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Office Surprise

Office Surprise

She was going to bring him a real birthday surprise!
My sweet Mark is a wonderful guy. As a husband, he has no equal. He is kind, considerate, and thoughtful. He is always thinking of me and finding little ways to brighten my day and make me smile. One day he will surprise me with flowers when he comes home from work. Another day he will take me out to dinner because he doesn't want me to "slave over a hot stove just to feed him".

As a provider, he is amazing. He works hard - harder than he should, but he does it to provide us with a very comfortable home and a good life. He is very good at his job too. He is one of the top investment managers in New York. People come from all over to seek his financial advice and to trust him with their life savings. It is an important job and a serious one too. The people that seek his advice put a lot of faith in his word, and he doesn't want to let them down. For him it's not about earning a paycheck - he really wants to see his clients succeed and their money grow.

As a lover, Mark is... well let's just say I don't have any complaints! He is compassionate, tender, and he always makes sure that I come away from our lovemaking happy and satisfied. He is also very innovative and creative, always coming up with new things for us to try. He is extremely sexy and he makes me feel so as well.

Yes, I love my Mark and I know he loves me just as much. I just wish that he didn't have to work quite so hard. He puts in long hours in the office every day. Sometimes he goes in even when he is supposed to be home with me if there is a turn in the stock market or some other financial issue that affects his clients. He is wonderfully conscientious and makes sure he is on top of the markets all the time.

Last month was Mark's birthday and the day before, the stock market took a dive. Mark called it a "hiccup", but I guess it was pretty serious. He told me that some of his clients stood to lose several thousands of dollars in their accounts if he couldn't resolve things. He was on the computer at work all that day moving their money into better, more stable funds. I don't know that much about what he does, but that was how he explained it to me.

Anyway, he had gone in on his birthday to see to it that his client's money was safe, and he said he would be home around noon that day. We had planned on going out to dinner and having a nice evening together. But shortly before he was supposed to come home, he called me.

"Hi honey, listen I am going to have to stay later than I planned. This mess is taking longer to resolve than I thought it would. The markets are shit and I got to figure out some way to stem this, or I am going to have a lot of very pissed off clients!" he said. He sounded exasperated.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Well every time I move money around, the move causes another problem in the market that I have to try to fix! You just can't move this kind of money fast without scaring people! If I dump ten grand of one stock to get it out of a bad investment and put it someplace else, the bad investment gets worse and the new one draws a lot of unwanted attention. This causes others to want to jump in on it and that makes the stock value change and I have to account for that as well. It's just a mess!" he said. I could feel the weariness in his voice.

"Poor baby... You'll figure it out, I know you will. You are smart and you don't give up until you have fixed the problem. Just don't work too hard, sweetheart. I'll be waiting for you to come home. I love you," I said, trying to be a comfort somehow.

"Thanks hon, I love you too. I'll be home as soon as I can," he said, and hung up the phone.

I hung up the phone, dispirited. I was looking forward to a night out with Mark followed by a private little party back home afterwards! That when the idea hit me...

I looked up at the clock just after I hung up the phone. It was 4:00 and I knew that his office would be closing up soon for the day. Perfect! I ran upstairs and took a quick shower. While I was in the shower, I decided I needed to shave. Normally, I keep my pussy hair neat and short, but this was a special occasion and I knew that Mark had a secret fondness for shaved pussies. He had never said anything to me, but I have seen some of the pics he looks at and how he ogles the women in the porn flicks we watch. The girls in them are almost all shaved. So I thought it would be a nice treat if I presented clean and smooth as well. Shaving my pussy and thinking about the evening I had in mind began to get me more and more turned on, and it was all I could do to keep from having a little pre-party fun of my own!

After showering and drying off, I went into the bedroom to continue getting ready. I looked at myself in the full-length mirror on our bedroom door and I was amazed at how I looked. Seeing myself for the first time with a completely shaved pussy was even turning me on! I admired my newly bald pussy for a couple moments and then went to the closet to pick out what I was going to wear.

I looked through my closet trying to pick out the perfect outfit. I wanted something really hot and sexy, but everything I had there, Mark had seen many times. I needed something new, but there was no time to go shopping. Then I remembered a story I read on Lush where a woman surprised her man at the office by showing up naked under her coat! Well I wasn't quite that daring, but I could come close. I got out my favorite black lace bra and matching panty and put them on. I liked these because the bra pushed my tits up and together, making me look bigger than the 34C I was. The panty was a tiny lace thong that barely covered anything, but it was sexy and hid just enough to make things interesting! I got dressed in my underthings and then put on my makeup and prepared to go to Mark's work.

It was a cool, drizzly March day, so over my black bra and panties I put on a knee-length overcoat. Finishing my ensemble was my black four inch stiletto-heeled pumps. I went to the garage and got in my Lexus and left for Mark's office. Mark had taken the BMW to work that day like he usually does which was fine with me - I liked the Lexus anyway. Mark used the BMW for work because it was more businesslike in appearance than my sportier Lexus.

I arrived at Mark's office shortly after 4:30 and parked in the parking lot watching the building. It was still a bit too early to risk going in - there was still a few people filing out slowly and I didn't need to run into any of his co-workers or heaven forbid his boss! I looked up at the fourth floor and saw his office with the light still on... what a hard working man I had!

I sat in the leather seat of the Lexus practically squirming with frustration. The feel of the soft leather and the heating element in the seat felt so wonderful against my bare ass cheeks. The thong panty left enough of my ass bare that the leather seat was driving me crazy. I knew that if I didn't get into the office soon I would lose all my self-control and take myself in hand and start pleasuring herself right there in the car...

Thankfully, the building cleared out before the anticipation and building sexual tension made me surrender to my lustful desires prematurely. The last of the building's occupants left for the night, and I waited for a few minutes afterwards. No one else came out and I decided it was safe to make my entrance.

Mark had given me the keypad combination for the back door of the building in case I ever needed it for some reason, and now I used that entrance to get into the building. Once inside, I made my way cautiously up the stairway to the fourth floor. I didn't want to take the elevator for fear that I would run into Mark or maybe one of the custodians that may have started working on their nightly cleaning duties.

Looking through the small window of the fourth floor stairway door, I could see a light coming from the back of Mark's office through the reception area. I smiled as I saw the coast was clear. I opened the stairway door and quickly crossed the hallway and stepped into the thankfully empty bathroom next to Mark's office. I went right to the mirror where I could see my breasts pushing insistently at the thin material of my overcoat and threatening to push my bra through and out into view.

I licked my red lips in anticipation as I felt my nipples harden and my pussy begin to moisten, the sweet juices leaking into my tight little panties and wetting the filmy material. I closed my eyes and imagined Mark's strong, manly hands and talented tongue running all over my throbbing tits as his cock slid inside my very wet pussy.

Opening the bathroom door a crack, I looked over at the door to Mark's office nervously as my hand moved unconsciously on its own down between my legs, sliding under the thin material of my now very wet lace panties.

I couldn't wait anymore and made a dash to the office and stepped inside hurriedly, closing the door quietly after me. I took a deep breath as I walked across the office floor to Mark's door. I slowly opened it, hoping it wouldn't creak and give me away before I was inside.

Mark was on the phone, turned with his back to the door as I slipped silently into his office. Trying very hard not to giggle, I stood there in front of his large desk still in my overcoat until he got off the phone and turned around. I waited for what seemed like an eternity, my crotch already throbbing as I waited for him to turn around. I listened to him discussing business, but I couldn't pay much attention to his conversation... the fire in my pussy was taking all of my concentration.

Mercifully, Mark's discussion ended and he hung up the phone just as he turned around. His eyes widened as he suddenly realized I was there and he jumped, startled to find himself with a visitor in an office he thought he was alone in.

"Hi honey, what are you doing here?" he asked me, getting up and coming around his desk to greet me.

"Today is your birthday and I wasn't going to let work get in the way of you having a nice birthday! Since you can't come home, I brought the party to you!" I said, smiling broadly.

"What do you mean?" he asked, a bit puzzled.

I smiled again as I slowly untied the belt holding my overcoat closed. I peeled the collar apart revealing the fact that I was not wearing a blouse under it. I didn't open it completely, teasing him a bit as I did a sexy little striptease for him. Mark sat back on his desk a bit as he grinned, enjoying my little show.

I showed him bit and pieces of my body under the coat, not revealing too much all at once. I knew that he was enjoying himself because I saw a growing bulge in his trousers. Once I had flashed him everything I could, I stepped up to him and straddled one of his legs as he leaned back against the desk. Mark got the hint and took hold of both sides of the coat, peeling it off my shoulders slowly and opening it fully to see me in my entirety.

As my overcoat fell to the floor behind me, I squatted down, straddling Mark's leg like a pole-dancer in a strip club. I looked up at him and smiled as my hands ran up his thigh to the now very large bulge his cock was making in his pants.

"Oooh... what have we here?" I asked playfully. I rubbed the throbbing lump causing Mark to groan quietly. I traced the outline of his cock with my fingertips, circling the head before raking my long red nails gently over the shaft. I felt his cock twitch anxiously and Mark gripped the edge of his desk tight as his knees suddenly got weak.

"Why don't we get you out of those restrictive clothes. We don't want your friend here to be too crowded!" I said, as I reached up to unfasten his belt and trousers. As I worked his belt loose, I kept my eyes locked on his. I watched the hunger grow and I saw his nostrils flaring as his need began to consume him.

With his pants free, I pulled both his pants and boxers down to his ankles, releasing his delicious cock. Free of the encumbrance of his clothing, Mark's cock sprang to attention, ready and eager to play. I licked my lips at the promise that wonderful, rock hard love-pole held.

I slowly ran my hand up his calves. I could feel his skin on my palm. Just as my skin touched his, Mark jumped a little. I smiled once again and resumed running my hands up the outside of his thighs, brushing across his throbbing cock, and back down the inside. I ran my fingernails down the inside of his leg, as he moaned out his pleasure.

I slowly, sensuously, slid up between his legs, letting my body run along his and looked Mark in the eye with a devilish grin.

Moving up to his lips, I placed a long, lingering kiss there. I could feel the heat coming off Mark's body already as my own excitement built, thinking of his hard cock and the need for it deep inside me. Mark took a seat on the leather couch in his office and I sat myself on his lap, facing him, straddling him. Mark could feel the steamy wet heat coming from me, knowing that I simply desired what we both wanted. Satisfaction.

Putting my arms around Mark's neck, I kissed him again as his hands found their way into my hair. He got a firm handful of my shoulder-length sandy blonde hair and pulled me in closer during our kiss. I could feel his cock straining under me, and the stiffness of it sent shivers through me. I ground my smoldering pussy against his hardness a little, teasing him even more. Mark let out a quiet moan as he tightened his fingers in my hair. I leaned forward and whispered softly in his ear.

"I want you... right now," I said huskily, the lust coloring the tone of my voice and exposing my need.

Mark raised his hands, moving them down along my shoulders and then followed the straps of my bra down to my heaving breasts. Now it was his turn to tease, and his fingers moved lightly along the top edge of my bra, tracing the lace edge as his fingertips burned a trail across my creamy soft skin. My low cut bra displayed my breasts seductively, and Mark always loved when I would wear it. He trailed his fingers slowly across the tops of my breasts to the center of my chest.

He paused for a second, looking at me with this mischievous, little boy smile. Then with a quick twist of his hand, the front clasp of my bra popped open and my breasts were in full view! I gasped at the rapid movement and the sudden blast of cool air that caused my nipples to harden. He didn't let my hardened nubs go unmolested for long, however. As he hefted the globes, he used his thumbs to toy with the pencil eraser-like nipples, sending little jolts of electricity through my nipples and breasts, straight to my lust-clouded brain.

Mark leaned forward and took one of my nipples into his mouth, licking and sucking and nipping it with his teeth. The feeling of his hot mouth on my sensitive nipples always drove me crazy!

"Oh god I want you inside of me," I moaned into his ear.

He sat back again and I got up from his lap. Standing in front of him, Mark removed my wet, soiled panties slowly, the cool air making my pussy tingle even more. I stepped out of the delicate thing and Mark took it to his nose, inhaling my scent deeply. My knees about gave way right then and there!

Mark stood and took my hand, leading me over to his desk. Bending me over the desktop, I put my hands on the top of the desk as Mark moved my ankles further apart. I loved it when Mark took charge like this, and my pussy was dripping in excitement. I looked over my shoulder and I could see the lust in his eyes.

"Turn around - no looking!" he said, swatting my ass. I let out a small yelp at the stinging from my ass and did as he told me. Facing forward, I felt Mark's strong hands roaming up and down my legs and across my ass. Then he reached between my legs and felt my sopping pussy.

"Ohhh..." I moaned as I felt his hands on my pussy, toying with my fat pussy lips, and brushing oh, so lightly across my pulsing clit.

I laid my upper body on his desk and enjoyed the coolness of the desktop against my skin and breasts. I reached over my head and gripped the far edge of the desk as Mark moved in close behind me. I could feel Mark's stiff, hard cock pressed against my ass and I closed my eyes.

"Please take me" I whimpered, and he was more than happy to oblige my plea by thrusting deep inside me. I was already soaked from having fantasized about this all day and he easily slid into me. He put his hands on my hips as he pumped in and out of me. I pushed back against him with every inward thrust, fully allowing him to penetrate me. The desk's edge dug into my hips as he pushed, but the thrill between my thighs obliterated any pain from it.

My thighs began to shake as my orgasm gained on me. Mark continued to push deep into my pussy, one hand moving to the back of my head, pulling at my hair. Small, quiet moans escaped from my lips as he increased his relentless pace. Mark pistoned in and out of me harder and faster than ever.

I could tell that he was getting close as well and I said "I want you to cum with me. I want us to cum together." With that, Mark increased the grip both in my hair and on my hip as he continued to fuck me like an animal. I felt his already huge cock swell as he leaned over me. As he started to orgasm, I achieved mine as well as my walls grasped at his cock. Mark growled like some wild beast and he bit my soft neck. I could take no more and howled out my own pleasure even as he sank his teeth into my neck.

"Oh... my... GOD!" I wailed as my orgasm slammed into me like a freight train. My thighs shook like guitar strings that had been plucked - it was a damn good thing I was laying over his desk, there is no way I could have stood up right then!

After Mark had pumped the last of his sweet cum deep in my pussy, he pulled out of me and allowed me to stand. I turned and faced him, kissing him deeply and clinging to him as if I was drowning. Which, in reality, I was... I was drowning in love for that man! He sat me back on the desk and knelt down in between my wobbly legs. He put my legs over his shoulders and began lapping my still-quivering pussy with his tongue.

"Oh god, Mark... please wait!" I begged, as any touch right then only made me jerk in spasms.

But despite my protest, he slid two fingers inside as his mouth consumed my clit. Mark's tongue swirled around the hyper-sensitized button as his fingers slipped in and out. He was making me insane as a new orgasm built within me. He moved a third finger into me while sucking gently at my clit, feeling my thighs shake against his cheeks.

Licking slowly up and down my pussy and across my clit as his fingers steadily move in and out, I was so close now I felt as though I would explode. Mark resumed licking in circles and I grabbed his head.

"Yes! Oh yes right there," I suddenly cried. "Oh god, baby, don't stop!"

Mark kept his position and pace true, concentrating his efforts right at the sweet spot and bringing me to a second earth-shattering orgasm of the night. As soon as I started spasming in rapturous delight, he took his mouth away and shoved his rock hard cock into me. I moaned loudly, the sensation was so intense and amazing, I couldn't help myself.

Mark fucked me while I sat on the desk until he came once again. As he pulled away this time, however, I got off the desk and pushing him back against the desk, I knelt down in front of him. I started by licking our combined juices off his semi-hard cock and soon I could feel life returning to it, even after his recent orgasm.

I took him deep into my mouth and I could feel him getting harder. I slid my red lips along his cock, tasting our fluids and his silky flesh. I sucked him, pulling and pushing as his hands again found their way into my hair. Mark gripped my head firmly, yet allowing me freedom to move as I wished.

I swirled my tongue around as I moved along his rigid shaft. He felt the little ball from my tongue piercing as it teased his cock. The tongue piercing was a gift I gave him on our last anniversary as a surprise, and he loved the feel of the little ball on his cock. I moved faster on his now completely rigid cock. I wrapped my hands around his shaft as well, moving in rhythm with my mouth an twisting them as they pumped up and down his meaty pole. It was a trick I learned watching one of our many porn flicks and it was a trick that never failed to please him.

I sucked harder and faster as I prepared myself to taste him. I looked up and saw his eyes were closed, enjoying the pleasures I was giving him. As I continued to move along his shaft, Mark groaned and shot his creamy load into my waiting mouth, filling it with his hot sweetness. I swallowed as it came, still moving my mouth up and down his pulsing cock, but much slower now as he softened.

Once Mark was done and I'd had my fill, I stood before him again. Mark's hands moved down along me, gently grazing my breasts.

"I didn't even get to play with these!" he remarked, smiling.

"We can save that for another time," I replied, kissing him. We got dressed and put back together again and I got ready to leave. Mark still had a few more things to do before he was satisfied that his clients money was safely tucked away, so I blew him a kiss just as I was about to walk out the door.

"Don't stay here too long, birthday boy... the rest of your present will be waiting at home for you!" I said and shut the door behind me. As I drove back home I knew he would be home soon - he would be anxious to "unwrap" the rest of his presents!

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