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One For The Road

I helped her, she rocked me!
I work at a small company in Kansas. As a forklift driver I deal with a lot of over the road drivers, most are men and only a few women with even fewer being hot.

Last summer I helped this one female driver, she was one of the sexiest I had ever seen. She was about 5'6" maybe 130lbs and black. She had green eyes and a sweet southern accent. Her tits were about a C cup, maybe a D, but her ass was the nicest I had ever seen in real life.

She was early for her appointment, and she told me that she was trying to get home for her son 's birthday. I told her that I would get her back on the road as soon as possible and would not make her wait for her appointment. She stood by the dock door and watch me as I unloaded her. I was not going as fast as I could because, well, I was enjoying the way she looked. At one point I came around the corner and she was in the trailer bent over. I hit the breaks. She ran out and said she was sorry for being in the way. I told her it was alright, and that I didn't mean to scare her. The way her tits moved when she ran gave me a hard-on.

When I was finished, I checked her paper work and sighed it. She was in the nose of the trailer, and asked me to come to her. When I got there she was on her knees. I thought she had fallen but I was wrong. She reached out and grabbed my dick and asked if she could pay me back for being so quick. I couldn't believe it!

I was facing the dock so I could spot if anybody was looking. I felt her mouth go over my hard cock and was just about to grab her head and mouth fuck her when I saw my boss looking for me. We had to stop, and the wet sound her mouth made as my cock slid out made me harder. Quietly, she said she would wait for a minute if I could get back out to her truck. I said I would try, and after meeting with my boss. Later on, I looked, but knew she was long gone.

Over the next few months I looked all over for that lady, but I never saw her, until two months ago. I had only one appointment that day and when the boss told me that I would have to stay late to unload it, I was not happy. All the office personnel and my boss had left when the truck backed in to the dock. I unloaded the truck as soon as it hit the dock. I was done with the truck and still had not seen the driver or the paper work that I needed.

I walked out to the truck and banged on the side, that's when I heard that sweet sexy southern voice.

"Come on in," she said, "I think we have some unfinished business." I jumped up on the outside to look in the window and there she was with a big smile on her face. I didn't wait for a second, I opened up the door and climbed in.

She had a new truck and it had a small bedroom in it. You could stand up and move around, but all I wanted was to fuck this woman. She grabbed my cock and undid my pants and was just about to swallow my cock when I stopped her

"We ain't done until I say so, right?" I asked.

"Are you sure you can handle it?"

"Oh yeah."

I was pretty sure but man was it hard. She did this thing with her tongue that had me cuming in her mouth in under two minutes. Then gave my cock break by doing a strip tease. By the time she was done my cock was hard as steel and wanted that ass.

I grabbed her, spun her, so she was on the bed and pushed her legs up to the wall that pussy and ass hole was right there and I started to lick them both. I soon had her cumming all over my face and I know she came more than once.

I let her catch her breath, then lined my cock up with that wet pussy and plunged in. She was tight and I fucked her hard. She had two more orgasms before I I pulled out and lined up on her ass. I used some of her cum and fingered her ass until she came again then I push my cock in, slow and easy. I worked my cock up her ass then just as I busted a nut. Someone banged on her truck. A guy I knew on night crew just show up to find the paper work.

I then made some small talk as I got dressed, and told her if she ever needed my services again she should call me. She said that if she ever comes by here again she sure would.
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