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Office Play

Guess he made an impression
He hated these meetings. He had to force himself to stay awake most of the time as someone rambled on and on. Usually the audience was irritated and wanted to vent about what was wrong with the process. He'd sit and listen and nod his head. Sometimes he'd make a comment.

And the worse thing about the whole thing? Usually there was not a single pretty face in the whole group!

This time was looking to be the same situation. It was a smaller group, only three women. So far, only two had arrived; one old enough to have been around when the company started 100 years ago and the other seemingly confused about her gender. This was going to be a long hour.

Then Jessica walked in the room and everything changed.

She was average height, with an average build and an average face. But, and maybe it was the scenery available for comparison, she looked downright delicious. Maybe it was the silky dress she wore which seemed to slide all over her body as she moved. Maybe it was the low cut of the neckline that kept promising a view of her breasts, but never quite opened enough. Maybe it was the way the hem fell away and opened, giving a very nice view of her shapely, firm calves and thighs as she crossed her legs. She looked him directly in the eye and smiled as she shook his hand and sat down across the table.

He had a feeling this girl could be trouble.

The meeting continued and he kept finding himself staring at her, trying to figure out what it was that attracted him to her. She'd look straight at him when she asked a question and he found he had a hard time maintaining her gaze. And her smile was one of those that just turned a guy inside out. She was an active speaker and would move all around in her seat as she talked, her hands gesturing and moving about.

Well, whatever it was, he was enjoying his time at this particular meeting.

Unfortunately, the meeting ended and his team headed back to their own offices.

"Damn! I forgot my folders," he said as they got back to the car. "You guys go ahead and I'll walk back."

He walked back into the building and headed down the hallway to the meeting room. Unfortunately, all the hallways looked the same in this place and he ended up at a different meeting room. Great. Now what? He figured he'd have to own up to being lost and forgetful today and ask someone for directions back to the right room. He looked around and every door was closed, and from what he could tell, they were unoccupied as the lights were out in each one. He continued down the hall and turned down another. He'd better find someone still here or he'd be completely lost. Finally, he saw one office with the lights still on and knocked at the door. No one answered, so he knocked again and quietly opened the door. They were probably on the phone.

"Damn," he whispered to himself at the sight in front of him.

Somehow, he'd found his way to Jessica's office. Out of all the rooms and halls and offices, he'd opened the door to hers. And she wasn't on the phone, but she was busy.

He slowly, quietly closed the door behind him as he stepped into the room. She was sitting in her chair, head back, eyes closed, with headphones on... her hand buried between her legs.

"Mmmm, yesss. Just like that. Oh yeah," she was moaning and talking quietly to herself as she enjoyed her little fantasy. Her legs were spread wide, her dress pulled up, her naked pussy on full display. Her hand covered her mound as her middle finger moved in and out of her wet slit. He could smell her sex as soon as he walked in and could hear the wet noises as her finger plunged between her lips.

He was instantly hard as a rock.

"Oh god, Mark. Lick my pussy, baby. Lick it all up. Mmmmm... you like how my pussy tastes?"

What?!? Did she really just say his name? Was she really fantasizing about him while she fingered herself? He had to admit he had planned on using the thought of her in his own next solo fantasy, but this was almost too much.
Dear Penthouse, I never thought this would happen to me...

Well, he certainly wasn't one to let a golden opportunity go to waste! If she wanted to fantasize about him, he'd give her the real thing.

He stepped softly towards her and could now hear the music coming from the headphones. Any moment now she'd open her eyes catch him watching her. He wanted to be ready for her.

He undid his pants and pulled his hard cock out. He thought about getting completely naked, but he was afraid someone might walk in and catch him. She would be able to recover, but he'd have a hard time explaining his condition.

"Give me that big dick, Mark. Slide it in my mouth, baby, mmmmm," she opened her mouth and ran her free hand into her dress to play with her breasts. He watched her push the material open and pull out a gorgeous full mound, the tip hard as his cock. She pinched the nipple hard and moaned, pulling and squeezing.

He couldn't stand it any longer and stepped up to her side, his cock bobbing in front of her open mouth. He grabbed himself and directed the head towards her perfectly inviting mouth. Just as he was about to slip it between her lips, her eyes opened.

"What?!? You're - mmmmmm," she stuttered but then her eyes settled on his thick hard cock being offered to her and she stopped. "My, isn't this my lucky day?"

"I thought it was mine," he said as she released her breast and grabbed his dick in her hand. She stroked him and rubbed the precum all over the head with her thumb before sliding him into her mouth. "Oh fuck!"

Her mouth was perfect; so warm and wet, her tongue like a velvet snake sliding all around his length. He put his hand on the back of her head and pulled her towards him, sliding himself deeper into her mouth. His other hand slipped into her dress and found her breasts, so soft and firm, her nipples hard and sensitive. He pinched her and she moaned out loud.

He proceeded to slide his dick in and out of her perfect mouth, her hand cradling his balls, rolling them in her fingers. Her other hand had never left her pussy and she was now firmly fingering herself with two fingers plunging in and out.

As delicious as her mouth felt, he had no idea how much time he had but he knew he had to feel that pussy wrapped around his cock. He pulled away from her and she looked up at him with a surprised look. She finally pulled off the headphones.

"What are you doing?" she asked but stopped when he pulled her up out of the chair and took her place. "Ohhhh, I see. Can I go for a ride?"

Somehow she managed to get her legs over the arms of the chair so she was straddling him, her wet pussy pressed firmly against his throbbing rod. She moved her hips back and forth, his cock sliding back and forth along her slit. She undid the belt around her waist and her dress fell open, her beautiful breasts offered up to his hungry gaze and mouth. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his face between her firm mounds. He licked and sucked at her, finding a nipple and nibbling at her hard tip. His hands slipped down her back to her tight little ass and he lifted her slightly so he could straighten his cock upright and into her.

"Ohhhhh, yes. That's exactly what I needed," she moaned as he slipped inside her.

She was so tight he was afraid he was going to blow his load right then. She leaned back and put her hands on the arms of the chair. They both looked down at where their bodies came together and she pulled up and nearly off of him, keeping just the tip inside her. Then she looked him straight in the eyes again.

"I am going to fuck you so hard, baby!"

And she did just that.

She came down hard on his cock, taking every last inch inside her tight little slit, then lifted back up until the tip nearly fell out of her and only her lips held him in place. Then she slid back down, engulfing him completely. Over and over she did this until he thought he'd lose his mind. Finally he grabbed her hips and thrust up into her, taking over the tempo of their bodies coming together. He picked up the pace and watched her bounce up and down on him, her breasts magnificent as he licked and sucked at them, driving her wild.

"Oh fuck! God that feels so good!" she said breathlessly. "Yes, suck my tits, Mark. Mmmm, bite 'em. Harder. Oh yes! Yes! Harder Mark! Fuck me!"

She was bouncing erratically on his cock now, building towards her climax, her head thrown from side to side, her hair flying all over.

"Oh fuck, Jessica, that's it, ride me, baby," he grunted as she leaned forward again and ground her crotch into his. "Oh god I'm gonna cum, baby!"

"Yes! Mmmmm, give me that hot load, baby!" He grabbed her arms to get up but she broke his grip and pinned his shoulders to the chair as she continued to grind herself against him. Her motions were taking him dangerously close to his own cliff and he was going to go over the edge any minute. "I want you to cum inside me, baby. Cum with me!"

He could feel her body begin to quiver and her pussy constricted around his cock as she started to cum on him. He tried to hold back but knew it was a losing battle.

"Oh yes! Cum in me! Oh! Fuck! Yes!" she bounced all over his cock and then settled down firmly on his lap, her pussy gripping him tight and pulling him deeper inside her, if that was even possible, as they both came.

She laid her head down on his chest and sighed heavily. Finally, he slipped from inside her, spent. She got up and pulled her dress back together, tying the belt back around her waist.

"I'm thinking we should set up another meeting once a week, don't you think?" she smiled and straightened her dress.

"I was thinking we'd need something more like twice a week, actually," he replied.

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