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On A Trip

As usual at this time of a day, the town was bustling with life. A young couple in their thirties, one of many on a crowded street, was passing by a hotel in which they have stayed during their trip. Due to their jobs, the trip was their only way to spend any time with each other.

“Wait,” he said to her. “We don’t need to carry our shopping bags with us all the time, do we? Let’s leave them in our room. Or better, let’s have a rest. We’ll hit the town later.”

She took off her jacket as soon as she found herself in their cosy hotel room again and hung it on a hook. She could now admire his body, which she knew very well, while he was organizing the bags. So little time they had and so many things were to be done. 

“So, what shall we do next?” she asked him when he finished.

“No idea.”

The very next moment she found his hand squeezing her breast and his mouth seeking for her neck. She was totally confused. She felt his excitement on her bottom as soon as his body pressed against her. Images of his rigid manhood and sensations from her breast and from between her tights engulfed her mind.

He was in total control of the situation. He turned her around; now she was facing him. He leaned her against the nearest wall. Immediately he was greedily kissing her mouth and any other uncovered skin displayed to him and simultaneously his hands were all over her still fully clothed body. It was a pure frenzy. Finally he unbuttoned her trousers. She was wet and hot. And despite that very short foreplay she was more than ready for him. Her breathing was fast and frantic. He could see a very meaningful smile appearing on her beautiful face.

His fingers were now moving on her clitoris in this particular way that allowed her to drift to the parallel world, where everything except from her pleasure was a bullshit.

Now facing the wall, she felt her trousers and panties being pulled down half the way to her knees. There was no time for her to think about what was going to happen. The very next moment he entered her. Nothing was more important to her than his hand on her waist and his penis filling her body in a steady rhythm. The floating torments of sensations caused by his penis filling her body and annoying emptiness were cascading through her. It was a pure, almost animal passion between them that counted. No tenderness at all. No kisses. Just fucking. Sometimes he just grabbed her breast, still hidden behind bra and blouse.

She was close. Her hand moved to his neck. The other one was now right between her tights. He started to move even faster, hitting the right spots all the time. That’s when she felt a wave of pure pleasure spreading all over her body and a hot liquid spurting into her.

She knelt in front of him as soon as she regained her senses. Still feeling a little dizzy, she took his slowly shrinking manhood into her mouth and cleaned it from the mixture of her and his juices. They looked each other into eyes and both instantly realised, that all their plans for the rest of the day disappeared.

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