a flurry of friend requests, online messages and chat requests. I guess that's what happens when "fresh meat" arrives.  

Everyone asks if my avatar is me and the answer is: "Yes, that's little ol' me, most of my best parts."  

I've had several chats that have been memorable, but the one I'm about to relate was not your typical Lush chat. It falls into a different category of its own.  

I was reading a story when that distinctive "ding" sounded. Like I always do, I checked out the requester's profile and it looked interesting, so I accepted the request.  

It started out normally enough, with a "Hi. (smiley face)"  

My response was, "Hey there."  

"Congrats on your first story."

My first Lush story had just been posted, and I was pleasantly surprised at the mostly positive reception.

"Thanks - I hope you read it and it got you horny."

Their response was, "Your avatar makes me horny, too."

I replied, "Well, that's most of little ol' me."

This was followed quickly with a gif. It was of a guy fucking a woman on her back as her tits kept the rhythm of his strokes, about one per second.

"Mmm, you're very yummy."

My retort was, "Mmm, I could use a good fuck today. Her tits a little bigger than mine, though."

This was followed by another gif of a woman in the doggy position gyrating her hips on a guy's cock.

"Now, that's something I'm good at," I quipped.

Another gif appeared. A man unsnapped the soaked crotch of a woman's bodysuit, then planted a wet, slurpy kiss on her hot lips. You know the lips I mean. "So many promises. You promise?"  

"Yup, that’s something I like to do. (big winking smiley face)"

"Well, that's something I love to get - we're a matched set."

Nearly immediately, a new gif appeared. This was of a woman giving a long, wet licking from a guy's nuts to inhaling his huge cock. At this point, my pussy began to tingle. I love to suck cocks. It's one of my better talents.

I was getting into this visual display, replying, "We've got to get together. We've got the same tastes."

He responded with, "Where are you? At home or work?"  

I responded, "I'm working from home today, but I'm not getting much work done, though."  

Yet another gif. This one, of a woman rubbing her panties-covered clit as the camera pans up her torso past her bare breasts to her face's "come fuck me" expression. I know that expression well. I began to get wet.  

"Are you trying to get me hot?"  

"Shouldn't I? (winking face). What are you wearing?"  

Fuck, another gif, this one of a nice, eight-inch cock sliding over a smooth clit and slit, then slipping fully into a wet pussy.  

"Much less than when we started. Mmm, I can almost feel that. It gives me the tingles," I replied.  

The next gif was a woman with a big, swaying rack of boobs getting doggy fucked. To which I quipped, "She's got some nice tits."

"What about you? I'm still in bed. Well, if no one is around, why not get rid of everything?"

Replying, "A lady has to have a little modesty. I'm down to my panties only."

"Take them off... blame it on me."

"Well, just for you. They're wet, anyway."

Just then another gif appeared, this one had a naked woman looking longingly into a shirtless man's eyes while she caressed his nuts with one hand and stroked his hard cock with the other. That was a beautiful-looking cock.

"That's something else I'm good at - teasing cocks. I love to get them harder than they've ever been," I retorted.

Another fucking gif, this one was a naked woman with three fingers of her left hand rapidly pummeling her pussy, massaging her breast with the other. Fuck, my pussy was oozing juice like I worked at "Orange Julius".

"Are you going to do something about your wet pussy?"

The next gif was the same woman using two hands to finger and rub her pussy, followed quickly by another of her rubbing her clit feverishly.

"You don't say much, but your pics are fucking my brain." I was so fucking hot by then that my fingers had taken up residence in my wetness.

Another of the same woman, this time her fingers were buried in her cunt; her legs quivering and her hips bucking. It was obvious she was nearly there, just like me.

"Fuck the hell out of yourself, babe."

"I thought you were going to fuck me with my fingers?" I replied.

"I want you so hot that it starts dripping."

"Too late. It's already happened," I answered.

"Goood girl," he responded.

"I'm getting pretty close to exploding," I responded. I was panting by then.

"Let me take care of those lovely boobs," he replied.

"Hmmm, my pussy is so wet. It's making those squishy sounds."

Just then, another gif of a man inhaling a breast into his mouth. My nipple hardened even more.

"Cum on my tits!" I demanded, but I wasn't in control of this conversation.

Questioning, "Do you need a hard cock?"

"Oh, yes, I could use one, badly."

Immediately, a gif of a man two-handed stroking his nine-inch member appeared. I was salivating. I did need that cock. By now, my pussy was soaked and I had buried two fingers knuckle-deep into my snatch.

"You want this one?"

Another cock gif appeared. It was sticking straight up like a ten-inch flagpole. My hand unconsciously wiped he drool from the corner of my mouth. I was lost in this conversation or should I say, pictorial review. It was hitting all my hot buttons.

"This is too much. I have to suck it. Would you lick my pussy while I take care of that big cock?" I was nearly begging for his cock.


"Yes, I'm already wet. You're done warming me up."

The next gif appeared. A woman on her belly with her ass in the air as a man slips his cock into her pussy. Her mouth gasps as it goes in.

I was desperate, replying, "You're fucking with me now, just fuck me. My pussy is on fire."

Another gif, a man's hand firmly caressing a pussy with his middle finger slipping over her slit into her wetness - my wetness.

I was losing it and replied," Do you want to fuck my ass? Please say, yes."

"Really?? (Big smiley face)" he answered.

"It's my favorite way to cum."

"I will fuck all your holes. (winking face)"

Not thinking clearly and speaking from the fog of arousal, I blurted," I love it when he fills my ass with cum."

"Hmmm, you like that feeling?"

Another gif with a woman on her back; arms held overhead and legs pinned to her breast as a man fucks her ass.

"Now feel it deep inside your soul."

"Oh yes, I love cumming. What a rush. Fuck my ass." My spelling was barely comprehensible.

Another gif of the moment-- she has an orgasm with his cock in her cunt. Her body shudders in ecstasy as she flings her head back and her back arches to meet his thrusts.

"I cum just like that - a full-body experience," I volunteered.

"You need it faster and deeper. Don't you?"

Fuck, another visual, a gif of a rapid piston-like ass-fucking. He is standing and has one of her legs up as she grips the sheet for dear life.

"God, yes, fuck my ass deep. I want to feel your cock all the way to my throat."

He asked, "Where are your fingers?"

"There are three buried in my twat," I panted, "I can feel it coming."

"Not yet, baby. Faster and deeper."

"I'm pinching my nipples. Fuck, that feels good." I was screaming at my computer.

"Take your fingers out and rub them on your rosebud," he ordered.

I couldn't stand it any longer. I shoved two fingers in my ass. That set me off. "Ooooh yesss, fuuucccck yesss."

I was breathing heavily - panting, I think. I couldn't stand. My legs were still quivering.

"Thank you. I haven't been that hot in a long while," I responded honestly.

"You're welcome. Time to get ready for work."

"Thank you so much. GTO"



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