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Once upon a Saturday

What happens to girls who take a motorbike ride by themselves.
It's Saturday afternoon and I decide I need a little R&R, get out and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and Rick my boyfriend, he has issues today and I'm just not ready to deal with them right now.

I'm just gonna hop on my motorbike and see where the highway takes me first ride of the season. If I go 2 hours out and 2 hours back home, I should still have time to get ready for Rick's bash tonight.

Riding along, the countryside slipping by, soon I start to relax and can feel the vibrations of the bike beneath me setting my pussy to tingling, this two wheeled vibrator could make this girl cream in her jeans if shes not careful. I may have to pull off the road for a bit and take care of this little problem.

About an hour away from home, I see an old abandoned picnic ground, you know the ones that have the covered cook shack, I decided that this would be as good a place as any, I turn off the highway and drive around and make sure nobody else is there. Satisfied I am alone I pull my bike into the cook shack.

There is an old picnic table inside, the benches are broken away but the top is still sturdy, a little dusty but I can take care of that. It's perfect.

Beating the dust off with my riding gloves, I drop my pants and deciding it would be fun to be naked out here, I lose the t-shirt and bra too.

I lay back on the table, oh its cold against my hot back, making me shiver all over, my nipples get hard from the chill inside the building.

I pull my feet up and prop them up on the table, opening my legs wide, mmmm my pussy is wet and ready to play, too bad I left my favorite toys at home.

I pinch my nipples and make them grow harder twisting them between my thumb and finger just a bit. The feeling running all the way down to my pussy, oh how delicious it is. I pull one breast up and lick my nipple and blow over it gently making me quiver all the way to my toes.

I close my eyes as my hand slowly descends to my mound and my fingers just teasing my clit a little more, fuck I wish I had a hard cock here now.

Gently rubbing just the top of my clit makes me almost cum, my bike really got me hot. I dip my fingers inside my pussy and get them wet and begin a rough assault on my clit, it feels so naughty but so good. My orgasm just holding off a little makes me plunge my fingers deep inside myself trying to obtain that sweet release, groaning with frustration, I pull my fingers out and start to bring them to my lips, I love the taste of my pussy.

Suddenly without warning I feel something brush against my inner thigh, my eyes fly open and I see a dripping hard cock pointed at my drooling pussy, I look up and recognize the uniform of the Highway Patrol.

“Could you use a little help with that Ma-am ?” He asks me smiling.

Well a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do, I needed a hard cock and he had one. He grabs my ankles and pulls them around his waist, and he steps into me, holding his cock he rubs it over my lips parting them just enough to get the head of his cock inside me.

I begged him, “Fuck me, fuck me now please.”

Without another word he pumps his cock into me hard, so hard I feel his equipment belt smack my thighs as he pushes deep into me, groaning I raise up a bit to meet his thrusting hips. He is fucking me hard and fast his groans are turning to grunts as he pummels my pussy with his cock. My orgasm is close so very close, reaching down I rub my clit as he fucks me faster his breathing is coming in short gasps.

My cunt clamps down on him hard squeezing him so he can barely move, my orgasm hits me like a freight train, tearing the scream from my throat as I flood his cock with my juices. I feel him stiffen as he grips my legs tighter and pushes in again and again, I feel his cock twitch once, twice, he tries to pull out but I tighten my legs around him holding him there. Then feel a hot stream hit the inside of my cunt. I don't know how long it took him to stop cumming but it seemed to go on for forever. I know I'm gonna have to explain the bruising on my thighs and legs when I get home, and its gonna be hard walking tomorrow.

He pulls out of my pussy and with his cock in his hand he nears my head.

“Clean it and clean it good, we can't have any stains or spots on my uniform now.”

I open my mouth and lick his softening cock and then suck it into my mouth cleaning the cum from him. He pulls it out and stuffs it back into his pants and turns to leave. He stops at the entrance and says, “You should come riding this way a little more often young lady, have a nice day.”

When I hear his motorbike fading into the distance I rise up off the table and with weak legs I stand and get dressed. Hopping on my bike I look around and smile, what a day this has been. Reluctantly I head for home.

I need to shower and need to get ready for this party that is going to be starting in a couple of hours. I let the hot water run over my satisfied body and smile at the events of the day thus far, even though it was strange I enjoyed myself.

Getting out of the shower I hear Rick in the bedroom, I walk in and find him smiling at me he comes and wraps his arms around me and kissing me passionately he whispers in my ear, “I'm going to have to rent that uniform again soon.”

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