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On my way to Paris

My boss and I met a sexy flight attendant on our way to Paris

I am a 20 year old ‘office lady’, who works for a trading company based in Osaka, Japan. My English skills gave me this job, and my ‘personal skills’ with my boss make me enjoy it. He is in his early 60ies and very handsome. He takes good care of his body, does work-outs three times a week, and is in perfect shape. This makes him an extremely good lover.

Whenever he travels abroad, he takes me with him, because he does not speak English.

This time, he had his first business trip to France. Business class was overbooked and because he is a high-ranking mileage member, we got bumped up to first class! Even before the plane took off, we were offered in-flight wear (a kind of pajama). Then, caviar and Champagne was served after we took off. Unfortunately, there is one bad thing in first class. We had separated seats! The airline we took as three rows of first class seats, with three seats in one row. They look like cocoons. When we fly, we always have neighboring seats in business class and we can secretly play a bit with each other under the blankets. This time, this was not possible. But we had two seats in the last row and thus were sure that nobody was watching us from behind, because the curtains to the business class pantry were closed. Even though I could not stroke his manhood under the blanket I could still throw some hot glances from my seat to my boss. After a very delicious lunch with lots of Champagne and Bordeaux wine, they closed the shades and the two other passengers who were sitting in the first row reclined their seats and took a nap.

I was too excited about being treated like a queen by the flight attendant to be tired. When she had fulfilled all my culinary wishes, there was just one thing I wanted to do: have sex with my boss. I reclined my seat, but only so much that I could still see his face. The flight attendants were finished serving us and retired behind the curtains in the front of the cabin. So I dared to spread my legs a bit and I rub my clit through the pajama. My bosses eyes got big and I could see a bulge growing under his blanket. I put one hand in the pajama and stroked my wet pussy. His hand went under his blanket, too.

The thought that a business class FA could come through the curtain behind us made me even hotter. After a few minutes of play, I could not stand it anymore. I needed his cock. I unbuckled my belt and took the two steps to his cocoon. A short hot kiss and I took his hand. He understood and he followed me to the front bath room. It was the one I used to change into my in-flight wear and it was bigger than a normal airplane rest room. We both sneaked in, unseen by the FAs and in no time his thick and hot cock was in my hand. I turned around and with one foot on the seat he had a perfect angle to penetrate my soaking wet pussy from behind.

It was incredible. I have never before fucked in a moving vehicle and the rocking movements of the plane were enough to sometimes lose balance. When that happened he would pound my pussy so hard that I wanted to scream for lust, which I eventually did. The turbine sound was loud enough to cover my ‘tracks’!

It did not take long for both of us to cum. I don’t know if my boss ever had fucked in an airplane, but for me it was an incredibly intense orgasm. He must have been excited too, because his load was huge! When he popped out of me, I could feel our juices running down my leg. I quickly pulled my pants up, but I needed some space to clean up the mess. He fastened his pajama pants and sneaked out. I closed the door again and I took some napkins to clean the worst stains from my legs and pussy. Then I was ready to go back to my seat. But when I opened the door, I looked into the eyes of a very curious FA!

I have to say that she was a very attractive looking mid-thirties lady with short black hair (of course she was Japanese) who was nearly one head taller than me. But I was not in the right mood. She had caught me by surprise.

I think I must have blushed, being caught with my hand in the cookie jar. But she gave me a very professional, but at the same time also friendly smile.

“Everything is okay with you?”

Had she seen that a man exited the same lavatory just minutes before? I knew from business class that FAs check the lavatory after a passenger leaves to make it spotless again for the next person. So, she must have seen it!

“Yes, I am fine.”

“Do you have any wishes? Can I do something for you?”

I had planned to go back to my seat to escape from that weird situation, but the hot thought of a wet female tongue cleaning my pussy and legs from my bosses cum suddenly crossed my mind. So, I just stood there and looked in her eyes. Something clicked with her, and she came closer until she was just a hand width away from me.

“Did you do it?”

“What?” I replied perplexed at her direct question.

She pointed her chin at the lavatory door. “In there…with him…..” Her voice trembled with excitement.

I nodded and her professional smile turned into a dirty lustful one.

“You know that we do it with captains in there, too?” The curtains were closed around us and she moved even closer, putting her hand on my breast. She whispered in my ear.

"Who is he? You are not married, are you? Your names on the flight manifesto are different."

At first, I was reluctant to answer that. It's not her business! But then, I answered "He...he is my boss"

“Did you let him cum in you?” Her whispered voice became more excited.

“I always do.” I whispered back.

“You are such a cute girl!” She increased the pressure of her hand and with the other hand pushed the door open. Before I knew it, we both stumbled into the lavatory and she quickly locked the door. With a swift move, the pulled my pajama pants down and buried her face into my crotch.

“I want it!” she nearly shouted it. Again, I put one foot on the seat cover and gave her a better access to my pussy, this time from the front. She pulled my pantyhose down and I stepped out of them. I could see that the crotch was glistening with my boss’ cum. To see a woman’s face between my legs always turns me on. With quick and strong stokes with her tongue she scooped the liquid that oozed out of my pussy. Between her licks she moaned short words.

“Your….pussy….is so…cute…tasty…oh…tasty cum…tasty…pussy…”

She also did not forget to lick the inner of my tights. She looked up.

“Your young pussy is so tight! You taste so good!”

Then she concentrated again on my still oozing pussy. Her tongue was long and she penetrated deeply. Her hands spread my lips and her nose rubbed my clit. Because of the slight turbulences of the airplane the FA increased and decreased her pressure on my clit in an unpredictable pattern, which drove m e crazy. It did not take long before I came again. I pressed my hips into her face and making slurping sounds, she enjoyed my juice.

After my orgasm subdued, I made her stand up and we switched places.

“Now its my turn!” she smiled and lifted her uniform skirt. She had very beautiful tiny pink pants and her pubic hair was trimmed to a narrow landing strip. With one move, they were down and she stepped out of them. I smelled the rich aroma of her pussy. She was wet! Her little red dot was waiting to be caressed and I inserted one, then two and then three fingers in her hot pussy while I was licking her clit. When I looked up I saw that she was sniffing my soaking wet pants.

I continued to lick her and shove my fingers deep into her until she grabbed my head and pushed my face deep into her triangle. Her knees gave in when she came and I had to hold her up.

Both of us were still heavily breathing when we shared a salty-sweet kiss. Her next proposal surprised me.

“Lets swap pants. You wear mine, and I wear yours!” with a wicked smile she did not wait for an answer but stepped into my pants. With a nod, she urged me.

“Hurry up. Someone might be waiting!”

I had never worn another women’s used pants, but the thought made me hot and I pulled them up. It was quite narrow in the lavatory, but with giggles and shoves we managed to straighten our attire and after a last hot kiss, first she and then I stepped out of the lavatory. Nobody was waiting, but when I returned to my seat, my boss stared at me.

“Where have you been that long?”

“Well, your big load took a while to clean up!”

Five minutes later the FA came under the pretense to offer me some drink.

“Thank you so much my dear. You were wonderful….your wet and soiled pants feel soooo goooood.”

She was standing between mine and my boss’ seat and while she bent down, I could see that he lustfully looked at her ass.

“You wanna fuck him?” I whispered to her, so that he could not hear it.

“Would that be okay with you?”

“Sure, we have all week in Paris and I can drain him empty as many times as I want….and it makes me hot thinking that he is pounding you in that narrow lavatory the same way as he pounded me.”

“Ohh, you are so wonderful.”

“Okay, get me another glass of champagne and then enjoy yourself.”

“Can he get hard that soon?”

“Well, you have to work a bit on his cock, but he will not disappoint you.”

“You are so sick!” she said with a smile.

“So are you!” and I slapped her wrist.

As we had agreed on, she brought me my Champagne and then turned towards my boss. I tried to spy on what they were talking about, but she did a good job making it seem that I wouldn’t know about her nasty plans. After a while she disappeared behind the curtain, and a minute later my boss followed her, looking quite innocent.

Now it was my turn to wait. I imagined how she would go down in front of him and make his cock hard again. She would taste my juice on his rod. I know that my boss loves fucking me doggy style with my skirt up to my hips. So I imagined that he would do the same to her. I could not help putting my hand into the foreign pants I was wearing.

I stroked my clit for ten minutes or so. Nothing happened behind the curtain, but I exploded again in my third orgasm. Another ten minutes later my boss appeared.

“You are a sick slut!” he said laughing. “She wore your dirty pants.”

“And you are a sick old horny dude. You thought you could betray me with the FA on our first flight together to Paris.”

We both laughed and made plans to meet with our new-found lover in our hotel in Paris.

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