Office Quickies - The Bus Ride In

By MercyB

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For Laura, sex began before she even got to the office. It began on the bus ride in.
Every day I saw those deep hazel eyes turn their gaze on me. Eyes that seemed to see beneath the layers of clothing that I wore down to my lace thong and my size DD demi-cup bra.

Last Friday, my gaze snapped away from those beautiful eyes as the bus took off and I found myself grabbing on to the bar above me to keep from falling. Just three weeks ago my company started an incentive program which paid for half of our monthly public transportation. I was a little nervous at first. Being crammed into an intercity bus was not my idea of fun. My memories of public transportation always take me back to the days when I would take the bus down to the mall with my mother and sisters. I only remember strange, smelly old men who would leer at me as if I was a piece of choice steak. I always sat close to my mother on those bus rides. The destination was always better than the journey.

Riding public transportation this time around was not nearly as bad. The bus was filled with other people who were on their way to work at this hour. I was actually shocked to find men and women in business suits!

After a few days I noticed that I saw many of the same people everyday. One gorgeous passenger, in particular, had caught my eye. I grew fond of him, dubbing him “tall, dark, and handsome.” Usually, when I got on the bus he was sitting in a seat near the middle of the bus, so at first I did not know how tall he was. One time, however, he got up to offer his seat to an elderly lady and I noticed that he was at least 6’ 3” tall. He had strong broad shoulders, lean hips, a tight ass, and large hands. My thoughts would stray as I looked at his hands. Was it true that large hands meant a large dick?

His skin was the color of a creamy caramel latte. Everyday I thought about how I loved whipped cream with my latte, and how I would enjoy licking that whipped cream off his rock hard stomach. The thought almost brought my tongue out to seductively lick my lips, but I always stopped myself, afraid of what others on the bus would think of me. Most of these people, after all, worked in corporate America. They were only concerned with getting to work and getting home. The freak show of a woman having an orgasm on the bus was not a part of the schedule.

He had thick, wavy, black hair. One lock of hair always threatened to fall to his forehead. Oh, how I wanted to run my fingers through his hair while I kissed his luscious lips. I could imagine taking first his bottom lip and then his top lip into my mouth. Oh, this train of thought was going to get me into trouble!

Last Friday the bus was a little more packed than usual. I got on the bus and moved towards the back. To my surprise “tall, dark, and handsome” was also in the back of the bus. He had the fortune to have gotten a seat. As I stood, my back was to him. I tried not to think about how my ass was practically in his face.

As the bus rode along it grew more and more packed with people. I had to step back several paces until the back of my legs were brushing against his knees with every jostle and sway of the bus. Every time the bus took off my ass came within five inches of his face. I could not bare to turn around. I feared that I would see an angry face looking up at me. Or maybe I was afraid that I’d look into those beautiful eyes and see that he enjoyed the view.

Friday, I wore a short business skirt that hugged my ass and thighs. The skirt came to just an inch above my knees and had a two inch slit up the back. I could feel every fiber of his pants as, by this time, our contact seems to be constant. As I reached above my head to hold the bar to steady myself, my skirt lifted even higher. Unfortunately, with so many people on the bus there were no other bars for me to hold on to except the one above my head. It was either hold on to the bar or fall into his lap. That probably would not be such a bad idea. . .

When the bus gave a particularly strong jolt I thought that I felt a hand touch my right leg just above the knee. It seemed like an innocent gesture to steady me. Even though my breath quickened with the contact I did not think that it would be repeated. As we got closer to downtown the bus was stopping at almost every corner to pick up and drop off passengers. Even with people getting on and off the bus did not seem to be any less crowded.

Another jolt and I felt the hand again. This time it lingered a little bit longer and a little bit higher. His hand, this time, was not on the outside of my knee, but on the inside. I knew the hand was from “tall, dark, and handsome” and the thrill of his touch was making my panties wet. Luckily there were so many people all around us that no one noticed him touching me.

With the next jolt of the bus one hand reached up and touched my sex, which was practically dripping with my juices, while the other hand rested on my leg to steady me. Thank God for underwear! Otherwise I would have been dripping down my leg at this point. I was startled at the fact that he did not remove his hand this time, but began to massage my clit through my panties. I know that my face must have been flushed. Hopefully, no one noticed. The air in the bus was suddenly heating up. I was grateful that I at least had my sunglasses on that day.

My ass naturally thrust itself closer to his face as I spread my legs slightly to give him better access. Each sway of the bus only made the massage more tantalizing. Soon, he pushed my panties aside and his thumb entered my channel while his fingers continued their slow massage of my clit. I let out a soft moan as I heard him fake a cough as a cover. His pace quickened with each city block. At first I could not believe I was on a crowded bus letting some stranger take me to heaven, but eventually all thoughts left my mind as my climax shot through my body like fireworks on a hot July evening.

As I climaxed I lost my grip on the bar above me and fell into his lap. I could feel the hard ridge of his cock through my skirt. As my cunt continued to contract and the bus swayed I slowly rocked myself on his thick rod. I heard him suck in a breath and one of his hands came to rest on my rib cage just below my left breast. In one hand I had hold of my jacket and purse. The other hand rested on his right thigh. This only lasted about a minute because my stop was coming up and I had to get off the bus.

The next stop was mine. I gathered my things, stood up and exited the bus. I was too embarrassed to look back at him. Afraid of what I might see on his face. It’s amazing what you’ll do in the heat of the moment, but when it’s over you don’t know if you’ll live to regret it or if it was the best thing that happened to you. I guess it all depended on how he took it. At that moment, I could not bare to see his face. That was Friday.

Today was Monday. I did not see him on the ride into work. Even though I was embarrassed by what we did on Friday I was still a little disappointed not to see him Monday morning. All throughout the day I keep thinking about him, about how his fingers felt as they slicked in and out of my juicy channel. His fingers felt like magic as circled around my clit. Even the feel of his other hand has he firmly held me in place was a part of the memory that I did no want to forget. I could feel the heat of his breath on my ass as he leaned into me.

Monday had been a busy day at work. My boss had given me the parameters to a big project that I was to take the lead on. When I got on the bus going home my mind with filled with thoughts of the project and the team that I would choose. I did not even notice that again I was standing in front of him towards the back of the bus on the way home. I was distracted with thoughts of him when I felt a hand on my thigh. I looked over my shoulder straight into those hazel deep eyes that made me think of the color of forest leaves in the fall. For a moment I could not look away as we stared at each other. His eyes seemed to express how much he enjoyed the other day and how much he was looking forward to more. The corner of his mouth lifted in a wicked smile as he winked at me. I felt my face flush with excitement.

When the person next to him got up to exit the bus he pulled me down to sit next to him. Not letting go on my hand he pulled it right under his jacket which was laying across his lap. His eyes never left mine. As my hand touched his bare hot cock I saw the pupils of his eyes contract as his cock grew in my hand. The muscles in his jaw tightened as I took hold of his thick cock and began moving up and down. He felt so big! I wished that I could have thrown that jacket off so that I could really see how big he was.

He slightly turned so that our bodies were facing each other. Our foreheads touched as he laid one hand to the back of my neck, drawing me closer.

My forefinger swirled around the tip of his head, spreading his precum over his dick. I could imagine tasting his salty sweetness. I squirmed in my seat, my clit throbbing, aching to be touched.

“What is your name, sweetheart?” He whispered. Even if he spoke in a normal voice I don’t think anyone would have heard us. Everyone on the bus was busy chatting about their day. His voice was so husky I felt myself cream my panties. This man was so sexy I could not stand it!

“Laura. What’s yours?”

“Trey.” He licked his lips reminding me how much I wanted to take his lips into my mouth and suck on them. “Laura, you have the best hands.”

I smiled. Knowing that I could bring pleasure to a man this gorgeous made me feel fearless. Who cares if we were getting each other off on a crowded bus?

“Trey, I want to make you come, but I don’t think this bus is the best place to do all the things that I want to do to you. Will you come home with me?” I could not believe I’d just said that! I had never been so bold with a man that I barely knew. I held my breath as I waited for his answer. I was sure that he was going to decline. For a moment I was resolved that if he did decline I would have to be satisfied with our bus rides to and from work everyday.

“Baby, you know I want to. Only two more stops to go and I’m all yours.”